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I was hobbling before Halloween and will be Hobblin long after I fly over the Hudson. This, sadly, is the major takeaway from this holiday. Despite assurances from so called experts the ankle was not ready and is in fact worse than any previous holiday prior to surgery 😡 It has clouded an otherwise enjoyable holiday although some cities better than others. NYC was included because of a significant credit still in play but that won’t happen again. For a couple of trips now have tried to recreate the magic of NYC and Philly in Feb 2015 and it just has not happened for two main reasons this time at least – the weather was too warm and the cities are not the same as they were 7 years ago. It’s not that there haven’t been some highlights the last two weeks – Atlantic City and Hudson Yards stand out – but they have been too few. Some of that of course is self inflicted as have not gone on beer or food tours like I usually do. Have been very conscious of costs this time with the shocking exchange rate and my changed financial position but maybe also got too old to be the “ only single Aussie guy on tour”. It can border on creepy when everyone else is under 30 😏 It’s hard to imagine another solo US holiday with two big holidays with CLP planned for next two years . Hard to imagine me saddling up again at 67 years of age and 3 more years of deterioration . Let’s not forget ,the knee is fast catching up to ankle 👨🏻‍🦯 I also rarely ate out which of course is a travesty when you visit these great cities and you don’t do them justice .

The last day in NYC started out gloomy and rainy but at least cooler. It did clear to a better afternoon and of course the coolest and best morning of the whole holiday was Monday morning when I flew out.


Best Flight.

The Qantas flight from Melbourne was best simply because it was the only non economy flight. It left on time, good service, bag received . AA certainly run a efficient no frills service at least in my class level.

Best Lounge

Admirals Flagship in LAX is a step above anything else and still not sure how I got in . Admiral Clubs are more like Qantas Clubs so nothing special but better than nothing. The business lounge at Brisvegas was actually very good but the QC at Melbourne is cod ordinary

Worst Lounge

Las Vegas – because there isn’t one !

Worst Flight

No real bad ones but 14 hrs in economy is 14 hrs in economy even with good service so Qantas LAX – Brisvegas is the “loser” . All flights left pretty well on time and didn’t lose any bags

Best Accomodation

They all had their strengths and weaknesses but all very comfortable and safe. The winner is MGM Signature because on high floor and the best bath of any hotel have stayed in that I recall. Very important after a day of walking . Tower 3 not ideal with extra walking

Chicago – bar fridge in middle of room , small bath , no laundry

Philly – the stairs , the creaks . Every amenity you could ask for though

New York – hopeless TV in room . No streaming, no ON Demand just crap . Great room though, good location

Best Pool

Las Vegas . Wish I had discovered earlier . Great way to spend an hour

Best Tour

Much like the pool, only one entry so a clear winner . Trip to Grand Canyon was very comfortable if a bit long. Glad you saw it and Hoover Dam but not a lot else to fill in time

Best Beer

The Cloudburst IPA at Twisted Tale in Philly mostly because it was actually a bit of a session with a stranger and you got Popcorn

Worst Beer

Miller Lite at Paddy Whack also in Philly. It was flat and tasted odd. Only drank 100ml

Best Coffee

Had plenty of good Cortado but the best was La Colombe in Philly

Worst Coffee

Anything non Cortado basically. A small field again but a tie between Starbucks Latte at MGM and Latte at Pretty Mangy in 30th Street Station

Geek Tourist Moment

You can’t go to Vegas and not get a picture with Elvis even if you have to dig him up

Best Day Trip

Again a small field but the trip to Atlantic City was great on a glorious day . Bit dead perhaps but that means less crowds.

Best Bar

Clear winner – Club 2212 . Handsome bartender, generous pours , no crowd , American Honey , great views

Best Public Transport

Buses in Chicago and NYC were great . Modern and clean . Subway in NYC was ok….it’s old and a bit dirty but efficient and relatively safe during day. Philly and Chicago were a bit rougher. Good Police presence in NYC

Worst Transport

The taxi ride to JFK on Monday was a nightmare. $100 USD flat rate and a very dangerous driver. She had one accident on the way and could have had 3 more

Biggest Disappointment

Scaffolding is everywhere in NYC. Detracts from some wonderful buildings and also makes it that bit harder to walk around.

