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Evolved in Darwin At Last

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And so it ends. A magic week where everything came up roses only disappointment being Qantas at the end. It’s one thing to miss out on an upgrade request ( from February) but it’s fucking ridiculous to be notified at 4 am on morning of flight of that result 😡 It’s going to be a long day

We have to fill in time until checkout at 10 am as simply no point getting to airport any earlier with a 12:55 pm flight. Qantas Club is ok still in these difficult times but it ain’t life altering . So usual continental breakfast and then a walk around corner to a Merlot Coffee Outlet. As in keeping with general mood of day it was cod ordinary. I have a theory about coffee in Darwin. It’s bad. Ok two theories, the other one being they don’t make it hot enough maybe due to the weather 🤔. So with about 90 mins to fill in and 2 mins needed to pack let’s roll out The Flashies

Highlight Jumping Crocs. Amazing creatures up close and personal and a memorable memory – the best kind. Of course Heli Pub crawl was great but comes at a cost

Best Food Oyster Bar. Great variety and great location

Best Beer That first schooner of Kirin at Smith Street Social really hit the spot in rather salubrious surroundings . A pleasant first up surprise in Darwin

Coldest Beer The Airy at 1000m near Darwin River

Best Coffee. The next one 😏

Most Fun The Neuron E Scooter was a blast. Great app and payment method makes it all a breeze . Great flat city with wide footpaths

Best Dining Experience Tim’s Surf and Turf. Great steaks in a fun outdoor setting with a very funny and welcoming host

Biggest Disappointment Mindil Markets . Over crowded boring repetitive snoozefest

Best Scenery Sunset of course . The falls in Litchfield Park were stunning but I think Darwin Sunsets are rightly renowned

Best Tour The Heli Pub crawl was unique and well run. Great guide/pilot in Jacob . Crab Claw Island is magic but for me I always prefer tap beer.

Biggest Surprise The Darwin Waterfront is a magic oasis in the city . Can laze, swim, eat or drink but not all at the same time necessarily Relaxed atmosphere. Would be busy in Summer no doubt

Worst Pool Location Eva There can be only one winner by the proverbial country mile . The Oak Elan

So, in closing before the 4 hr flight from hell big wraps for Darwin . It’s a unique city certainly and think we picked best time to visit . Not too hot and not too crowded. The Oak Elan was a very good choice especially paying a bit extra for a high floor. Free public transport for us Seniors is a superb initiative . CBD is small and it’s very easy to get around although can be dead at times on weekends especially . So that just leaves one thing to say

Up Your Date

Taxi arrived on time and at airport nice and early as is my go if not our go 😏 Check in was easy and then in keeping with how the day was going it was 10:20 and for some obscure reason Qantas Club did not open until 11 am despite there being Qantas flights to Adelaide for example …….. at 11 am . Once in though it is an excellent Club indeed. Good food options . Of course bar doesn’t open until midday as is norm even pro COVID

Flight was delayed of course – that sort of day . My Expert Flyer Seat Alert app had at least informed that in the rows of hell no one next to me and no one in front . Sweet. Ok 4 people behind me . How you might ask – 2 adults with screaming kids on their laps. The couple in front decided to of course separate and he sat in front of me and must have threadworms because he never stopped moving for first hour- that sort of day

Then the alcohol arrived ! With some food apparently . Food was ok , alcohol was tricky , as in small bottle of wine was 2.1 standard drinks and of the Bowlers Run variety when the squishers forget to wash their feet. The beer was good. So, after a mixed diet things were looking a bit better. I slapped the kids around and gave Asshole in front some cream from an old Oreo in my pocket. Things were looking ok and only 2 hrs to go

So, apart from the cramped seat have to say trip is ok. Would have liked to upgrade to BC just to see difference and also burn some points. Plenty to drink in Economy if you want to. The In Flight Wi Fi is fine and great to see the hosties enforce mask rules .

Ready to head home now after a great week and have said to CLP that will do me for a while travel wise

But that was yesterday…….

