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And then there were two and I just lost all interest. Tipped Melbourne several weeks ago and stick with that because as we all know you have to lose one first before winning one. Canberra showed inexperience last night on the big stage and it cost them dearly. As expected Cowboys were shot ducks by time they rolled into Sydney once more. Pity the AFL isnt going to be two Sydney teams though, that would have been funny. Jason Day still has shaggers back and so the final event has lost some appeal as well but still a good viewing spectacle. Just have to remember tomorrow that it is over by 7 am!

Speaking of a funny contest the US election campaign enters its 4 th year and the debate beckons. After Trump got his hair ruffled by lightweight Fallon , Clinton thought she would take the hard hitting interview route

This was both funny and cringeful at the same time. Barack can get away with it while Obama of the M variety may in fact be the most charismatic of them all. Zack had a couple of good zingers at least but one does wonder what Hil was trying to achieve – most BTF watchers would already be her supporters. Trump supporters are also easily recognisable. Just not believable

You cant write this stuff

In other TV news tis the season for newbies and there is a current fascination with turning movies into TV shows, both here and abroad. Lethal Weapon and Exorcist were first cabs of rank and no surprise for this LBD that any show with a Wayans in it was going to be hard to take. Couple of soppy ones like This is Us and Pitch both had their big twists in first ep so could all be downhill now. A comparatively short trip. With the 24 reboot just around the corner we are reminded of JB in Designated Survivor – interesting enough premise but very much in the Madam Secretary mould methinks and not West Wing. Or 24. Can certainly skip Graves while Bull has a definite Lie to Me vibe happening. In the remaining 30 minutes in the day quickly fast forward through returning shows like Shameless and Transparent

Did a bit of flirting this week and CLP fully understands. She is not only a year older but so much wiser to boot. I could be in trouble. I flirted with the idea of adding a week at beginning of next year holiday in cold old Chicago to get my winter fix as Summer kicks in here already. I look for signs – like “great today only super flight deals” . There were none. In fact there is the usual Qantas penalty for changing flights. It was going to cost at least 5 grand just for extra week before factoring in beer and peanuts. Its only money right? Well yes but I also went to doctor during week and he said I was looking as fit and healthy as ever. Then he took the glove off and we both relaxed. So I may live longer than expected, let alone fear. That 5 grand could come in handy. To go to Chicago the year after and do it proper eh! I may just need a leg up. Wait a minute……


And so the Broncos bow out for another year at least with some fight. When you have a makeshift centre pairing you are going to struggle and a 10 minute period in second half with two easy tries did that. After getting every call last week they squared the ledger this week, not that there were any howlers like last week. Two missed offside penalties (even Gus Gould acknowledged them!) were critical though especially the last one near full time. Of course the NSW media used all their ink last week moaning about how things went Broncos way – wont be a peep this week . You cant help but wish good things for JT though as he is simply all class. Parker wont look back on his last few games with any great pride and Milford was usual missing link. Boyd was good but backline in general lacking. The forwards need 5 more Thaidays. McGuire is a clown thug and Blair not much better. Gillet brain explosion didnt help anyone and tie that in with Roberts effort last week and there is your season gone. It can be a tough world at times and you have to think the Cowboys could be spent after last nights game. Luckily they only play Cronulla:) Would like to see Panthers win it all and some Bronco do something stupid on Monday just to round out their season in style. Jason Day is going to struggle next week again one assumes and you wouldnt want our Adam to have a 4 foot left to right slider to win it all on the 72nd. The gob merchant DJ looks a safe bet. Wallabies won a match and the fans rejoiced. Such a small group these days that largely went unnoticed

In the land of make believe people better get ready for a Trump presidency and then look in the mirror for the culprit. We now have the charm offensive in full swing even with some hair tussling involved. From afar it is no more believable as each week passes but becoming more understandable. You would have to think the debates are the last chance for him to totally stuff it all up so even the deplorables see it. In the land of political satire have to say Samantha Bee is knocking it out of the park while Colbert is only a shadow of his former self. Not really following the back and forth here on the plebiscite but seems an awful lot of money to spend on a no brainer. Guess that what happens when you have no brainers running the country

