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Grind n Bind – Month 2

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One month done and dusted and by all reports not dead yet . Had the follow up X-ray this week and can confirm screws and plate still internal as intended.

Monday then we head back to Maryhole for morning appointment with Surgeon on Tuesday. Hopefully plaster will be removed and then onto Moonboot phase. The plaster is restrictive but equally does give one some confidence moving around. Having navigated 4 weeks with no major issues though assume some incidental weight bearing now would not have me back in surgery anytime soon.

Two clouds on the horizon with plenty more expected . Apparently.

First up CLP has the dreaded lurgy and it’s a nasty one but NOT COVID. Everyday winter cold. Being a thoughtful patient I told her she could sleep in an extra 5 mins this morning before bringing me my breakfast in bed. Being thoughtful doesn’t cost anything eh 🕺🏻And now I am succumbing. Let’s get it all done and dusted now so after next Tuesday can dance in the street if so inclined. Second cloud has bought some friends though. “Unseasonal” rain event – not yet called bomb or apocalypse – starts on Friday and continues through to at least Tuesday which may impact driving plans. I am prepared

With the never failing accuracy of weather forecasts uppermost in our minds we decided to head up on the “best” day weather wise which was Sunday and spend an extra day in Maryhole. It was a good run up both on traffic and weather front and always good to get home and see everything still standing and powered on. Certainly chilly enough with forecasts of 8-15 next two days.

Monday did dawn rather wet and dreary so glad we came up early. We decided to venture out in the gloom for a counter meal at the Carriers and it hit the spot….as did the beer. While still a bit sniffly my taste buds have remained intact Thank Me

Interesting how CLPs house is just so much better set up for invalids. The stairs outside here are always a nightmare on crutches and especially when raining. Chairs and beds just seem lower here somehow . Bath is facing wrong way to hang leg out etc. I will be glad to be back at Flashman Inc come Tuesday arvo for a number of reasons but most involving a lack of cast. Maryhole Flashville though does have great internet so have downloaded enough giga goodness of shows to last next 3 weeks

So off we head to Hervey Bay under leaden skies to check on leaden foot. Spooky eh. I couldn’t say the Doc barred up because he always wears loose surgical gear even in rooms but he was very pleased. The wound is clean and swelling minimal. More importantly the X-rays showed gaps where there should be and none where they shouldn’t be along with the $2000 of metal still inserted. Just to remind folk what has been achieved

Plaster was removed and first insight to life with a fused ankle. It felt weird trust me. The ankle was free so to speak but felt like it was still in plaster. Like how a club foot feels I imagine. It looks like it can flex but no it can’t . Well not yet 🤔

So, as with most things moon related there are phases and in the first phase it is pretty much like having the plaster still on only not as secure😏 We need no weight bearing until the 6 week mark which is another 9 days on July 14th. Ergo still crutches and moonboot 24/7 although if sitting for extended period can remove boot for a break. At present looks like Houdini could struggle to get it undone quickly but sure we will learn .

The big red button inflates ,the small deflates. Apparently. After 2 hours sitting in the car I need to have it elevated a bit . Blood flowing to extremities brings strange sensations. As we all know….🕺🏻 For now though I want no sensations . No more need to see the surgeon but another X-ray at 12 weeks to check for rust and a final sign off by local GP. The boot stays on for another few weeks but come August should be home in Maryhole and looking after myself as will be able to drive then. Sorry , what was that loud screeching noise. Ah, CLP shouting Hallelujah 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

Another month then convalescing at home hopefully as not convinced yet about ease of driving etc . Time will tell but rest of July will be much of same with maybe some self bathing at last. Ah, now CLP is crying. Women eh 🤓

Let’s try that first bath , still assisted 🤓. Ok , moonboot off first as nothing slides over that. It’s a little unsettling being so exposed in more ways than one but I eased into the water like an old man into a nice warm bath. Which I am I guess . Anyhoo didn’t take long to notice something was missing , always a concern when in the buff. With no walking for 5 weeks my right calf had disappeared. On further inspection it appears to have dissolved into my ankle 😳 Could be a long 9 days .

Once again CLP has been a rock 🥰 A lot of driving in recent days in bad conditions is stressful on anyone. Then a couple of days out of home environment in Maryhole. Lost without my honeybuns. We are now back safe and sound in Flashman Inc and ready for a month of

Later dudes

Well it was bound to happen eventually

Ah wrong outing . As we pass the 3 week mark it was time to venture further afield and head to Brisvegas. Good to get out and about in this glorious weather and also catch up with Munchkins 1 and 2 and spend a night with RJER. To add to the excitement we thought we would train it down to the big smoke and blow the froth of a couple before deCamping in Camp Hill. Spooky eh . Now, this will be a good test trust me . Why you ask ?

