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6 weeks post surgery and not 6 feet under ground counts as a win for this little black duck. More spookily it is also now 6 weeks until Wired for Winter in USA. Do the math. Now we just wait for obligatory US Govt shutdown…..

Now firmly under Physio instructions and improvement continues although still some pain at times early in morning. Finally ditched sling 95% of time unless feel it could be useful like on a packed train or early book in at hotel 😉 Tomorrow see surgeon for final sign off and then back on train to Maryhole ( weather permitting) as will be able to drive car rather than just CLP around the bend. It’s been an interesting 6 weeks but we survived and could not have done it without her help and caring. And I get to take some fruit cake home! Win Win

Before the Zombie cyclone arrived on weekend we decided to have a night in Brisvegas midweek to break the monotony , an early Xmas celebration and also one less early train ride for sweet pea. Instead I got one. All works quiet well. A full day in Brisvegas loomed so slipped on the sling and fronted reception at Stamford Plaza just after 9 am and asked if room ready as I think my staples have burst ( you know if they were still in there…..) and need to change shirt. Well poor old senior your room isn’t ready but for $30 extra you can have a better room on a higher floor right now. Where do I sign sweetheart? “Ah lucky your are left handed then eh.” Um yeah guess so…….damn foiled again. So up to room and then into pool by 0930. Glorious

Time to then check out Felons Brewery for some relatives around at Howard Smith wharves, a relaxing 20 min stroll along the superb riverwalk. What an amazing new establishment of 3 drinking and eating places. Well I assume u can eat there 😉

Then back home for another swim before short stroll into CBD for couple of last minute pressies. Relax for an hour before CLP arrives from work (He He) . Then we decided to head back to Mr Percival’s next to Felons and the place was a jumping by now. Snagged last 2 chairs by railing. Amazing place but too crowded and poor service. a concerning combo.

So we decided to retrace steps, a little less steadily admittedly, and go back to Jellyfish for dinner. Lucky to get a table as the whole riverside precinct was packed. Great meal of cod and salad in a beautiful setting. Its a superb area these days and really elevates Brisvegas as a dining and drinking hub now.

We knew there was a light show on at King George Square which was a bit lame but the young Carol singers were great and suitably festive. It was a lovely night to be out and about . Luckily we found the light show at St Stephens Cathedral on way home and it was brilliant if a tad religo heavy


With our great Stamford deal we also got a $20 dining voucher so thought would get a dessert at Pav Bar on site as it was now a bit after 8 pm. Only two in establishment so ordered the chocolate torte and small ice cream for $21 . Yep , living life on the edge baby. After 20 mins waiting I said aloud “ this is hopeless” Staff came over and said just checked will be out in a moment . 10 min later we left and said if ever turns up send up to room. About another 10 mins later it arrived. 40 mins for 30 s work trust me. Get ice cream small tub out of freezer and cut off one slice of torte . Put on plate together .Hopeless indeed

Another morning at the pool next day although some cloud rolling in. Tan is progressing well and while I have to suffer the Della Miraculous Metabolism, CLP has to suffer the Flash Fabulous Quick Tan 🙂 Decided smart time to get new iPad as old one showing its age and that filled in rest of morning . Spent a few hrs with sister Anne and hubby at Strathpine before joining CLP on train home at 5 pm . Yes I caught the right one even using my Senior Go Card!

By now the media was in usual hysteria about the havoc wreaking weather event approaching. Maryhole copped a hiding actually but all in all overblown as usual at least in Southeast . Good rain at Kureelpa on Sunday and by now just keeping an eye on further north in case Tilt Train cancelled on Tuesday. The Golf Course should be green by now and hopefully back into mowing routine by Thursday

Its been an interesting and mostly enjoyable 6 weeks confirming at this stage that going early for op was smart move. The shoulder has plenty of movement now but of course still very weak. I am lucky to have a bad left shoulder as well because when it hurts as well during exercise I know its not me doing too much with right shoulder! Like a positive control….for old age 🙂

A few days back home and then back down for Xmas festivities and family catch ups

I wouldnt say its a great life but dang it will do for now