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SOO 3 2017 – How Sweet it Is

Posted: July 13, 2017 in Sport

If one play best sums up the night it was when Maloney tried to repeat Cronk’s brilliant flat cross field kick. Straight into Alfie’s mitts who caught it one handed! It says so much about the dominance of Qld last night and the ineptitude of the Blues to follow any plan. Much was said about the lack of hate between the two and never more evident then with the speech by Cordner at the end and his interruption of Loz at presser. Like Coach Daley he is a class act. But that is not enough at this level. You can be all class off the field and all terrier on the field – just ask Smith. I suspect Daley will sadly go the way of the dinosaur and be gone. Like Lewis he deserves a better coaching record but sometimes it simply does not translate so you are left only with their brilliance on the field as their legacy. Not a bad thing. I did wonder with Qld dynasty of players slowly approaching the end and the prospect of a solid bunch of NSW players likely to stay together for next 5 years whether Gus would be tempted again. He is not stupid and was never coming in mid dynasty but would suggest he saw the crop of new emerging talent from Qld last night and may well think this nightmare may never end! While eyelash boy – Smith, C – was deserved MOM has there ever been a more assured debut than that of Herman’s second born Cameron? Sure Eddie gets all the press but only because of a slightly more ridiculous haircut. It was clear that the Melbourne spine would be useful and it was obviously the platform for everything. Smith the schemer, Cronk the Conductor, Munster the X Factor and Billy popping up everywhere like zits on a 16yr olds face. One negative – why is Glasby in the team? He is slow and ineffectual, dont care what his stats may say.

It is always interesting to watch the replay the next day when all emotion is removed but you get a much more balanced and analytical view. It is also good to listen to old pre game podcasts which I am always trying to catch up on with my hectic lifestyle. The recurring theme that was keeping the experts warm at night was that NSW was clearly the better team for 3 halves of the first two matches. They had a glitch in the last 20 mins but that would be fixed because they were returning to Kingscliff like in Game 1 and then onto Suncorp where they had been so successful before. They also factored in no JT but didnt seem to take into account that this was a different QLD team to Game 1 and that JT was largely an inspirational passenger in Game 2, amazing final kick not withstanding. Blind Freddy ( as opposed to annoying Freddy on the sideline) can see that when under the pump they have no leadership structure to fall back on despite some of these players having many SOO games under the belt. They hate it when accused of lacking the passion of QLD but what else can it be when they simply cant go that last mile when needed. You learn most about QLD when they lose. When you see players chasing down everything with 2 mins to go and no chance to win. They cant win that match but they sure as hell can lose with dignity and know it will help them next time they get to the 77 th minute , winning or losing. The Blues are the strongest case you will see to disprove Darwins Theory of evolution – they simply can not adapt to a changing environment .

Slater 8.5 – always reliable and threatening
Holmes 8 – classy finisher who can be susceptible to high kicks
Chambers 8 – solid as always and has good combo with Gagai
Morgan 7 – not his best position maybe but can be relied on to impact at some point and wont let you down
Gagai 8 – very involved as usual and does a lot of bringing ball back
Munster 9 – one of the best debuts you will ever see. He is no JT but it will delay any wrist slitting for next 10 yrs
Cronk 7 – brilliant kick to set up try and then does what is needed without ever really standing out
McQuire 8.5 – bit of a tool clearly but consistently best forward on ground
Wallace 7 – better for run no doubt and can only improve
Gillett 7 – bit quiet maybe but only because he never plays a bad game so bar is set very high
Papali 6 – still doesnt float my boat. Seems to have the intensity usually only found in the Blues pack
Cooper 7 – defensive workhorse
Smith 9 – deserved MOM. Improved in each game and as if that is not enough he can kick almost as well as JT and certainly more aesthetically pleasing!
Napa 7 – solid again but well contained
Glasby 4 – dont like him. Period
Hess 5 – big wraps coming in, still to show it at this level
Hunt 2 – could well have been MOM if been on field for another 76 mins. 1 point for each ball handle as he didnt drop it #GF2015