The ankle is doing very well. Occasional niggle here and there and some throbbing at times etc. All very manageable especially with me mate Oxy bedside adjacent 👍🏻 The unexpected problem- which in hindsight may have been expected duh – is that the constant weight bearing on left leg especially going up and downstairs is causing significant grief with left knee which was already suspect and led me into hands of Orthopod Inc initially. I would suggest another 4-6 weeks of this will advance the need for surgery on that knee by several months 😰 Almost hardly seems worth heading home from Flashman Inc in August and just line up next surgery and convalescence?


Ah CLP just fainted . Ok maybe we will postpone the knee for a while 😏

So train trip will be fine but am a bit concerned about moving around CBD with crutches for more than 5 mins at a time. The crutches are easily adjustable an inch at a time – if only that worked for everything below the waist eh🕺🏻 5’11” works well for up and down stairs but 6’ is best for general walking . 6’6” is great for toasting marshmallows 🤓

Fair to say mobility on the crutches has not been as easy as expected which may explain why I can report back on a few new shows 😏

The Old Man with Bridges and Lithgow looks great 2 episodes in . Candy was rather predictable and slow so gave up . Sherwood looks like your usual solid UK drama and keen for this. Gaslit has been weird to say the least and could easily walk away after that nonsense episode 7 but then only one left eh. Under the Banner of Heaven is next in line. In the meantime the US Open golf was great and why it will always outshine the LIV nonsense

CLP is currently getting some landscaping done around the pool which means workers are here most days but the end result will be worth it . Tomorrow (Thursday) the dirt turns up now the borders were done yesterday

On a glorious day then it seemed now (Wednesday) may be a good time for some sun by the pool. Shirt off, trakkie dacs off. The rest…….well there are no workers around ….

Friday dawned another booteeful morning as we prepare to head off for our two nights stay at RJER in Brisvegas. Next challenge of course is crutches plus back pack plus Great Unwashed . We arrived in plenty of time and nice and quiet . Train left on time #notQantas

Good train trip down and needed to get out at Central to catch another train to South Brisbane when we discovered our first problem. Escalators

Getting on at bottom was ok with one crutch and hold the rail. As we approached the top two things were going to run out quick. The stairs – fine;the rail – help 😳 Managed to grab some wall quickly but no more escalators for this LBD. Then got out at South Brisbane and needed a pee stop. No worries ……until you meet the swinging doors . Eventually managed it and luckily Charming Squire was basically next door because I needed a drink ! Or two

Next adventure then as a cab to RJER . A maxi cab waiting ? Sweet. Or not . They have a massive step up to get in and it didn’t go well with some overbalancing and right foot put on ground. not full weight bearing and it is now 3 weeks so think we will be fine but certainly not as ambulatory as one may have hoped for at this stage .

Got to RJER nice and early and thought would have a lie down. I had this strange feeling something strange was going on. Mischief was afoot. Time to check the security cameras .

Well if that’s the most mischief that happens no problem. Now we just wait for Munchkin 2 to arrive . I will be safe with her though ….

The fire was mesmerising as usual but still a chill in the air. Now, what helps with that 🤔

Strangely the knee and ankle hurt a little less now 😀 the wonders of modern medicine eh. The outing has highlighted a few issues to be aware of but certainly worth the effort . Will spend a quiet day tomorrow in Brisvegas before training back on Sunday morning to Flashman Inc. Afterall, have to be home in time for

Weather has remained quite glorious if a few degrees warmer . Do love the crisp clear blue days . The big date on the horizon is first follow up visit with Surgeon on what would be Day 10 Post Op. Memories of his bedside visit in hospital came flooding back but that could have been some post anaesthesia fog to be fair

Of course this required a road trip back to Maryhole and then Hervey Bay . It would be a big day of driving for my honeybuns who has been wonderful of course. Also good to quickly check on house and air it out for a few hours and maybe finally finish that pesky jigsaw with CLPs help. Voila

As with most specialist visits we didn’t get in on time but rather 40 mins late which stuffed up our lunch plans a bit . Time for the big reveal then and hoping to see a clean wound and minimal swelling . First up was a bit messy

Then we got the magic sponge working and all started to look good. Doc commented that he did spend an extra 20 mins in surgery removing a lot of bone pieces and can certainly see some has removed from the sides. Allowing for perfectly normal swelling the prospects for a relatively normal looking ankle are good

