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A Burst of Brisvegas

Posted: May 17, 2021 in Uncategorized

With hopes of any international travel in next 12 months sinking faster than the Broncos Top 14 hopes (yes there is a 1 in there folks) the opportunity to spend a few days in Brisveagas and Environs arose. Little optimist me has had the first jab – and a couple of rough nights afterwards to be honest – but doubt it will lead to international borders being open anytime soon. One does wonder how many times you can carry the good credit of the OS folk for given that USA at least will probably be going gangbusters soon and have no problem filling my one bedroom corner apartment next February. Of course also have Old Man River planned for Feb 2023 . I digress

CLP often house sits in Windsor a few times a year. Just random people she finds that have gone away for a week but always in the same neighbourhood and even street. And its an ideal location with an easy walk down to Wilston Village and a bitch of a walk back up to “home”. Toowoomba is also a much easier drive and trip from Brisvegas. Throw in an old man turning even older and me needing/wanting a new putter and the pieces all started to come together for a dare I say “MAGIC” round last weekend? Do some bunkering early Thursday and then head down at my least favourite mid morning time. There may be some foul language approaching folks. What is it with all the roadworks at overtaking lanes between Gympie and Maryhole? Fuck me slowly. Start one job and finish it at least or at least leave a dirty shovel at the 3 of the 4 lane closures where no actual work is being fucking done! Forget a 12 lane Tiaro bypass ya clowns – open up the overtaking lanes if you want to stop driver frustration! Breathe Breathe. They need to look into this and see what is going on. There is a word for it but it escapes me at present – oh wait

Decamped as latest squat and headed into town on the train for a wander and an ale. The Charming Squire is always good value with a good range and luckily there was already one seated there

Bought a new phone case and some headphones to justify the trip but all that walking around made me thirsty again. Down at Wilston Village is the always excellent Fritzenbergers so made sense to order some fish and chips take away and then blow the froth of a couple while they catch it. It was a solid plan at the time but when we arrived at F’s we found it was happy hour with $5 schooners and $2 buffalo wings! At times like this you just have to lay back and accept the hand that fate has dealt

An early night had us ready for the next cunning plan on a simply glorious day. Test the knee again with an early bus ride into town for breakfast and a riverside stroll. It really is a wonderful place there at Riverside and Coffee Club was a simple but always reliable breakfast option with great aspect. I fear they may have gone organic with the coffee

Then it was home as we had a lunch date with Claude for his 91st birthday in Albion at Fiamme Trattorria. Nice meal but there was a loud group of “businessman” having a liquid lunch at bar next to us and despite an almost empty restaurant the owner didnt think to shift us. Its ok for Claude, he has a hearing aid!

A quiet afternoon then only interrupted by some putter shopping. Next day it was a cooler but equally glorious day for day trip to Toowoomba to see Grandkiddies , or at least 4 of them. The first 3 were all playing soccer, mostly at different grounds and different times! I love Toowoomba but man the traffic is a bitch on a Saturday morning. Still, it was wonderful to see the kids all running around having fun and also squeezed in time to drop over and see Ryan

Back home in the afternoon and settle in for a Roast Lamb dinner and thankfully no Tom Cruise. The neighbourhood was generally quiet and offers a great view of the Brisvegas skyline . A couple of red sherberts to finish off the day only left the family gathering the next day. We caught a QUBER (ok it was Quinn’s car) in case things got out of hand in the imbibing caper – always a possibility with this crowd. It was a wonderful gathering as usual with plenty to eat and drink but some common sense did prevail

The aforementioned temporary common sense referred to earlier also left open now the option to travel back up to Flashman Inc, Sunshine Coast on Sunday arvo to break up the long trek home to reality. All achieved with minimum of fuss and even less roadwork. That was something to look forward to on the mid morning drive back to Maryhole on Monday……

A short wonderful break in simply booteeful weather has temporarily allayed the travel woes and we do have a week in Darwin in early June to keep the optimism positively bubbling along. I wouldnt say Life is Good but it has certainly been worse.

I blame those fucking roadworks……