Biggest Surprise

I didn’t break my ankle in the 3 weeks or catch the lurgy

Best Partner

Well, look who turned up at airport to drive me home 😘

And that’s a wrap. The ankle is a shocker after last 36 hrs of mostly sitting . Be good to get home to Maryhole tomorrow and back into my boring routine

HHH – Day 22

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Dreary start to day has me struggling a bit to come up with ideas for things to do. Weather should clear by afternoon and cool and cloudy then but with dank skies and humidity at present not a lot springs to mind that doesn’t involve a long subway ride, hop off take a photo, and hop back on . A good day to do some washing….

After a light breakfast I intrepidly set off to see some sailors and then have a sit down late breakfast somewhere. The buses should be good at this time of day even on a Saturday and two less sets of stairs to negotiate. Fairly ignorant bunch of travellers mind you. They always sit in the “handicap” zone and always leave via front door rather than back door as announcements continually say.

A short walk to the water then where you would expect to see most ships and wasn’t disappointed. They had started a breeding programme with a little baby one tied up along side

Plans then were to head into 5 th avenue and have a squizz and then find the always reliable Little Collins for coffee and feed. The tree was ready to go up at Rockefeller.

Got out my Google maps and there are two LCs let’s go with closest one, still a 20 min walk. So finally arrive and it’s closed. To be fair I didn’t check opening hours just assumed. Checked the other one and it was open and only another 6 mins. Well , open is a relative term. Maybe they should open both cafes if this busy 😏 Pass

There was a nice looking cafe around the corner and did glance “Cortado” on menu and a spare seat, the latter being more important at this stage. Did order a breakfast “sandwich” and it was great

The weather was very changeable but of course much warmer than predicted so got caught out again with a jacket on 😡 Mind you did catch a quick glimpse of myself in the window and maybe some more exercise needed 🤔

Anyway , the reality is I am done with NYC. Its a great city of course especially in winter but this week it has been warm ,congested ,old and dirty really. So much roadwork, construction, scaffolding etc . It simply doesn’t suit me anymore as a solo traveller with significant mobility issues . The subway has been pretty good really but you still have to deal with crowds and stairs. Have been lucky , or smart, to not have caught a lurgy yet so there is that . I haven’t eaten out enough but again local areas don’t really suit. It’s either designed for takeaway or if you are lucky enough to grab a seat it’s crowded and then they put a 2000 cal meal in front of you . I will sign off from blogging for now as you really have been spoilt with 21 days in a row of gems . There will be more eating and drinking but who wants to read about that …….

Paid for exit row seat for 14 hr long haul Monday night so that should make it a bit more doable. At this stage just want to get home .

HHH – Day 21

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Friday is washing day . Is everyone happy. You bet your life we are. Not

I may give no quarter but will certainly take some as seems I need about 25 of them ( a quarter of 100 … spooky) to do one wash/dry cycle. Plan then is to put on wash cycle nice and early and come back for breakfast then head down and pull the old switcheroo to the dryer and head out to giggle at the heim.

Ah plans. Slept ok but nothing special . Anyhoo down to laundry at 5:45 , load machine , leaves bags on top of next one, go get my detergent , load it, pay money hit start and head back up to room for breakfast. All good . Head back down at 645 am and see cycle finished . Good . Open door. No clothes. Life flashed before eyes . What has happened. A quick glance at machine next door saw it full of my clothes. Had someone switched them over ? Nope , still dry . I had loaded and started wrong machine 🤦🏻‍♂️ Hey , at least I admit it eh. So , new plan , load and start the correct machine ( after going down to front desk for more quarters after wasting 4$ worth !). Ok , May as well go get a coffee now and wait for switcheroo. Off to Blue Bottle, sat down and thought something doesn’t feel right. Oh yeah, where is my fucking cane 🤔 Hope it is in the laundry . Hey, at least the weather is crap. Little excursion suggest won’t need a jumper this morning so there is that. Rain still expected from midday on

Ok , limp down to laundry to switch over and yep there it is . Whew

Pulled the old switcheroo and headed out towards Upper East Side. Walked through Central Park first up looking for a special bench which was going to be all luck at this stage , but was due some luck. It’s Twue , It’s Twue . My fave comedic actress.