Then it was time for full plaster and we went with Royal Blue in the Platinum Jubilee year . It’s amazing stuff. One minute it is just bandage and then a rub here a splash of water there and it is rock hard in 5 minutes. I snatched a couple of bandages to use when needed if ya get my drift 🤓 Then it was time to head off and head back to Kureelpa with a slight detour for a snack at Bell Hilltop

So it was a very long day , especially for CLP, but we have a good report card to move forward with. Next visit is on July 5th where we cut off the plaster and move to moonboot for a while . Let’s toast The Blue Period for now

In between long boring road trips there has been a lot of TV watching of course. Watched mostly PGA golf as LIV doesn’t really grab me yet , if ever. Think that latter tour is best summed up by this clever image

Watched The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix as rather difficult to just Netflix and Chill at present 🥹 It was very good although not a perfect wrap for either Ebert or Siskel. Now we have to find that next series to watch together .

The irony now of course is that my left knee is causing me more grief than my right ankle/leg, the irony being that was the knee I first went to see Orthopod about before pulling the old ankle switchers. It carries all the weight going up and down stairs, getting in and out of chairs etc. Having just stopped the anti- inflammatory pills for ankle two days ago going to start them again now for the knee ! Life is funny eh

So being Thursday it was lunch date day . The RSL seems ideal as is the only place CLP says I can wear Trakkie Dacs out in public with her 😏 It was a very good meal in pleasant surroundings even if we were the youngest there and amongst the top 50% mobility wise . Nice to have a beer of course at anytime

So, time to sign off for another blog and next few days will be quite though enjoyable with not much happening apart from revelling in QLD winters. Darool Darool. And as they say , always leave ‘em laughing

Grind n Bind – Week 2

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Week 2 has begun much like week one ended . Me watching other people work while soaking up some sun . Mind you they would be lost without my clear direction . PS – the pool looks glorious 😰

It has been stunning weather of late. Cool nights and clear days . This is what QLD winters are all about . CLP is barring up about setting up the fire in late afternoons and so as usual I supervised from a safe distance and called out when it was time to

When last we left our hero he was on the horns of a dilemma . Alcohol V Pain relief. There can only be one winner in that little battle and no surprises . The only real question is do we ease ourselves in or straight to the serious stuff 🤔 Yeah right.

Not totally dismissing the possibility of imminent alcoholism the reality is there has been very little pain really apart from first two nights . Never been one to overdose on painkillers with their side effects it has been very manageable. This is mostly good news of course but the downside is you can forget about your “no weight bearing for 4-6 weeks” and absent mindedly put your foot down. Especially after a few sherbets …. However pleased to report after week one no incidents to report and all seems to be on track. Next important step is visit to Dr Bali next Tuesday in Maryhole for wound review and wallet assessment. I am assuming both will show less swelling afterwards 😏

First thrill then these last days has been bath time. I am all set up downstairs which is great but the bath is upstairs and trust me a couple of sponge washes in these temperatures had me climbing the stairs lickety split. Unlike cows it is easier coming back down of course . With the help of Nubile Nurse 1 it all worked well so no one ring after 4 pm because that is bath time ok .

Next step then was to get out and about so yesterday we went to Flaxton Barn for a very nice Devonshire tea. It is a Knick knacks store and CLP was able to get that large wall clock to hang outside so we can tell the time poolside . Baths freshen my mind and body so no surprises that it occurred to me that for now this clock also served as a great tool to remind us when it Wine O’Clock

Next step then was a planned train trip to Brisvegas today to see RJER and spend the night just to get out and about. Sadly Munchkin 1 is not well so will postpone a week. It seems at least half on my grandkids are also in various stages of a bad “flu” as so often happens at this time of year 😰 So , plan B will be to venture out late morning to a local craft brewery for a beer and lunch and maybe get to Brisvegas next Friday

Have been able to watch a lot of sport this week including SOO 1 . Classic game where NSW always looked dangerous but QLD hang on and scramble and throw in some individual brilliance when needed. The golf saga is getting a tad tiresome and while a clown like DJ can do whatever he wants don’t tell me it is “ for my family’s secure future” If they ain’t secure after the $100 million you made on PGA they never will be . Tried to watch a bit on YouTube but didn’t grab at all.

On such a glorious day though time for some exercise first before frivolity . Laps of the pool first up

Well that worked up a thirst, time to head out for the launch of my new charity . It’s like LIV golf but without rich assholes. It’s called Limping for Lager and will go off like a frog in a ribbed sock trust me . First stop then is The Craft at Flaxton

So the beers made me hungry and we stayed for lunch. Very passable steak Sanger and a couple of frothy ones certainly filled up this little belly

Well it’s been a rather full day and am feeling rather full and it’s almost bath time so will sign off now for another up your date and maybe just look at the vista on this rather superb day for a mo

The Pain Train has arrived and it has several carriages on board . There is a dark tunnel ahead but I think I see light at the end 🙏🏻

Checking my schedule I see it arrived just after Midnight on Day 2 so not a bad run really so far . It literally felt like my ankle was in a vice and some asshole had turned it full up.

