EID – Day 4

Posted: June 7, 2021 in Uncategorized

Quiet, relaxed day planned but that could change of course with a couple of young go getters like us. Put a wash on and have breakfast first up then and let the planning begin. We do have a morning tea date with a local who is the sister of Bruce of T&B fame eg a relative of a relative, relatively speaking. Today seems like a good day to grab those pesky souvenirs . You know, if any shops actually open in the CBD

After breakfast we continued the search for a good coffee. The search continues tomorrow and won’t include The Roaster Guy again 😏. Darwin CBD is easy to get around as long as you avoid the directional signs which are clearly designed to confuse

Certainly the CBD is a lot busier on a weekday. We met Donna of the McLeod tribe at Salvatores Cafe for coffee and a chat . Always great to pick the brain of a local . Speaking of pickled brains we also caught a glimpse of a long lost cousin Larry who moved here decades ago. Of course to us he will always be old “ Lucky Legs”

The day was getting warmer so after a moderately successful souvenir shopping trip we decided to head for the Waterfront for a swim, beer and feed remembering if we got the order wrong we were in trouble. Naturally beer comes first and as is our holiday tradition – except in Ireland strangely – we stopped at an Irish Pub for a Guinness. It always tastes the same of course but I do believe these glasses were chilled for Darwin weather. Sweet

Then it was duck behind a tree and slip the bathers on. The “ beach” was quite crowded but still found an easy place to sit and admire what passes for art around here

Then it was time to take a dip having waited the requisite 3 mins since consuming alcohol. It’s a saltwater lagoon of varying depths and sandy bottom and was certainly perfect way to cool off for a June day in Aussie Land.

There are several choices for dining down here but had picked out Oyster Bar early and not disappointed. We had some oysters and a share plate of treats accompanied by a couple of gin cocktails . It was a great lunch and relaxed atmosphere. I suspect there could be return visits to Waterfront on Thursday and Friday. Not Wednesday you ask? Nope, because it’s double bunger Wednesday remember duh.

We then picked up a couple more souvenirs and I even got a Darwin polo shirt just in case I ever feel like a chukka or three. Having done a fair walk we dropped into the Polar Bear hideout aka The Oak Pool just for a dare and we did take a dip to wash the salt of our bodies and remove several wrinkles from face. No sign of sun appearing anytime soon

Back to room to chill for a bit – a relative term after a dip in said pool – before we duck out for a beer later and a quick nibble. Will sign off now as would not want to fill this blog just with images of me drinking

Well, at least not until Double Bunger Wednesday that is ……

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