Then carried onto Metropolitan Museum as weather had cleared nicely . As happens a lot in NYC the Guggy was getting a facelift and then headed on up above that to Bluestone Lane in the most magnificent setting of an old church – also getting a facelift 😏 The service was woeful but FW ok.

Considered going on up to Monks restaurant or Yankee Stadium but really needed a break and so caught the “ Select 86 Crosstown” through CP and back to Broadway. Thought I knew all the tricks of public transport but nope. With select you swipe card at bus stop and get a receipt to show driver. Anyway, got home and got washing and still only 10 O Clock. Has clouded over here again but still pleasant and so glad didn’t wear jumper out for morning walk. Just relaxing in room a bit and waiting for room service when I will clear out somewhere I guess 🤔 Running out of things to see and do to be honest today with Veterans Day closing down midtown and not much else to see on UWS.

The service ladies were hovering so thought would duck out while just cloudy and head down to Macy’s to see if window display was up yet. It wasn’t . And then it started raining. The MSG area is a mess too with construction and the veterans parade not far away. Not a knockout trip but did finish the souvenir shopping and the room was done when got back

The buses were good this morning as were the Subways just now but the underbelly of NYC never far away whether it be beggars walking up and carriages or people sleeping on the train at 11 am

Sad to see the rain now with Veterans Parade about to start . Be nice if it held off for a few hours for the March but after that let it piddle down. Of course as we get closer to the Armageddon the forecast decreases. Now mostly drizzle through rest of day and maybe heavier rain overnight. Wouldn’t mind seeing some heavy rain later as pretty well done for the day and Club 2212 is undercover . The only issue really is the TV options are so pathetic even if you find a movie to watch it is full of the most annoying ads you will ever see every 10 mins 😡

And it’s Goodnight from him

HHH – Day 20

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Good nights sleep which I attribute of course to my American Honey . No, not Chelsea but the Wild Turkey bourbon 🤦🏻‍♂️ Should be another pleasant day before we get some nasty weather tomorrow afternoon , or as we call it here – Washing Day. So , apart from anything else today I need to get me some quarters. First up though, a new coffee place perchance – Solid State. It was ok but do find some Cortado can tend to be bitter . No I’m not

Time then to see if buses actually do do the stop and pick up caper as head north to look for The Arconia from Only Murders. Research indicated it was The Belnord on 87th street , easy peasy how could you miss a big building with those arches . Rather simple really

Walked around the block. No arches. More research “ a building that takes up whole block” Hey that building behind me also has a big B on it let’s backtrack to 86th street . Aha, that’s betterer

The gate was unlocked and suspected private residence but no harm in asking doorman especially with my kiwi accent.” Hey Bro got sum fush and chups here to eat, can I sit in courtyard” No.

Let’s head to Riverside before these chips get cold. Always a special place and nice and quiet this time of day . Veterans Day tomorrow

The 1 train was close by so let’s head to Chelsea Market on this glorious day and Pack my Meat . Hey it was 9 O’Clock, one actual cafe was open. It was ok but suggest that the extra “ado” probably helps.

The High Line was close by so why not. It was high, so there would be an elevator certainly. Ah no

Such a beautiful day thought may as well check out Washington Square Park . The ankle is bad but as we know it will get worse when I stop. That next Metro only looks about 5 mins away. Might find something interesting along that way . At last , but comes with warning 👍🏻

Google maps is always confusing to me but damn that Metro is taking a long time. Ah, my last google search was for Washington Square so that is where I am hobbling too 🤦🏻‍♂️ By now I am sweating and walking at 0.01 mph so shed the jumper and struggled on. Meanwhile 90% of locals still have gloves and beanie on. FMS, it ain’t cold clowns . I didnt meet Sally but it’s a great location. Plenty of police on the streets everywhere too

Ok now it was time to head home and while the police presence makes one feel safe I was still scared shitless of what was ahead at home. Taking that right shoe off 😢 The longer you stay out the harder it is to stand when you stop . If u know what I mean. I bought a tape measure . Figure when the right ankle drops from 12 inches circumference to 8 inches I can head back out. It’s taking longer

Conan O’Brien is at Beacon Theatre tonight. Checked out tickets 6 weeks ago and even then cheapest seats left in nosebleed were $350 USD😳 Now sold out

The magic, and apparently average, 6 inches measured I headed out down to Times Square just to check it out and my second fave NYC – The Australian . Yep, permanently closed too 😢 I took the safe bet of an Irish Pub but not much ambience in Times Square.