NSW are not worth rating individually but rather state that Tedesco, Dugan, Morris, Cordner and Frizell can hold their heads up. Woods is the most overrated forward in the game while Fifita has the smallest heart it appears. Fine when things go his way but goes missing when the going gets tough. Dont get the Klemmer love – he runs straight and hard but the last time he passed anything was after 2l of prune juice. Graham seems to struggle at this level. With such an insipid forward pack its hard to lay into Pearce and Maloney but lets anyway…… Nah Junior cops enough and we still want him picked next year for Redemption 2018 – The Pearce Series

In summary, the main thought that emerged from Game 3 is rather than the rise of the next Dynasty being all dressed in blue it seems more and more likely that the Maroon dynasty is far from over and could even be a rather seamless transition

Which leaves only one question really.

Does Mrs Hunt even have to wash little Benny’s jersey ?

SOO 2 – 2017

Posted: June 21, 2017 in Sport

As they say in the classics

Hard to imagine the Blues winning at Lang Park but a lot will depend on what team Qld can put out and in particular if JT can go around one more time. To be honest he was mostly a passenger during the game but is our lucky talisman and last time I checked you dont need two good shoulders to kick goals. Slater was superb in his return but perhaps the biggest thing to take away is that NSW can still crumble under the blowtorch. Their last attacking move was hopeless and that is when Pearce does not step up. Of interest to moi was the similarity to 2015 GF. Broncos got in front and tried to protect lead rather than trying to score and then a miracle pass from Morgan won it on the siren. Sound familiar folks? Of course, barring injury, Qld wont change now and so Papali can consider himself very lucky. Overweight and out of nick. The media south of border will bleet about refs of course. Some forward passes missed, clear shepherding of kick chasers etc. Not all one sided of course and there was the blatant taking out of Slater by Woods near the end right in front of the ref that went unpenalised! Swings and roundabouts folks

Slater 9 – always dangerous and adds spark and threat to any backline movement
Gagai – 9 – class again, great finisher
Chambers 8 – solid in attack and defense
Boyd 8 – did all that was asked
Holmes 7 – quality finisher too, lacks some size
JT 7 – injured clearly but his kicks made the difference
Cronk – 6 – quiet game really
McQuire 8 – hard worker
Gillett 8 – good at times , some solid defense
Papali 4 – no impact
Smith 8 – back to scheming best in second half, some defensive lapses still
Wallace – 6 – solid, middle certainly tighter
Morgan – 7 – made most of opportrunities
Cooper 6 – never really seemed to run with purpose
Napa – 7 – tried all night, not as much impact as at club level
Hess – 6 – will be better for the run, not much opportunity
Glasby – 6 – nervous start

And of course the money boys will be wrapped with a live match at Lang Park in July. Watch the prices skyrocket 😦

SOO 1 – 2017

Posted: May 31, 2017 in Sport

No great surprises of course except that is was so close until the 38 th minute. That try before half time was a killer in more ways than one. It showed how brittle the middle was much like the first try. As said in other media commitments once the Blues got on a roll they could score 40 pts – they are a confidence team. They now have enough players not scarred by the last 10 yrs. Getting rid of Gallen and Farrah has finally allowed them to move on

Now its not curtains yet for QLD but is time to be brutal and of course they wont be. Myles has to go for certain. He is old, slow and a dirty player. The new players looked ok until injured but it was the old heads that didnt really stand up in JTs absence. Ratings

Boyd 6 – solid but predictable
Gagai 8.5 – ran with purpose , looked dangerous
Chambers 7 – never got clean air behind a pack going nowhere
O’Neill 3 – carried his NRL form into SOO. What a shock Kevvie
Oates 7 – did nothing wrong and scored a good try but has no zip really
Milford 6 – much like Broncos form. Looked dangerous but never really did anything
Cronk 7 – solid but blunted without JT and usually kicking from deep within own territory
Napa 7 – promising until injured
Smith 7 – like Cronk, didnt have a bad game but never took control
McQuire 7 – tried hard but lacks penetration
Gillett 6 – quiet game by his standards
Myles 3 – old and slow. Gone
Papali 6 – looks overweight and out of nick. Bought his Canberra form yada yada yada
Bench – who cares all over by then

Fifita was the standout of course and is Beetson reincarnate. Tedesco always dangerous like Maloney. Morris very solid and Hayne showed touches of class as expected

Billy has to come back and hopefully JT as well. Hard to dump Oates I guess but I still would along with ONeill, Myles, Guerra, Lillyman. Bring in Billy and Holmes and move Gagai to centres and Boyd to wing. Bring in Hess and Wallace. Like with NSW time to blood these guys – like they did with Bird etc – now even though this year is gone.