EID – Day 7

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And on the seventh day he chilled out . It had been a busy 6 days and now our hero felt fully evolved. Well full anyway

Two plans today – find an excuse for another scooter ride and try not to break leg on said scooter ride . Should be fine, ducked out for a solo practice late last night and really mastering it now

First up though some breakfast . Initial plan was to have a sit down nosh up at a local cafe but after the protein overload last night we opted for our usual continental breakfast in house and then continued our search for a good coffee. Yeah nah it ain’t going to happen folks . Postie failed to deliver – that passes for humour up here

A last wash is spinning and cleansing as we speak and when complete we will head down to The Waterfront for a swim and a lay down. There could be beer involved later but unlikely . Yeah, I crack myself up sometimes. Will also be hanging out for our BC upgrade request on return flight tomorrow. It’s not a deal breaker but in current climate may as well use points somewhere. Unlikely to be flying anywhere long time in sky for a long time. Now where is my scooter . Ah there is is under that Stud Muffin

Arrived nice and early at Waterfront and made mistake of approaching the lifeguard at beach

“ Hey, aren’t you the Bunker Boy at MGC? “ Fuck me if he didn’t ask me to grab a rake and show him how it’s done . Certainly don’t bother to ask a MGC member 😏

After that I found a nice big chair to sit in and wait for CLP and must have dozed off

CLP arrived and shook me awake . Luckily we were already tog compliant so just had to brave the water . But first a photo opportunity not to be missed

A pleasant swim and relax had us hanging out for that first beer of the day. This time we chose The Precinct . Good range of brews and very pleasant aspect looking over wave pool. For $7 entry fee I will make my own waves fella thanks all the same

Truly is a magnificent place down on The Waterfront for families and singles alike. Had a quiet afternoon ahead so thought we would grab some more oysters while the grabbing is good as we leave tomorrow. Aw Shucks – again that local humour kicking in

A quick scoot home and finally succumbed and bought a CUinNT T shirt so all shopping done. Will chill for a couple now until one last venture out late afternoon to the Babylon Bar . I may even have a drink of alcohol for a change . I may be drowning my sorrows as check in has opened for our flight and no upgrade 😰

Babylon Bar was quirk personified which is fine but not necessarily comfortable. Still, better than just rocking up to The Darwin Hotel for a XXXX

And so another day ends and basically the holiday itself. Quiet night in and then laze around tomorrow morning until 10 am and head out to airport for trip home

In cattle class it seems 😰

EID – Day 6

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Not a lot planned today apart from some gardening later on. Let’s check some overnight SOO scores seeing as how we were nautically challenged at the time. Not as challenged as some it seems 😰

Time for our usual Continental breakfast before heading off for our adrenaline rush for the morning. Yesterday it was Chopper at 1000m with no doors. Today it is Petunias at 10 paces with no interest as we head off up to The Botanic Gardens . It was intoxicating

As far as Botanical Gardens go it was fine . I made it around maybe a quarter before the Twins of Pain kicked in and headed back to the Cafe.

Had given CLP free reign to roam so thought would finally try out these Neuron E-Scooters everyone is riding as there were a few parked in front of cafe. Odd, why not roam through the Gardens? So hopped on after scanning etc and nothing was working . Checked the excellent app and it provides no go zones where scooter shuts down. This would explain why they were all parked at entrance of gardens. That would be my neutrons kicking in. I carried my scooter out of the zone like a Constanza and once left the precinct I was zooming along when CLP turned up early .

Our next plan was to catch a bus to the nudist beach at Fannie Bay but I talked CLP into trying a scooter . Wouldn’t say she was keen as much as game but there were hills involved

It was a hoot I must admit and before you knew it we arrived and I stripped off. Hmm, so Fannie Bay is not a nudist beach then but rather the sight of a former gaol. Ah, caged heat . Beauty . The sight of the hanging area was rather mesmerising

Then it was back on scooter and thought we would check out Cullen Bay. The Casino at Mindil Beach is only half open so bypassed that on way although an impressive building . Cullen Bay is an impressive marina and general upmarket Marthas Vineyard feel to it. Maybe explains why no bar open until midday ! We wandered until then and then had a beer and fish and chips for lunch overlooking a lovely beach

Of course if I have a couple of sherbets during the day I can get mischievous

Time then to head home for a few. What started out as a quiet morning filled in nicely and really enjoyed the scooter rides . Will relax rest of afternoon before checking out Charlie’s for a drink and maybe dinner after 6 pm. When we got off the bus in CBD did some final shopping and then as luck would have it there was a single scooter just sitting on its lonesome there. I bid CLP a sad farewell and said “ See ya at home Sweetheart” as I let the beast have free reign while she walked