Gotta say , really looking forward to Beacon Bar opening at 4 pm. Will just be me and my Friends . Some planning for last 3 days then required with some possible bad weather. Think it might be time to actually eat out a couple of times even if just a pub lunch.

HHH – Day 19

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Well they are starting to slip by eh 😢 Another glorious morning and glad to wake up (first and foremost ) and not see a red wave took over yesterday in election but just the faint red glow on the horizon of the rising sun. Nice old kick in the head for Buffoon Bob but of course the spin will come.

Todays plan is to head up 6 streets to a Bluestone Lane to check out the flat white for a change and then catch the 1 train down to South Ferry and check out the Battery Park area nice and early. Just hope subway not too full of “workers” ! Weather still predicted to be bad on Friday and Saturday but a certain purchase yesterday has taken the Sting out of any possible cabin fever 🕺🏻. So let’s the hit ground gently and almost caress the pavement as I meander along without intent let alone purpose . Fair dinkum an old lady in a wheelchair and one arm was keeping pace yesterday . Coffee nothing special but $1 cheaper 😏

Another good subway ride down to Battery Park. I wasn’t Positive which Terminal to exit from …..

Glorious morning and can see the Grand Lady in the distance

On the spur of moment decided to catch the Staten Island Ferry and get out on the water . Hey it’s free . Basically rode across, got off, turned around 3 times and came back. Beautiful views of Manhattan

Some different views on way back of course

Was feeling pretty good ankle wise as not much walking yet so decided to train it up to Brooklyn Bridge. A 10 min walk from station to start of bridge suddenly took its impact so no way was going to walk onto the actual bridge much. Been there done that . Some great buildings in area

Really struggling now but had got a lot achieved so time to head home for a break . With ankle issues suggest rest of stay could be one beer on the hobble and settle in for some bourbon at night . 👨🏻‍🦯 First up though time to look to the cookie. And then eat it

The best laid plans eh. Greenwich Village was an easy 2 min walk and a 1 train. Swiped card, hobbled down stairs . There was a 2 train stationary on one track. Can I just say at this stage can everyone spend some money on the sound system for announcements . Can’t understand a fucking thing you garble – trains, airports etc. So , after standing around for 5 mins with no displays or actions, hobbled back upstairs with several others. Ok, I’m flexible let’s catch a 104 bus uptown and catch out Only Murders building on this glorious day then. Again stand around for 10 mins and despite bus being overdue nothing. Maybe something happening of the naughty kind uptown. Ok nearest bar please driver

So while a disappointing end to a great day there are worse things could be doing

It was almost 4 pm which of course is Happy Hour at the Beacon Bar. The Beacon Bar naturally has relocated to Room 2212 for rest of week . Great bartender, generous pours , no crowds , great views 👍🏻

To be honest don’t think I could have even walked down the hall to get in the elevator. The days are getting shorter as are my hours of activity

Weather should still be good tomorrow so try and catch up on those couple of things missed today and then maybe Chelsea in the afternoon

Now, where did I leave her number 🤓

HHH – Day 18

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It’s a nice quite room apart from the odd door closing at night that happens in every hotel. Not a great nights sleep but that will improve. Plan was to get up early as usual and try and catch the blood eclipse but the moon was in wrong position to see early morning. Great last night

It’s great having a corner room as get two different views at different times of day . As predicted it started out a glorious morning

Research indicated a nearby Coffee shop – Blue Bottle – that opened at 630 am and served Cortado. Research didn’t extend to prices 😏 $7 😳

Then it was time to head into Central Park and try and avoid all the fit people running or the dog walkers. Fall foilage is a bit different and just hanging on it seems . Great to see Trump rink finally renamed

If it wasn’t NYC you may not give it a second thought but this image just looks ominous to me

There are many iconic spots in Central Park but personally love the bridges. Despite the crowds was able to get some clear shots. It’s an art what can I say

Of course when you start so early then you can get heaps done by ……830 am 😏 It was a long walk home but as always best to keep going because when you stop the pain really kicks in . At least there was the occasional fun sticker along the way – look under the. “O”

