The Big Tease

Posted: May 3, 2013 in TV

Dexter has its problems as a continuing saga given he should have been boxed, wrapped and buried half way through Season 1. However, one thing it does do well is have a new villain each season with plenty of air time. Now avid followers will know of my annoyance with the Red John character in The Mentalist and his infrequent appearance given he is clearly central to the whole Jane character. Imagine my dismay then when 2 other shows went down the old “intermittent but by far the most interesting nemesis” path this week . First up we had Pelant reappear on Bones. It is a good character that simply goes missing for weeks on end only to reappear at season’s end to hook us in again. Then lo and behold on Elementary, Moriarty reappears after first surfacing a few episodes ago and subsequently disappearing again. Now we all know he is the key nemesis in any Sherlock Holmes retelling but you just sense we will have an M+ episode followed by several M- episodes because heaven forbid we bother with story continuity. Its rare that I find myself saying Person of Interest does something very well but in this case they have with the Elias character – easily the most interesting character on the show who is always impacting in the background whether in or out of prison. Its rare to have an episode where he does not at least get some reference. And that is a relevant reference too unlike on The Mentalist where Jane may be asked “Who was that guy that killed your family and draws a Smiley Face?” “Oh thats right, Red John. So when can we chase him down again?” . After we investigate the fascinating case of sexual harassment in the army or maybe after Rigsby nails Van Pelt again? Wait a minute, that just happened. Woo Hoo. And we have the 5th season finale this Sunday night titled “Red John’s Rules”. Could it possibly be that Punxsutawney Phil is going to appear at last? No, of course not but he will be mentioned. We may even be favored with a Don Draperesque back view shot from a distance. The only thing we can be certain of though is he wont be caught.

Oh, and a sixth season of course.

  1. flashman181 says:

    Colour me shocked! Ok so we are left with

    Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy Sleepy, and Sneezy.

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