In TV land Offspring and Suits finished season/midseason finales and the world did truly rejoice. Offspring had a certain whimsy to start with along the lines of a Seachange for example but simply went gaga a season or two ago, came back after a break and did the impossible. It got worse. Once you lose whimsy you are dead in the water and we all know what that means. Sharks jump over you easily. As for Suits, well what can u say. Has one of the most unlikable characters in TV land in Rachel( only matched by Elizabeth on Blacklist for this LBD) and a plot line of late simply of the charts. There are too many ridiculous things to list and still get to sleep tonight – except maybe the A Few Good Men reference! – so lets just say sayonara to both shows for ever. In a pleasant surprise though a new show Quarry comes along and looks like the cats pyjamas. Like Aquarius before it is set in a great time period in USA -early 70s. Great cast and interesting plot so far . Many other shows return next couple of weeks but not getting sucked into AHS again.

In other news, nothing happened

And so Spring has sprung and the cloud/sun/rain app is all sold out in the app store. Speaking of which now we have the next few weeks of downloading “iPhone 7 compatible” upgrades for all apps on my iPhone 3 . Seasons change but some things remain the same. Trump is still a chance to be Top Dog while Broncos are no chance

It is amusing to see the negative backlash for Matt Lauers probing interrogation of Trump. What were they expecting — he makes Karl Stefanovic look like David Frost. I even got an email this morning from Eric Trump looking for donations for their campaign all because one day many years ago I briefly subscribed to Washington Times! The calamity still has not happened – or at least what your average yank considers a calamity. You could see this go down to the wire in a contest most called 6 weeks ago. It would be like Clive Palmer and Jacqui Lambie on a joint ticket here in Wonderland and still a chance going into polling day. At least they are only asking for nickel donations not dollars. (Warning – may be too clever for some readers). I do return to USA next March and there will be a new President either way. Could be interesting bordering on scary

Broncos sadly thought the Grand Final was 2 weeks ago. They played well then but now have gone back to usual crap. Brisbane hotels have reported bookings for their Mad Monday next week already! Smartest planning they have done all year. I cant recall a team getting such a poor “rub of the green” as Titans did last night. Yes you can say by letter of law it was a penalty try etc but really every call went Broncos way. The square up will probably come now with Jet and The Grey cited and sidelined for next week. Wont the Sydney media love showing the kick and headbutt on loop for next few days. To be fair I think the Cowboys players egged them on. One thing apparent in first half last night was Broncs should have held onto Taylor and let Hunt go. Really sick and tired of Hayne doing his Christ the Redeemer pose after any good thing he does. Luckily it only annoys me about 3 times a game these days

In other sporting news Jordan Day (known as Jason to his mates) suddenly cant find the middle of the fairway with a compass and flashlight. It is encouraging to all hackers when the world number one just loses his game like that – just wish it wasnt an Aussie. I have been on this earth for many years but cant recall a previous period when I didnt even know on a given day when Aussies were playing Test cricket or ODI in another country. Talk a bout a Who Cares fixture – second now only to a Bledisloe Cup match. Its Ashes and World Cup now and thats it.

In TV land Narcos Season 2 is very good once again as is Ray Donovan even if latter tends towards pulp fiction most of the time . Jon Voight is having a ball. It can be embarrasing at times to note some shows one still watches in a Melbourne Cup field of quality available really. Mostly due to having started the show back many years ago and hard to walk away from. However now I clearly have my running shoes on for Suits and Offspring. They jumped the shark, went back and back flipped with triple pike and then did a forward somersault and landed flat on their ass. Aussie TV has been bad for a long time now but it still surprises that in 2016 they can make a “new show” like Doctor Doctor and it will rate of course. Then again the forum post for Zumbas Desserts on Whirlpool runs to five pages!

The week started with a big wedding and even bigger night. Yes nothing like an old fool eh. So, waking up on Fathers day was not a pleasant experience having only got home on Fathers Day a few hours before hand! High Caloric intake helps to a degree in the recovery process but one still feels flat. And then one gets a present from da boys and all is good again



Better get out and do my chores for the day because as you know the weather forecast is – “chance of possible shower” and they are never wrong. How could they be really ? Its like saying Trump is a chance of winning, Broncos are a chance of beating Cowboys/Storm, buy a ticket for a chance at $10 million. Chances are one day they could be right!