Back in room now for some more research . Such a glorious day you don’t want to waste it but being midterm elections I may stay near by. Weather is supposed to be good next couple of days so maybe smarter to rest a bit more today because seriously the ankle is deteriorating every day 😢

Resting lasted about 30 mins and time to check out Hudson Yards and the subway. All trips on subway were nice and easy and not crowded 👍🏻 Hudson Yards is rather stunning . The actual structure was closed for ascending but could still get some great photos. The mo way shot is shooting uptrend middle . It’s an impressive area so glad made effort of two trains each way

Back home for some lunch. It’s quite breezy outside if exposed like down at Hudson Yards. May head into Rockefeller this arvo to check out the ice rink and surrounds. The Beacon is very well serviced by the subway but you always find things lacking in any hotel. With this one the TV options are very limited with no Netflix et al or on demand. You watch what’s on at the time or you miss it. Of course it’s mostly election today

Headed down to The Rock and had a hobble around . The rink was doing good business as was American Flag sellers

Thought would head towards Times Square to catch Metro home and came across Bryant Park which had season markets up and a skating rink. More importantly it had a bar . #drinkthenrink

Still searching for that elusive Metro 42nd/Times Square station when stumbled across Margaritaville . Well, couldn’t hurt

With brain sharpened now I found the Metro. 72 nd Street is a great station as even Express trains stop there . There is a wine and spirit place next to Hotel so dropped in and saw some Wild Turkey so asked the question and yes they had American Honey . Well couldn’t say no now especially at $25 USD. Wish I had found it in Philly and some may be wasted but still good value with 6 nights to go 🕺🏻Dang I could knock off half of it tonight with election 24/7 coverage

So, another enjoyable day that turned out well just by getting out there. Found 2 good traditional bars yesterday and 2 good fun bars today . Tomorrows loose plan is head down to Battery Park area in morning and Greenwich Village in afternoon. Sadly an old fave Slaughtered Lamb is closed permanently

HHH – Day 17

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And on the day where I am sitting around a few hours in morning waiting for train we gain an extra hour of daylight 😏 Looks like some cooler weather on way at least for next few days so fingers crossed. Of course the real cold spell starts next Monday – when I fly out ! The week in NYC could be difficult to fill in with limited mobility and a few previous trips. Doubt the subway will be any better than the previous two cities. In an odd way I miss the crowded streets of Las Vegas – just full of tourists ! Have a Cafe picked out just up the road which opens at 730 am so if nothing else at least allows me to check I am working on the right time zone 😀

It was a Cortado but a bit bitter so guessing from paper cup and hippie serving me it was organic. But perfectly drinkable . Looking forward to some Aussie Coffee culture in NYC which is quite well known with Flat Whites regularly available. Will be interesting . Halloween decorations are still up everywhere but at least some have a message .

Chicago was dominated by Halloween, Philadelphia by near misses for their sporting teams and now NYC will be the mid terms tomorrow I guess. Back in 2016 I watched a lot of CNN and Fox for contrast and so have watched a little bit here and both still biased. Fox take the cake and seriously watching The Five for Five mins last night would turn a tourist off visiting NYC. Everything is politically motivated of course but we have grown adults who have lived in USA/NYC all their lives saying they are scared to catch the subway just to elevate crime to major concern rather than democracy , abortion etc. Will be staying close by hotel tomorrow methinks regardless. Mind you , have woken up every morning to news of multiple shootings overnight in Philly outer suburbs . There are some rough areas everywhere.

On a quiet day time for some reflection. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but suspect my early thoughts to cancel the holiday at the 12 week post op mark when no real improvement seen would have been wise. Would have lost a deal of money but not all and would have saved a lot spent on Ubers, taxis , taxes, tips…… Don’t get me wrong there have been some great highlights especially seeing new places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Some great quirk noted along the way too and have the pictures to prove it. The Chicago buildings, the Philly murals … all stunning and all worth seeing but have not got full value out of the trip really simply because can’t be out and about all day or just walk aimlessly around. The weather , though glorious at times , has been disappointing temperature wise. Apart from the pain 24/7 I do wonder if any further damage has been done and don’t see a future without ankle issues. Mind you , if you can’t walk on it 5 months after surgery what was the point ? I also think that dreaded last day of long expensive taxi to airport , 6 hr economy flight with AA and then 13 hrs economy with Qantas is weighing heavily on mind. And that is assuming no delays or cancellations of course ! Anyhoo that rant has filled in 5 mins, now only 3 hrs until train leaves . And of course trying to get bags down stairs ….

