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Melboring 2013

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Travel

Only a few days in Melboring this time around but always enjoyable. Smooth short flight from Adelaide where it seems you just take off and then start descent – bit like Justin Bieber. Spending first couple of days with Brother and wifey which always means great food and great wine – a recurring theme on this jaunt. We did travel to Geelong on the Friday for personal reasons and it was rather brisk down there. Interesting anecdote on our return to Southern Cross around 3 pm that day. Felt like a toasted sandwich just to tide us over before throwing on the feedbag later that night and so were very happy when we saw this big bright neon sign “TOASTIE”on the second floor. 2 TCTS please. “Sorry we are out of Toast. Will have to take sign down” WTF. You know toast starts as bread right? And here is a heads up – that is a fixed sign methinks ya clown. So instead we went into Federation Square to have a peek at the Hollywood Costume display at ACMI. Not cheap @ $20 a hit but great for any movie fan – not so much the costumes but the little anecdotes about each character.

Next morning we headed off to Monsieur Truffe for breakfast in Lygon Street. A little red door leads into a wonderful eatery – highly recommended. And they make chocolate on site! We were dropped off at Mantra on the Park very early and no surprises that our room was not ready. Had a wander around town in the light drizzle but decided to sit in the foyer and see if we could scare up our room early. Didnt work but still got in before 1300 – and we got another upgrade to a 2 bedroom apartment. Knobber Knobber. This then changed our plan of attack for meals for next two days – with so much fresh produce in easy walking distance. First up though was a coffee catchup with Viggo and Sidley in Lygon Street. By now the weather was clearing and the next day dawned bright and clear – perfect for the walk into Queen Victoria markets. We think we could live here. Dropped off fresh supplies for lunch/dinner and then onto free City Circle to check out the shops at Harbour town. Never crowded but always genuine specials – a winning combo for moi. It is always unfortunate though when you have to mingle with bloody tourists. Doesnt matter if Aussies/Yanks/Japs or whatever – whenever you get a travelling group together – even on the bus to the airport – they never fucken shut up! Talking loud across aisles whatever! So, after lunch we decided to leg it down to Southbank -Melbourne is an easy walking city. Lucky enough to catch a great street performer basking in the sun while strolling the avenue. Sundays are busy in Melboring though – except for good coffee houses which remain closed!

Headed out to the airport next morning nice and early for breakfast in Business Class QC – when in Rome and all that:) Good flight home in great comfort. We had 3 flights on this trip and all followed the classic Seinfeld paradigm. We made up time on every flight and arrived early every time – why not just fly faster in the first place? So another great visit to Melboring passed and the next one is already taking shape – a week in an apartment this time near Lygon Street/Victoria markets later in the year.

Checking my Q Super this morning would indicate this is doable as has been a good couple of months. This is a fluid situation of course and can change rather quickly. Interesting how your focus on money matters shifts when you are no longer earning but rather watching. Maybe it is time to look for some part time work to fund my travel requirements.

Of course in Qld when winter approaches there is no better place in the world to be.

And really, wouldnt you rather sleep in on these days then get up and go to work? Lets hope the Aussie $ survives better then our batting lineup in the Ashes.

Adelaide 2013

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Travel

Was only a short but fun stay. Flew in Business Class from Brisvegas – not really worth it on domestic flights on the older planes. Checked into Sebel Playford in Adelaide with news of free upgrade to top floor two level suite – very nice although no view . And for us oldies the bed is up in loft and the toilet is down the winding spiral staircase at night!! Top staff and top service. We spent first afternoon wandering through Rundle Mall and dodging showers and then onto some parks and the Japanese gardens. Met up with a friend for dinner at the Sebel and the food was great. Next day dawned rather wet for our all day wine tour to Barossa with Adelaide Top Food and Wine tours. Not an issue though as had an hour drive first in a very comfortable Renault Minbus with our excellent host Danny. Bit of a knob kiss first up with only 3 people in total on tour – they have max of 12😃. First stop Chateau Tanunda was superb thanks to hostess Brigette – could have stayed all day. Then onto Rockford, some lunch at Agnaston and then onto Penfolds and Langmeil before a stop off at Maggie Beers farm. Lastly an informative drive around Seppelts before heading home – to peak hour traffic😒 Fantastic day with very friendly cellar doors, great wine and food, and excellent company. Highly recommended. Light dinner hat night

At last a sleep in to the ungodly hour of 0700 and then a light breakfast at Sebel. This was fine but the coffee service was slow as also trying to run a takeaway service for passing consumers – look after the hotel guests first people. Then out into the light drizzle and a leisurely walk up North Tce past all the Uni buildings before heading into King William Street to catch a tram to Glenelg. Bit like St Kilda – without the great food and coffee:). Pleasant way to spend an hour though before back into central Adelaide for a wander. Then back to hotel for a couple hours rest as had a dinner reservation at Celsius that night.

Superb food and service along with great ambience. This is rightly a well recommended fine dining experience. The free appetiser and home made bread were welcome additions to complement the excellent food and wine. The only negative was the wrong choice of still water rather than “filtered tap water”.Now $10 a bottle is not that unusual but they should at least leave the bottle at the table so you know when a second one is opened!!!! $20 for 1.2 bottles of still water is simply unacceptable and that was where your tip went Sweetheart. However this is a wonderful dining experience and would gladly return next time. Price was commensurate with this level of dining

So it was a wonderful couple of days but not sure we need to come back except as a stop off point for more wine tours:) and this is very likely given the little dip of our toe in the water. So next time we would stay at Sebel, eat at Celsius but maybe plan a 2-3 day wine tour with the ever flexible Danny from Adelaide Top Good and Wine Tours.

Now, I’d drink to that.

The Big Tease

Posted: May 3, 2013 in TV

Dexter has its problems as a continuing saga given he should have been boxed, wrapped and buried half way through Season 1. However, one thing it does do well is have a new villain each season with plenty of air time. Now avid followers will know of my annoyance with the Red John character in The Mentalist and his infrequent appearance given he is clearly central to the whole Jane character. Imagine my dismay then when 2 other shows went down the old “intermittent but by far the most interesting nemesis” path this week . First up we had Pelant reappear on Bones. It is a good character that simply goes missing for weeks on end only to reappear at season’s end to hook us in again. Then lo and behold on Elementary, Moriarty reappears after first surfacing a few episodes ago and subsequently disappearing again. Now we all know he is the key nemesis in any Sherlock Holmes retelling but you just sense we will have an M+ episode followed by several M- episodes because heaven forbid we bother with story continuity. Its rare that I find myself saying Person of Interest does something very well but in this case they have with the Elias character – easily the most interesting character on the show who is always impacting in the background whether in or out of prison. Its rare to have an episode where he does not at least get some reference. And that is a relevant reference too unlike on The Mentalist where Jane may be asked “Who was that guy that killed your family and draws a Smiley Face?” “Oh thats right, Red John. So when can we chase him down again?” . After we investigate the fascinating case of sexual harassment in the army or maybe after Rigsby nails Van Pelt again? Wait a minute, that just happened. Woo Hoo. And we have the 5th season finale this Sunday night titled “Red John’s Rules”. Could it possibly be that Punxsutawney Phil is going to appear at last? No, of course not but he will be mentioned. We may even be favored with a Don Draperesque back view shot from a distance. The only thing we can be certain of though is he wont be caught.

Oh, and a sixth season of course.