Qld wont do it of course and this series will be a 3 nil wash. Next year wont be any better because you will bring in new guys then with no experience and JT will be gone. It wont be any 10 yr dynasty but I see NSW dominating for next 2-3 yrs and the NSW biased media will be unsufferable while the players themselves, and coach, will be fine and good luck to them. Lets hope you are good winners like QLD have been the last decade

Aussie Sport – What went wrong ?

Posted: August 20, 2016 in Sport

We lost. Goodbye.Turn off the lights

So, a few years ago Queenie with the Corgis complained of an anus horribilis. At least you can get a cream for that. We have just had one fuckedup fortnight #flashmanoriginal which could take years to fix if ever. So what went wrong ? Everything

When the Bronte sisters (#royhg) failed in the pool it was disappointing for sure as they were close to gold medal certs as Bolt was in the 4 x 100 – given he did have to rely on 3 other nobodies for certainty. BTW in other media commitments I suggested that any athlete who wants to know what real pressure is should try being one of those 3 in that race! Even N Korea would say you did what to those guys that lost ??? Man that is brutal. Take a chill pill dudes. And a reefer . Anyhoo….

One “disaster” followed another and as each one happened more pressure was exerted on the next “favourites”. Enter the self imploding Boomers! In previous years we have come close in this caper but usually faulted at end as one may reasonably expect with NBL players trying to step up. Like Brisbane Roar appearing at the World Cup. But we had 5 NBA players in this group, several with NBA finals winning experience! The cyclists have been hopeless whether on track or in velodrome. In between, some lesser known athletes have done very well and at times brilliantly

Now you could think well it is the Olympics, only comes around every 4 years. We are still a great sporting nation. Some people like to show that we will still win more medals per person in Australia than USA for example. Whoopie Doo. Half those clowns are voting for Trump – if they ever get near a sporting event it would be a first. Or a Nascar event of course. What about our other sports? Glad you asked

Wallabies were flogged – really no point in even crossing the Tasman in a couple of weeks. Save us all the pain. Have the Bledisloe Cup permanently mounted in middle of Auckland Harbour. Our cricketers cant win a chook raffle in the sub continent – even with John the Bookie onside. We use to rule the world in Rugby League – now we struggle against the sheep herders. Individual sports? Tennis – bunch of overpaid egos and dummy spitters. Golfers – not bad to be fair but then it is a unique sport where just about every player “chokes” at some point so lets not single out our boys. Except Sharkie of course

Many factors at play methinks. Good point made this morning by someone else – we use to dominate Tennis and Swimming when they were outdoor sports predominantly and our weather enabled us to train more and longer year round. Now they are mostly all indoors and even Iceland can train all year round! The intrusion of media cant be understated – both social and other forms. Our losers have to climb out of the pool and then read off the lines from 100 Polite Ways to Lose to a microphone shoved in their face. At this rate we are down to number 97 – my dog ate my speedos, honest . The reason is two fold – to be such highly paid amateurs relies on massive sponsorship and secondly several are always eyeing off a career in media after they have finished being losers in the sporting world. Note – in an abysmal effort by Channel 7 for these games a few commentators stood out and none better than the two at Swimming. Aussies have a laid back nature in general and of course we sell this as a central theme of our much sought after national identity. Sadly it only works in the backstroke for swimmers!

Our sporting stars are paid too much too soon as is clearly evident with Tomic the Tanker. He wins about 35% of matches and is a multi millionaire. Imagine in my old job of saving humanity in general and lives in particular. A 35% success rate would have you out on the street living under a bridge rather quickly. Our cricketers are way overpaid of course and yet still after so many years cant hit a spinning ball? Doesnt matter will be back in Big Bash next summer making another million for 4 overs of whacking. Which is about 3 overs more than what they probably do in the dressing room afterwards. Our NRL heroes are now full time wankers so have too much time and money on their hands and a limited IQ often to address these Twin Towers of Temptation. Can we finally agree that the QT man is the same as every other NRL coach and not some wonderful “man manager” ? Jimmy the Jet needs to take off somewhere else.