Left way too early but got bags down and a good priced Uber so no sweat. Found myself a Red Cap – great service – and then settled down for the 90 min wait at least with only one bag 😂 Against better judgement tried Pretty Mangey as saw Flat White on menu. It was flat and it was white but think it lacked one ingredient – coffee! Swill

Comfortable seat on train by myself with a nice view. Left on time and a hooting along until we hit Edison , 45 mins south of NYC, with an “electrical” problem. Ironic.

Arrived 45 mins late but no sweat just very crowded and took a while to find the taxi rank. What a ride . It was so slow and chaotic driving andreally wanted to be anywhere else but NYC. Then we hit upper West Side and suddenly in the shade and calmer. And only $25 for the fare 👍🏻 The Hotel Beacon has a beautiful facade but being NYC we had scaffolding everywhere. Now the crunch time – check in. Well sauce my sausage, the exact same corner room 2212. Knobber Knobber

Things were looking up as long as I didn’t look down at ankle 😏 Ouch, been a busy day with a lot of standing and walking. One last job – some supplies from across road . It was also nightmare but when $70 buys you a week of breakfast and dinners with a few treats then that leaves more money for drinks. And lunch. Yes I don’t take advantage of the great eateries around but is harder as a solo. If I had big meals along with the drinking then would pork up indeed. As said previously the weather will get cooler coming up but who do you believe – regardless, tomorrow looks a ball tearer. Better do some planning.

But first let’s Google Bars 🕺🏻

It was still only just 4 pm so headed first to Central Park as close by and dropped into Strawberry Fields . It’s a different time of year certainly and yesterday was NYC marathon but the city does seem crowded.

Then went to the Dakota Bar which looks a keeper . Not part of actual Dakota but rather classy

Then headed in general direction of home . Although not yet 5 pm already getting dark so dove into the nearest bar for safety. Luckily it was the Dive Bar. Had another beer and honestly thought he had poured me a water so drank that and then realised it was someone’s “ Something and Soda” . Paid for it and thought time to head home. Quite fuzzy in head but only two beers so really think lack of food contributing. I know it’s hard writing this …

So a full day in the end and some planning now needed. Having two great bars nearby and a great room is certainly a promising start to the week in NYC 👍🏻 Now for that elusive Coffee shop …

HHH – Day 16

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And so we come to the last full day and not a lot planned . Will head into La Colombe first up for my morning Cortado . It’s a great area to wander around but not sure there is a lot more to see around there. Looks like another warm day but maybe a bit cloudy. You have to get your head around the fact that here southerly winds of course brings warmth. There won’t be any victory parades planned for the Phillies sadly as they were finished off last night in Houston. Need to keep my wits about me later today as it’s time to switch clocks back and need the time to be right for train trip tomorrow. Looking forward to getting back to a hotel actually in NYC and of course some cooler weather . Let’s see how today pans out shall we and if the usual casual approach pays off

Shorts were the right call, just had to make sure I protected my nuts 😏

Got to coffee shop a little early which worked out well as quite a crowd around at 8am opening time and I needed a seat . Never tire of the view of City Hall from various angles

A few more murals in relative close proximity probably worth a look . Lots of police presence around for the Veterans March a bit later. Probably best to have sorted transport home by then . Murals tend to be next to car parks which does detract a tad

And once again it is clear that women are cherished here in Philly

It was starting to cloud over so very pleasant for Hobblin although do think just about done in . I see sitting at a bar for the afternoon in my near future . In the meantime some more images to enthrall y’all. Got this yank lingo down pat eh

That’s me done for the morning then . A bus home and pick up a salad for lunch and rest for a couple of hours. Maybe I should pack before imbibing ? Actually don’t leave rental until after 10 am in morning so plenty of time then. Now, to plan the hit and run hobble mission this afternoon. There are 3 distinct areas within walking so need to pick and stick with one . It’s a Sunday arvo of course so probably crowds of bloody tourists .

