HHH – Day 19

Posted: November 9, 2022 in Uncategorized

Well they are starting to slip by eh 😢 Another glorious morning and glad to wake up (first and foremost ) and not see a red wave took over yesterday in election but just the faint red glow on the horizon of the rising sun. Nice old kick in the head for Buffoon Bob but of course the spin will come.

Todays plan is to head up 6 streets to a Bluestone Lane to check out the flat white for a change and then catch the 1 train down to South Ferry and check out the Battery Park area nice and early. Just hope subway not too full of “workers” ! Weather still predicted to be bad on Friday and Saturday but a certain purchase yesterday has taken the Sting out of any possible cabin fever 🕺🏻. So let’s the hit ground gently and almost caress the pavement as I meander along without intent let alone purpose . Fair dinkum an old lady in a wheelchair and one arm was keeping pace yesterday . Coffee nothing special but $1 cheaper 😏

Another good subway ride down to Battery Park. I wasn’t Positive which Terminal to exit from …..

Glorious morning and can see the Grand Lady in the distance

On the spur of moment decided to catch the Staten Island Ferry and get out on the water . Hey it’s free . Basically rode across, got off, turned around 3 times and came back. Beautiful views of Manhattan

Some different views on way back of course

Was feeling pretty good ankle wise as not much walking yet so decided to train it up to Brooklyn Bridge. A 10 min walk from station to start of bridge suddenly took its impact so no way was going to walk onto the actual bridge much. Been there done that . Some great buildings in area

Really struggling now but had got a lot achieved so time to head home for a break . With ankle issues suggest rest of stay could be one beer on the hobble and settle in for some bourbon at night . 👨🏻‍🦯 First up though time to look to the cookie. And then eat it

The best laid plans eh. Greenwich Village was an easy 2 min walk and a 1 train. Swiped card, hobbled down stairs . There was a 2 train stationary on one track. Can I just say at this stage can everyone spend some money on the sound system for announcements . Can’t understand a fucking thing you garble – trains, airports etc. So , after standing around for 5 mins with no displays or actions, hobbled back upstairs with several others. Ok, I’m flexible let’s catch a 104 bus uptown and catch out Only Murders building on this glorious day then. Again stand around for 10 mins and despite bus being overdue nothing. Maybe something happening of the naughty kind uptown. Ok nearest bar please driver

So while a disappointing end to a great day there are worse things could be doing

It was almost 4 pm which of course is Happy Hour at the Beacon Bar. The Beacon Bar naturally has relocated to Room 2212 for rest of week . Great bartender, generous pours , no crowds , great views 👍🏻

To be honest don’t think I could have even walked down the hall to get in the elevator. The days are getting shorter as are my hours of activity

Weather should still be good tomorrow so try and catch up on those couple of things missed today and then maybe Chelsea in the afternoon

Now, where did I leave her number 🤓

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