We arrived back at Oak at the same time

Had pulled up stumps for the day blog wise but had such a great night had to share. First up went to Charlie’s of Darwin for a gin cocktail on the rooftop terrace . Great area which I imagine goes off like a frog in sock some nights

Then we decided to have dinner at Tim’s Surf and Turf. We can see it from our balcony and it looks an interesting place. Had a hankering for some steak so this was the place to go with wagyu options up the ying yang. The food was great but the standout were the staff especially Tim himself. he performed a lame magic trick for laughs but then a great one with perfect slight of hand . Here is the lame one

Perfect end to a great 90 mins of fun in the city – and we got to taste some crocodile

EID – Day 5

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So, what is double Bunger Wednesday ? First up, it’s nothing to do with that dodgy curry vindaloo we had last night. When looking at our trip 3 highlights stood out. Trip to Litchfield, Helicopter Pub Crawl and a Sunset Dinner Cruise. The slightly more advanced amongst you has probably clued into fact that the last two happen today .

First up is a half day Pub Crawl by Helicopter to 3 “ remote pubs” – Crab Claw Island, Darwin River Tavern and Noonamah Tavern on the Stuart Highway . Kicks off at 0930 from Airborne Solutions near airport. I gave my weight before we left for Darwin as they are pedantic about these things in the 2 blade caper. I then contacted them yesterday to give the revised figure 😏 I have read my Jack Newton Guide to Approaching Helicopters after Drinking so all ready to up, up and away after our usual breakfast here at Oak.

Yes this was a test. It is from another company but the best image to show basic locations . Out to Airborne Solutions and thought we had upgraded to the B52 Bomber trip which would certainly be different .

Then we turned right and it all became clear. First comment is “ Where are the Doors?” The good news though is it is just us two and our pilot Jakob.

First up then we tracked back over Darwin and it is a great view from on high

Then it was on to first stop at Crab Claw Island. Pretty amazing to land so close on the beach and then a short walk to bar. Not so amazing, it was 0953 and they would not serve until 10 am. Only bottled/canned beer but by now did not care . About 20-30 mins there was enough for 2 beers and some expired peanuts…

Next stop was Darwin River Tavern. Though am sure there was a river nearby this resembled more a truck stop but was very salubrious inside. It was quiet so we regaled the barman with our stories and he threw in a couple of stubby coolers

Time was flying by quickly as were the beers but when asked how long to next stop and told 20 mins it was time for an “airy” . Not a term a golfer likes to hear but in this case refers to drinking on board. I was on board with this concept

On to last stop then -Noonamah Tavern of the Stuart Highway. This was a traditional NT pub and very much caught up in Origin tonight. Worked my charm on the susceptible lass behind the bar and got a maroon cap and cooler. The owner Dave even came out and met us. I made his day by agreeing to be in a photo with him

All too soon our Pub crawl had come to an end. It had been a truly memorable day. On reflection would probably do the full day tour next time at a more relaxed pace. Now , there was only one thing to do

Time to relax for a couple of hours before we head off on Bunger Part 2 – a Sunset Dinner Cruise . It’s a tough life but I am up for it

Our cruise dock was a good 25 min walk in rather warm weather. Then we stood around for another 20 mins before could board on what looked a like a full cruise. Luckily we had an assigned table at the front and settled in with some cod ordinary champers

Then we headed off to the sunset and of course the usual boring commentary . It was a glorious sunset and especially visual with us following a catamaran most of the way and it was framed by the sun. Look , I took 3000 photos and have tried to pick the best but let’s just say some things in nature are best seen rather than try to reproduce.