Hobbled off on a cloudy afternoon. Discovered an interesting cemetery nearby and considered making a booking but will soldier on for now

General plan was a rectangular route heading off to South Street first . Some dive bars around and plenty of divers walking the street actually. It’s an interesting area I would not visit after 5 pm

Milk Boy seemed like a safe option as it had plenty of street access for a quick get away. There was of course NFL on the TV so no one annoyed me

Then it was time to head back to Twisted Tail where it all began on Tuesday . Not quite the same relaxed vibe with Sunday arvo crowds a jumping but the beer was still good and the music loud 😏

So, that pretty well calls the curtain on Philly even though only mid afternoon . No need to go silly yet with a week in NYC to come . Mind you I couldn’t fit the Wobbly Boot on this bloody ankle now anyway . It is sore and swollen and basically stuffed. After being calm for a few days I am really pissed off again now . So limiting and impactful on life

Wish I had planned an earlier train tomorrow (1130 am) because it will be a boring morning waiting around 😏 Mind you probably take 30 mins to get bag down these stairs 😢

HHH – Day 15

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Yesterday worked out so well may just fly by seat of pants again today . The search for a good Cortado continues this morning but being the weekend not many cafes open before 8 am 😢 So , a bit after 730 am will head in towards Rittenhouse Square for a leisurely stroll which passes by Jiggy Coffee so that’s the next one in line. A little foggy this morning and ending up quite a warm day so again dressing for the morning is a bit tricky

As soon as had walked 100 m knew the jacket was a mistake and jeans a 50/50 call. Wasn’t climbing back up those steps though. Beautiful morning and fog quickly cleared so I got Jiggy with it. A glass was a promising start

Pleasant enough walk to Rittenhouse Square and passed some points of interest . Not a lot happens in Rittenhouse Square I imagine but dogs do love to poop there it seems .

Now the next question is do I roam generally towards the river and hope to see the famous Phillies mural or catch a bus. The walk won out and glad it did as murals pop up everywhere.

By now of course I was close to the Schuylkill River and on this beautiful morning time to skulk a bit eh . It had been a fair effort to walk from Pine Street to here, check it out yourself folks.

Close to 30th Street Station so thought time for a subway back to City Hall area. As always stopping is the worse thing of all as nice as it may be to sit down. I have been lucky so far not to succumb to any illness especially as always grabbing handrails to walk up and stairs at subways . One thing common to all 3 cities so far is when escalators are involved at any one time 30% will be out of action and guaranteed 98% of those will be the ones going up !

Time to check out Reading Terminal Market for no real reason except it is close by. Yep walked up and down a few lanes and then time to head home for a break . But first another Cortado as close by also honest.

Time then to head home with another subway and a short walk. Got on crowded subway at 15th Street and sat while doors opened and closed 5 times over a 10 min period. Seemed to be a lot of yelling somewhere. Got one stop to 13th Street and same thing . Eventually they told us all to evacuate train. So, back up on street and could actually look across to the 15th Street station I left 20 mins ago. If I catch another train here shoot me. Ok , a 25 min walk so let’s just do it . Again come across all manner of things

Of course being the morning it had evolved into it was closed. Still some more great murals around until eventually gave in and found a direct bus route nearby to drop me within 100 m of home 👨🏻‍🦯

Another productive morning with no great planning but almost done with Philly. Have had fun but pretty well done with the stairs and the distances to walk. If had planned a bit better and had a couple of beers in the fridge that could be it for the day but will head out to nearest watering hole later. Have to be here later in case Joe and Barack drop in

They didn’t . After watching the 24/7 election coverage though for 24 mins I needed a drink. Let’s put that last wash on though while rested so tomorrow is more relaxing . It’s a two step process after all. Start the wash, amuse 40 mins, then flick over to dryer and head out. Tomorrow may be spent chasing down some more murals thought would check out a couple close by while dropping into some pubs. Let’s start with the dive bar – Dirty Franks. Beer was cold ✅

Then I headed across 15 th street , catching a few murals on the way and ended up at Miss Conduct Tavern. I suspect I was plum centre in Gaybourhood. At least didn’t have to buy any drinks as they thought the cane was a toy for later 🤷🏻‍♂️

And as I said to Bud Heavy the Bartender I can tease no longer. Here are some stunning murals if I say so myself