Now most of this doesnt really matter because this is still the greatest country in the world to live in. Period. Pity our media is the same as everywhere else in the world

Lets just not sugarcoat what has been a very poor performance across the board by well paid and often pampered sporting “heroes”. In the never ending discussion about the “cop” problem in USA some critics argue that while the job may be tough it is one they choose to do for whatever reason. That is a bit harsh in my view but does have a certain validity. I wouldnt want to get up at 4am in the morning and dive in the pool so choose not to although have passed by a couple on way home from pub in younger days. Those that choose to do know that for a small % there can be rich rewards ahead and a guaranteed “successful life” . Its a choice they make

Or maybe they just dont want to dig roads or sit in an office all day ?

Even Blind Freddy, let alone Blithering Idiot Freddy on the sideline, knows that for the cash cow ( of a greenish hue) that is SOO to keep ripping us all off you need an even contest so no surprises NSW won the “dead rubber” and needed a calamine bath to stop the rubbing after the game. Now lets be fair it was their turn to get a proportion of the 50/50 calls for a change but 110% ( I was taught Maths by a Blue ok ) is a bit rich. Lets see if the massively NSW biased NRL media at least acknowledge that. Not concerned about the penalty count per se as with the NSW ledger in previous games they are mostly deserved due to poor discipline or brain snaps. In fact towards end of first half it was a deliberate ploy to slow down game by Qld so u wear it. No point whingeing about a stat the next morning you helped create Eyelash Boy. More concerned with missed forward passes and ball strips but that is life and we move on because the one thing you realise even after a loss is next morning you still wake up a Queenslander and thats the important thing.

So Gallen got his dream send off and for a lot of NSW players that would be fine but not that grub. He calls us poor winners and yet turns his back on Smiths speech at end where he was even being praised! As one wag on twitter said ” to be fair he has heard so many Smith speeches by now ” . In general NSW players are grubs and of course we have a few in our team but the thing they cant seem to grasp is running in 35 mts to blindside someone in a necklock does not make you tough. JT tackling Tamou front on is tough. Even after the winning try Maloney had an off the ball shot at Parker – one of the cleaner players going around. One of the positives to come out of a loss is that some of the same old clowns will be picked again for NSW next year. Jennings and Ferguson(gladly no relation) are both dangerous players but also come with plenty mistakes which tend to mean the ledger in general tilts our way. Jennings is the most dangerous broken play runner in the game and so it was lucky for them that loose ball at the end found him and for me that sums up NSW at SOO level. They are usually unlucky to lose yet invariably very lucky when they win. Farah is about the 8th best hooker running around and that includes the one Corey Norman keeps at home for “personal use” . Pick him every year please Loz. JTs miss at end when he decided to play billiards instead of rugby league had bells being tuned and of course sadly led to that last image of Gallen kicking for goal

Elite sport , and especially NRL, is all about momentum because at end of day we are not dealing with the sharpest sheep in the paddock. Towards the end of second half QLD were simply out on their feet due to the courageous work done in first half. A loss last night would have scarred a whole new bunch of NSW players for a couple of years so sad to see that opportunity lost. Instead Tedesco, Bird, Frissel and Moylan will form a strong base to build a dangerous team around for years to come. For Qld , Inglis was great as was Smith. Time for players like Myles to move on and Josh Mcquire is very overrated for moi. They missed Papali but every team has injuries to deal with.

NRL of late has been tres boring bordering on embarrassing with all the Eels nonsense and the constant need for media to flog nothing stories. With SOO over and Broncs struggling it will fade even more into background for this LBD. Time to start supporting the Reds and the Lions


SOO 2 – What comes after 9?