Tried some Panadol first up as always hesitant to reach for the heavy stuff early on . Yep, that did nothing let’s back up the Oxy truck that Michael Keaton sent me #dopesick . Within 30 mins pain had settled and was actually able to get some sleep . Of course at night time always want to ensure you turn a light on first before doing anything . Only need that mistake to happen once trust me……

It was quite a warm night with a little rain around and this helped as need to have foot elevated and no blankies on top. Maybe just a sock. Now where did I last see that “ribbed” sock 🤓

I suspect the pain is perfectly normal and expected now and doubt anything to do with yesterdays little accident. As my brother (an actual doctor ) says “ Those screws are deep in the bone cortex and ain’t going anywhere” . Now for the next joy of the morning

It actually was pretty easy once I realised you had to take them out of the plastic first 🥹 A quiet day ahead now just working out the pain relief/constipation/alcohol holy trinity . Life is all about balance after all.

And drinking.

Once again C(P)LP has been wonderful and would be lost without her. I will give her a break in a couple of days as she gets some pampering for a change . Still no nurse’s uniform mind you 😏

Weather is glorious of course being a QLD winter. One Oxy at night ensures I get some good sleep but when that wears off we make do as best we can. The house is well set up especially outside in the morning sun. Good golf to watch on TV and the weekend is passing relatively easily. It ain’t fun at present but coping quite well . Was a bit of a knob kiss when Foxtel gave me two screen access for free being a loyal customer. As long as wifi is good – not a guarantee here – I have access to Foxtel as well. Sweet.

Nursey Mercy has put together a breakfast menu to choose from and this morning “bacon and egg on English muffin” caught my eye as my bit to celebrate Queens jubilee. At least I am more mobile than that old fart now

Well that hit the spot. Guess it is time to head outside and see what needs doing . Yep nothing

Am trying to keep mind active at least with puzzles and crosswords etc. CLP and I have our usual intelligent discussions as well

Not a lot will change for next few days I imagine . Hoping to maybe travel quickly to Brisvegas for an overnighter at RJER on Friday but will wait and see how next couple of days go

Later dudes

So, not a great night of course and that’s cool. Did get my cuppa though which was great . Almost rang Mum to see what time her’s arrives at Da Home 😏

There is a lot of noise in a hospital but just people doing their job. Regular OBS of course and pain relief although still not much pain yet. Offered the heavy duty stuff 2 hourly rather than Panadol Pissweak 4 hourly 🤔 Yeah will wait until I need the strong stuff when nerve block wears off. Then memories came flooding back from shoulder surgery 2 years ago. When on pain relief constipation and no alcohol are your enemy. Thank me for zero alcohol beer at least I guess. I could see me snatching a bedside pee bottle for first few weeks 🤓 It does lead to a numb bum though , not that I can get out of bed yet anyway. Glad for the cool weather as don’t see water, soap and standing anytime in my near future .

At OBS time at 2 am with zero sleep did ask for cuppa again and seemed to help because I reckon I got 10 mins sleep before 3 am when the clown next door started coughing and talking. That was sleep for the night basically

Word on the street is all I need to do this morning is see a Physio and crutch so naturally hope it’s a Sheila 🤓 . Still in surgical gown and blankets from yesterday as still have the blood stains on the blanket! Not sure why they tell you to bring in night clothes etc .Pretty poor interaction really . The food mind you is very good as are the regular OBS.

Now just the wait for Physio.…..I may have started to doze off. Someone walked into the room and all I heard was something like “little prick” and I thought – bloody surgical gowns ! Turns out it was dose of clexane . Ok fair enough. “ I will show you the first one and then you give yourself the dose by needle over the next 28 days ! “ Say what.

Next up was the drug boy and he had quite a collection including two boxes of Clexane needles. Some Panadol ,some anti inflammatory and of course some Oxy when it gets serious . It was quite a sight

Finally the Physio turned up to show me how to use crutches. Sadly the only pair in the whole hospital only went to 5 foot 10. Kinda useless. Anyway went upstairs to gym , climbed up 2 steps, climbed down 2 steps and then back to room. “ Any questions “? Why would I , you have been so thorough.