Ok , I did leave my fave to last

We have seen crocs. We have seen sunset. We can leave now

And may have to thanks to this clown from Victoria . FMS

EID – Day 4

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Quiet, relaxed day planned but that could change of course with a couple of young go getters like us. Put a wash on and have breakfast first up then and let the planning begin. We do have a morning tea date with a local who is the sister of Bruce of T&B fame eg a relative of a relative, relatively speaking. Today seems like a good day to grab those pesky souvenirs . You know, if any shops actually open in the CBD

After breakfast we continued the search for a good coffee. The search continues tomorrow and won’t include The Roaster Guy again 😏. Darwin CBD is easy to get around as long as you avoid the directional signs which are clearly designed to confuse

Certainly the CBD is a lot busier on a weekday. We met Donna of the McLeod tribe at Salvatores Cafe for coffee and a chat . Always great to pick the brain of a local . Speaking of pickled brains we also caught a glimpse of a long lost cousin Larry who moved here decades ago. Of course to us he will always be old “ Lucky Legs”

The day was getting warmer so after a moderately successful souvenir shopping trip we decided to head for the Waterfront for a swim, beer and feed remembering if we got the order wrong we were in trouble. Naturally beer comes first and as is our holiday tradition – except in Ireland strangely – we stopped at an Irish Pub for a Guinness. It always tastes the same of course but I do believe these glasses were chilled for Darwin weather. Sweet

Then it was duck behind a tree and slip the bathers on. The “ beach” was quite crowded but still found an easy place to sit and admire what passes for art around here

Then it was time to take a dip having waited the requisite 3 mins since consuming alcohol. It’s a saltwater lagoon of varying depths and sandy bottom and was certainly perfect way to cool off for a June day in Aussie Land.

There are several choices for dining down here but had picked out Oyster Bar early and not disappointed. We had some oysters and a share plate of treats accompanied by a couple of gin cocktails . It was a great lunch and relaxed atmosphere. I suspect there could be return visits to Waterfront on Thursday and Friday. Not Wednesday you ask? Nope, because it’s double bunger Wednesday remember duh.

We then picked up a couple more souvenirs and I even got a Darwin polo shirt just in case I ever feel like a chukka or three. Having done a fair walk we dropped into the Polar Bear hideout aka The Oak Pool just for a dare and we did take a dip to wash the salt of our bodies and remove several wrinkles from face. No sign of sun appearing anytime soon

Back to room to chill for a bit – a relative term after a dip in said pool – before we duck out for a beer later and a quick nibble. Will sign off now as would not want to fill this blog just with images of me drinking

Well, at least not until Double Bunger Wednesday that is ……

EID – Day 3

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Today was our full day trip to Litchfield National Park with a slight detour to Adelaide River for some rascally reptiles. Pick up was 6 am so it was dark of course but could see the bus was full but a 25 seater van so no big dramas. As the sun rose did a quick scan to look for trouble makers and marked down the family of 4 and the single dolly bird as likely candidates to cause trouble. I was right again

It was a booteeful morning as we made our way to first pee/coffee break at Humpty Doo. To be fair both tasted the same 😰

Then it was on to Adelaide River for some jumping crocs to feed. It was great to get there nice and early and be only boat on the river. It was an amazing hour spent up close and personal to these amazing creatures. They are very territorial and also easily identifiable it seems. The big boy at 6.1 m was Dominator and he hung around near the jetty . The noise their jaws make when slam shut is amazing

Then it was time to head to Litchfield Park and the first waterfall. The beauty of these places is you can swim in the water and slip on the rocks almost at the same time. Cool and crystal clear. This was Florence Falls. It was crowded but still impressive and fun

Then it was time for a stop and some lunch – basically make your own wrap but certainly sufficient . There were snacks on the bus along the way so we would never starve . Then it was onto Buley Rockhole and as the name suggests a series of rock pools rather than a big waterfall .

The bus driver Daz then told us it was time for the highlight of the day – a visit to a butterfly farm . That’s it I’ve had enough I said

Sadly I survived and had to get back on the bus but now with out a bounce in my step

Before the thrill of butterflies though we stopped and examined some termite mounds. They are rather fascinating in design but by the tenth one the appeal was dimming. Those butterflies wouldn’t catch themselves

Then the penny dropped. The Bufferfly Farm in Batchelor sold beer as well. I hugged Daz and then ran in quick smart. Ok limped and hobbled but still head of this pack. So, we had a fridge and it had some bottles of beer in it . Would have loved a cold tap beer but a Corona would have to do. Found a couple of likely lads and settled in for all of 10 minutes

Then it was back on the bus and home to Darwin. Luckily we were dropped off second and so bid farewell to our new lifelong friends – yeah right – and headed back to our room and chill. Earlier plans to head out for a beer and dinner have been shelved and will settle in for a wine and some cheese and crackers. A lighter night eating wise won’t hurt. Cheese is low calorie right ? Tomorrow is a relaxed day before Double Bunger Wednesday ! More to follow….