So, tomorrow looms as a largely free day . There are more murals to see , just not sure I need to see anymore 🤔 I suspect there could be a happy hour at Twisted Tail around 4 pm and certainly will see the shorts appear . I imagine the morning will involve a long walk in some direction . Of course , I may also spend some time investigating my new business venture for Philadelphia

Phlash’s Leaf Blower Sales and Repairs

“ We may Suck but we certainly Blow “

HHH – Day 14

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Fog again this morning before clearing to a warm weekend. While disappointing – seriously the overnight temps are same as Maryhole at present! – it does also make it difficult to clothe oneself for a morning out which starts cool but quickly warms up. As if not bad enough with the weather we have the political machine hitting Philly this weekend with Joe and Barack in Philly and Buffoon Bob in Pittsburg. Not sure what it will mean for getting around but doubt it will be good news . At least Phillies lost last night and now gone to Houston.

So my research showed Rally Coffee 7 mins away opened at 730 am and served Cortado. Today was officially declared Travelling Tourist Day by Sleepy Joe so was going to head out in fog and tick off all the tourist traps . Arrived at 731 am and maybe the paper cup should have alerted . I suggest it was organic and even that can ruin a Cortado 😢 Back to drawing board.

First bus stopped just outside. Apparently on opposite side of street as I discovered when first bus went straight past on a one way street. It was two buses to Rocky Steps , as touristy as it gets. The fog may have been disappointing but have been here before and have beautiful photos and the fog adds some mystery . Is it really Rocky or Nancy Pelosi 🤔 I made it to the top but didn’t jump up and down. Like a tourist 🤦🏻‍♂️

As only have 6 “free Septa trips “ left thought I would take a leisurely stroll of about 30 mins up to Love Park. Ok ya got me, up to Le Colombe Coffee Roasters. At my best when thinking . This is me thinking

A bit more quirk along the way , another advantage of walking where possible. Of course it turned 30 mins into 50 mins but checked diary and it was free rest of the day …… and week 😢

As approached City Hall noticed that a skating rink had gone up since yesterday ! What they can achieve in the fog eh. So this was a rink sponsored by Orthopaedic Surgeons with wine freely available nearby . Smart planning indeed.

I could see my Coffee Oasis just down the street but for some reason would have to cross over the street to avoid a gathering of women apparently kneeling and praying on the sidewalk. What could it be ?


I was feeling quite good and the weather was remaining cool enough so decided to head to next tourist destination – Old City . An alley here a flag house there and my tourist bingo card almost filled in. As luck would have it , it was garbage day just to enhance the ambience 👍🏻

This really just left a Philly Cheesesteak to go. Wasn’t bothered researching best “ Philly Cheesesteak” but rather “ Nearest Cheesesteak” and Campos was the winner. Nothing special but lined the stomach for some possible tomfoolery later so all good .

Actually turned into a very pleasant and enjoyable morning out and decided to hobble the 20 mins home. The sun was starting to peek through by now so could be an afternoon for T shirts and almost shorts ? Maybe leave the shorts for an even warmer weekend . Meanwhile some more quirk

Sometimes of course the worst thing you can do is stop. The ankle swells, the knee locks and then you have to go back down the stairs. I would be tempted to do another wash on Sunday before NYC but not sure can face those last set of stairs.

Plan this afternoon then is to hobble down to Italian Market . 15-20 mins and from memory there were also some murals around.

There may still be but I only found one really . The Cortado at Anthony’s was cod ordinary and the sham was on when delivered in full size paper cup. Italians and coffee eh. To be fair the girl making coffee was less Italian than me and about 18 .

The Italian market was a bit of bust as too many Italians around for me so headed back to South Street for your more typical American crackhead. I tell ya so many people walk the street talking to themselves it’s confusing . I found one mural, a closed bar and a Guinness #The Loaf .

So, once again a very enjoyable day. It does seem a waste to be done for day by 330pm but achieved a lot and not as if down to last days. Much like at home I love the mornings and the afternoon drags like a limp leg. Spooky. If I had some American Honey Sting I could soldier on through until 8 pm I reckon🕺🏻

Time for some more research for final two days , being a weekend with important visitors. I may do a mural search but will depend on the transport needed as already had my fill of the underground folk on subways.