Finally then it was time to head off after one more IV antibiotic. As always seems to be the case with hospitals they don’t tell you anything unless you ask. “Do I have to keep my foot elevated at night anymore” “Well of course you do for the next month “ Important info really. “How about the compression bandage on left leg. ““ As long as you can bear it really “. Great so I can take it off now then 🕺🏻Luckily I had already bought my own crutches that went to 6 foot 2 and we left. Quick check in back at Maryhole and then on the road to Flashman Inc. With foot elevated . Here is one I prepared earlier

Not the best time of day to be driving but as usual no complaints from CLP. Time then to work out how to get out of the car then but managed , maybe because of all that help the Physio gave me 😏

Spent a little time getting house ready for cripple and already made one mistake and put weight on foot momentarily . Hope no damage done 🙏🏻 Always hard to tell as nerve block wearing off and so some pain will be normal. Nothing can do about it now except be more careful in future. Must mean it’s time to practice for the next 10 weeks

And no, there won’t be daily updates . You can relax….like me.

Grind n Bind – The Start

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Wednesday dawned another booteeful day and it was time for one more game of golf or as Hoges and I call it – a free schooner 🕺🏻

With two games in 6 weeks I played surprisingly well with an 82 off the stick, 2 over handicap. Hoges played his part and basically the last 4 holes were just acknowledging the crowd as closed them out 5/3. Peas. Shelled. A few beers and home to wait for my beloved to arrive .

Sadly she wasn’t in the nurses uniform yet 😏 We ticked boxes and crossed i’s all in readiness. I had bought a new coffee machine so took that for a spin. A few tweaks still needed but will persevere

A last drink ,or two, for condemned man while waiting for hospital to call with surgery time. By 430 pm I gave up and rang myself . 0930 for a 10:15 start . “ I hope you don’t work for Qantas I added and hung up” . Knowing I needed a negative RAT test thought would try one. Just for the hell of it and all sweet .

A brisk few days around which means I get shoulder pain from about 3 am on but still slept ok all things considered . Also means about 4 pee stops through the night but who is counting. One last look to remind me why we are doing this

Woke up to no messages so all good at this stage , good being a relative term when fasting . Headed off early of course and arrived in plenty of time – for another RAT test. Then into pre admission and all happening quickly and then into Nurses room for a fitting . She was a perfect fit 🤓Suitably attired in the breezy gear we went to waiting room and Lo and behold called in almost immediately and only 10 am. Anaesthetic nurse was lovely lady but being Asian and wearing a face mask was hard to understand at times. Just hoped wasn’t signing up for another TURP. A needle here , a cuff there all good as lay on bed adjacent to OT.

For an hour. Oh well. Eventually the gas girl came out ,another lovely lady. Mentioned apart from GA also doing tow nerve blocks in legs. You will feel no pain ……for at least 24 hrs 😏 Then the Chief cutter arrived and looked at ankle . It almost seemed like first time had considered what he would do 🤔 He asked a few questions about how much did I want taken off with the lumps and bumps. “ Pal it has looked like a dogs breakfast for 30 years don’t care “ . Just make it as stable as possible and don’t shave anything of the length. And that was that , wheeled in and the rest is a blur.

Woke up in recovery – always a good sign- and soon wheeled back to my room. Looks FAD although maybe across from nurses station and those Sheilas can talk trust me

I am sure will settle down later . Got my priorities right and quickly ordered my next 3 meals and a doggy bag in case.

I had some sandwiches and a cuppa and have to say first impressions are very good . Then it was time for first look see . Probably better than a hard plaster ,maybe that joy awaits

And then it was time . Could not be avoided any longer. Nurse could I please have a pee bottle and make it a large opening . “Oh. Bragging are we ? “ Nope. I just have lousy aim………..🕺🏻

Dr Bali dropped in and have to say I like the cut of his jib. He dropped off a couple of X-rays and suggested I could hang around until lunchtime tomorrow but suggest I would rather get home and then onto Flashman Inc at Sunny Coast to start the process

Only one question remains then. It’s 430 pm…where is my dinner 👨🏻‍🦳

Duly arrived just after 5 pm and was tres impressive indeed even if they tried to slip an Apple Juice past me 😏 Filled up this little LBD .

Now will I get a cuppa before bed 🤔 You know ….. 630 pm

So, the room is very impressive especially the “entertainment “ hub. Watch TV, order meals , read the Bible …As always there are some issues with service . You ask for a second pillow to prop up ankle… never comes. Doubt will be changing into PJs anytime soon . First world problems of course and just glad it is all done now

Well that will do for one day . If nothing else over next 10 weeks. I have plenty of free time and a beck and call girl hanging on my every word .

As always CLP has been wonderful and would be lost without her 😘 She only needs 7 more merit points to move to next level and get closer to PLP