It was a wonderful day with the crocodiles simply amazing and the opportunity to swim in a couple of waterfall rock pools magic . The great unwashed were mostly bearable. How the knee and ankle pull up tomorrow on the other hand….

EID – Day 2

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Let’s not get carried away with any fanciful notion of a good nights sleep with a body that is falling apart like Mr Potato Head but the room itself is good. High floor and quiet , just a bit tricky getting the temperature right with AC etc. Also odd to be dark still at 6 am but did venture out onto balcony and there was an odd wailing sound from the streets below. Perhaps some fans realising I was in town. In general there appeared to be no Saturday night ruckus in CBD. I was disappointed

Today’s plan is to go to Museum and Mindil Market in the afternoon – basically the quinella from hell for any male but does leave morning free to roam. Will check out some more street art but first up let’s see how the “ complimentary continental breakfast” from on-site OAK restaurant shapes up . Is the sun up yet at 7 am ? Kinda . Onward and Upward

The continental breakfast was very passable and a good way to start the day. A less good way is to then walk 5 klm. Oh well. We headed off down to The Waterfront to see the Marlon Brando statue but must have taken a wrong turn. One thing you do notice in Darwin there is a large homeless population especially after a big Saturday night

It was a simply glorious morning and as we found with Alice Springs a few years ago colours in the NT just stand out more. The Waterfront is an impressive place indeed and would be wonderful for families. Rather deserted at 730 am which suits us fine. I did jump in for a few laps of the lagoon to burn off the muesli. It was brisk

There was also a waterpark and the Convention Centre along with many eateries and accomodation.

We then headed back into Smith Street Mall for a coffee via The Supreme Court et al on Nob Hill. 8am update – CBD still dead

Time to check out some street art which is simply everywhere . They actually look great from our 25th floor which gives an excellent view

Plans have changed slightly as have decided to break up the Quinella from Hell and help to extend the suffering 🤓 We shall head up to the Museum this morning and leave the markets to a more relaxed afternoon visit. The beauty of Oaks being such a tall building is you can see it anywhere from the CBD. Here is one I prepared earlier

Time to head out again . Knee – tick. Ankle – tick . There is only so much you can do

Now to catch that first bus. We had heard that Seniors travel free.

“ Excuse me Mr Bus Driver , is it true Seniors travel free ?”

“ Yes Sir and it’s ok I don’t need to see a card for you “

Sweet. Hey, wait a minute ….. there are smart asses everywhere

The bus trip was value for money. Did I mention it was free 😏 The morons have been all waiting at bus stop to catch this one. Lordy Lordy

This particular museum was the Museum and Art Gallery . Our main interest was the Cyclone Tracy exhibit and it was well done although the museum itself seemed an odd mix of displays. Some were boring and some really boring . Still, a fucket list item ticked off I guess 😀

Back in town and noticed Six Tanks Brewery near our bus stop which certainly seemed a sign. Looked good but very quiet for some reason. Then we experienced the service and wondered no more. We ordered a paddle but lone guy behind bar said he was training and would have to ask someone. Still – eventually – 7 good size tastes for $20 was good value so why not get the simplest item on food menu to soak it up – some Turkish bread. 15 mins later and beer almost finished and no bread . The place is still empty too. Called Numbnuts over and he went and saw chef and then realised order hadn’t gone through so gave us a free beer. At least it saved him a good thrashing

Thought would check out Crocosaurus Cave across road as a reconnoiter mission and bought some souvenirs in case don’t get back. Our thinking is with visit to Adelaide River tomorrow we may see all crocs we need to this trip. A very nice Yum Cha at Ruby’s had us settled back home by 130 pm.

