EID – Day 5

Posted: June 8, 2021 in Uncategorized

So, what is double Bunger Wednesday ? First up, it’s nothing to do with that dodgy curry vindaloo we had last night. When looking at our trip 3 highlights stood out. Trip to Litchfield, Helicopter Pub Crawl and a Sunset Dinner Cruise. The slightly more advanced amongst you has probably clued into fact that the last two happen today .

First up is a half day Pub Crawl by Helicopter to 3 “ remote pubs” – Crab Claw Island, Darwin River Tavern and Noonamah Tavern on the Stuart Highway . Kicks off at 0930 from Airborne Solutions near airport. I gave my weight before we left for Darwin as they are pedantic about these things in the 2 blade caper. I then contacted them yesterday to give the revised figure 😏 I have read my Jack Newton Guide to Approaching Helicopters after Drinking so all ready to up, up and away after our usual breakfast here at Oak.

Yes this was a test. It is from another company but the best image to show basic locations . Out to Airborne Solutions and thought we had upgraded to the B52 Bomber trip which would certainly be different .

Then we turned right and it all became clear. First comment is “ Where are the Doors?” The good news though is it is just us two and our pilot Jakob.

First up then we tracked back over Darwin and it is a great view from on high

Then it was on to first stop at Crab Claw Island. Pretty amazing to land so close on the beach and then a short walk to bar. Not so amazing, it was 0953 and they would not serve until 10 am. Only bottled/canned beer but by now did not care . About 20-30 mins there was enough for 2 beers and some expired peanuts…

Next stop was Darwin River Tavern. Though am sure there was a river nearby this resembled more a truck stop but was very salubrious inside. It was quiet so we regaled the barman with our stories and he threw in a couple of stubby coolers

Time was flying by quickly as were the beers but when asked how long to next stop and told 20 mins it was time for an “airy” . Not a term a golfer likes to hear but in this case refers to drinking on board. I was on board with this concept

On to last stop then -Noonamah Tavern of the Stuart Highway. This was a traditional NT pub and very much caught up in Origin tonight. Worked my charm on the susceptible lass behind the bar and got a maroon cap and cooler. The owner Dave even came out and met us. I made his day by agreeing to be in a photo with him

All too soon our Pub crawl had come to an end. It had been a truly memorable day. On reflection would probably do the full day tour next time at a more relaxed pace. Now , there was only one thing to do

Time to relax for a couple of hours before we head off on Bunger Part 2 – a Sunset Dinner Cruise . It’s a tough life but I am up for it

Our cruise dock was a good 25 min walk in rather warm weather. Then we stood around for another 20 mins before could board on what looked a like a full cruise. Luckily we had an assigned table at the front and settled in with some cod ordinary champers

Then we headed off to the sunset and of course the usual boring commentary . It was a glorious sunset and especially visual with us following a catamaran most of the way and it was framed by the sun. Look , I took 3000 photos and have tried to pick the best but let’s just say some things in nature are best seen rather than try to reproduce.

Ok , I did leave my fave to last

We have seen crocs. We have seen sunset. We can leave now

And may have to thanks to this clown from Victoria . FMS

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