Let’s check out the worlds worst located pool . Yep still no sun . Oh well

Now chill for a couple and then head up to Mindil Markets around 4 pm to mindil with the great unwashed I guess

Yep the place was a jumping. We got there a bit early which was probably our first mistake. Did not dim my boundless enthusiasm though

Basically 3 types of stalls repeated about 10 times all selling the same boring stuff. Plenty of food stalls of course but a bit early for that nonsense . We checked out the beach early and certainly looks good. Pity sunset is still 90 mins away and the hordes are gathering

We held a brainstrust meeting and realised we didn’t have a quorum. Still we both agreed we can come back another day for the sunset when there are no markets. Duh. Hoof it back on a bus into CBD and decided to check out The Loading Bay , a local Ginnery type place. A couple of cocktails hit the spot and we got some take away chicken wings

Time to head back home and an early night as full day trip tomorrow to Litchfield National Park. Pick up is 0550 am or what they call it here – night time ! A quick google search for best spots to see the sunset and usual suspects. Then had one of those lightbulb moments

Hey Honeybuns, aren’t we doing a Sunset Cruise on Wednesday night ?

So why exactly are we mixing with morons to see the sunset on another night ……

And so it begins . The quest to complete my Capital City Bingo card by visiting Darwin for the first time. With an 0830 flight we flew by the seat of our pants – aviation humour – and drove down from Sunny Coast early on the day. Only concern really is there is only one flight per day so dont want to be late . Good run down had us settled in Qantas Club with a mere 2 hrs to spare 😏 And that allowed for 10 mins through screening. 7 staff and 4 passengers does lead to over exuberance.

Did the full body scan after being refused my request for a cavity search and it dinged. My magnetic personality perhaps .

“ Ok Sir, something showing up on right knee”

“ 3 tries – ah Sir can you move to the right and see that gentleman”

“ Is it about the size of a knee bandage. I have one on LEFT knee”

“ Yes but definitely right leg. May I Pat it down?”

“ Knock your self out mate but it’s the left knee”

He the proceeds to pat down my left shin. Ah that’s my left leg mate. Ah yes , and switches to the right leg.

Finished that and then of course called over for the bomb detection screen because they were all just standing around 😏

Will be one of those days where go from 10 degrees to 32 degrees in space of 4 hrs so for now still rugged up to a degree

It’s a 4 hrs flight so will be interesting – though not desperate – to see the alcohol policy . “ Alcohol is served on domestic flights after 5 pm except when over 3.5 hrs duration and then it’s 9 am “ Sweet, but have been caught before when the flight has to LEAVE after 5 pm so Qantas probably starts all long flights at 0830 for a reason 😏 Time will tell.

Yeah we got screwed 😰 Perfectly fine hot breakfast served but it’s a long trip even in exit row seats. The knee has deteriorated significantly this week for some reason so this 4.5 hrs flight ain’t helping. Could be a struggle to walk the streets of Darwin trying to evolve this week . Arrived just after 1230 pm and be glad to get rid off that mask !

A quick taxi ride had us ready to check in and room was good to go. We did pay for a higher floor but still very happy to be on the corner of floor 25 in a 26 floor building. One bedroom apartment has all we need

We decamped and then headed out to get lay of the land. It’s flat . I dressed as a Darwinian to fit right in. It’s a slow evolution ok

Pretty quiet really in CBD for a Saturday arvo so we walked a few blocks to get up a thirst and then dropped in to Smith Street Social as it looked quiet. Great range of beers so blew the froth of a couple and even had lunch there

Then we walked/hobbled down to waterfront to look at one of the expanses of ocean around. Impressive memorials to WW2 circle the park . Be a great place for picnics or events but again very quiet. Probably not a place I would return to at night 😏 Impressive Parliament House and Supreme Court precinct adjacent

Then it was time to get some supplies – ok alcohol ya got me – for a night in watching the sun go down. Or at least where the sun will go down as appears to be a very big Mantra in the way 😰 There will be other opportunities this week with a sunset cruise and a visit to Mindil Beach

Of course street art abounds here and will take more photos as week unfolds . This will do for starters on side of Monsoons

We did quickly jump in pool when returned around 4pm but was all in shade and rather cool. I suggest there would be a sweet time for it during the day but it would be brief and crowded no doubt. I shall report back

It will take a little getting use to time of day and sun position etc as still rather hot and bright – my description in senior yearbook actually – for drinkies at usual drinking time of 5 pm. As rugged individuals we did not let that deter us after all we bought sunglasses for a reason. Now, where is that champers …

I think we are going to like Darwin……