Posted: June 23, 2016 in Sport

Another Origin game that NSW could easily have won but at end of day they lack composure, discipline and quality finishers. One suspects though that when they start winning they could well go on a little dynasty themselves. NSW whinge about the penalty count but a lot of it, though maybe not all, is due to poor discipline. Their new players were their best and there is a very good side in there somewhere

Thurston was great. He got knocked to the ground heavily after every kick but never whined. His goal kicking should never be under estimated especially if you are going to let wingers score all your tries! Gagai is a class finisher as is Oates. Boyd does whatever is needed at time and it pretty well is now Billy Who ? Smith controlled game well while Cronk was quiet again. Would like to see a full game with Thurston and Morgan as halves but am sure Cronk brings his own class to it all. With Myles away Thaiday went full grub. The tackle on Gallen is simply unacceptable.

For NSW, Tamou went missing simple as that – very overrated player. Maloney looks dangerous always as does Jennings but he also does some stupid things. Like Ferguson – clearly no relation. Time to blood some new players but Gallen deserves one last game. Moylan appears to be a scapegoat with all the rave for Tedesco but not sure what else he could do

Is Kevvy a great coach and Loz a shocker? Nope. Kevvy is smarter than he looks though whereas Loz may be exactly as he looks. Like The King , Loz was an exceptionally gifted player but that does not make you a great coach. Look at Gus, Bellamy, The QT man…. all good players certainly but not superstars . You need a mix of talent, knowledge, experience and man management. Personally I think both these guys, but maybe Loz in particular, should shelve the media career for a while and concentrate on coaching

So is it a dead rubber ? Check the Stilnox sales the day before 🙂 It shouldnt be but then again these are not necessarily the sharpest tools in the box we are dealing with. All the usual comments will be made but you will only know after the first 15 mins what the deal really is. If they keep starting the show at 830 pm and having extended half time breaks then expect the TV ratings to drop for the third one. Lot of talk of playing one game in NZ after 2018. All about money sadly.

The Greatest – A Boy Remembers

Posted: June 4, 2016 in Sport

It all started for me in 1970. My best friend at Wavell High was Ian Anderson and he was a rabid Ali fan. Didnt follow boxing much but saw the hoopla about his return to the ring with Quarry and then Bonavena and by the time March 1971 rolled around for the Fight of The Century I was hooked. Because he was more than boxing. As said in other media commitments this was when Heavyweight Boxing ruled the world of sport and Ali ruled boxing in the early to mid 70s. Forget State of Origin there was no bigger event in the sporting world before that night. It was a Monday night in Brisvegas – a school night even – as it was beamed live into out lounge room . Sinatra was a ring side photographer, Lancaster a ring announcer etc NYC was a rough place then and Madison Square Garden was the epicentre that night. Frazier won fair and square but Ali was not diminished in any way and was yet another example that behind all the bluster was a courageous man as well. Devoted fans would know of my love of the USA and have been very lucky to visit several times and pay homage to this night both in NYC and Philadelphia. For me the two men are inextricably linked like no other sporting foes. They displayed the beauty, brutality and courage of boxing at its best and worst

Around the same time there was a better than average Aussie boxer going around called Mundine but not of the dickhead variety. Another friend at school (yeah yeah two friends is hard to believe!) had a very generous father who started taking us both to Festival Hall in Brisbane on the odd Friday night where we would see Mundine and Jeff White amongst others ply their trade. To see the crowd stand as one and sing “Stand up and Cheer” as the boxers walked to the ring was amazing. This was close and personal trust me and really filled a young 12 yr old boy with awe. Mr Hassum always joked “Dont shave this week David we are going to the fights on Friday” You had this world class boxer up close and personal to watch and then follow Ali from afar. Now my mother likely had early onset OCD bless her heart and amongst many early memories was Thursday morning washing day where the bottom sheet was pulled off the bed, the top one replaced it and then a new one on top. To this day I have never known anyone else to do that and yet it made perfect sense at the time. I relate this fascinating anecdote more to highlight what a wonderful mother she was, in difficult times, because despite a cleanliness requirement bordering on obsession she allowed me to plaster my bedroom wall with newspaper clippings of Ali. I cant recall the state of the paint when finally removed but imagine a redo was in order. I left town. Literally. She also sewed me a wonderful label to attach to the back of a dressing gown. These things are magic to a young boy. Not sure how I got the money (maybe packing at Woolies on a weekend) but as is my own little obsessive habit started to collect US boxing magazines, Newspaper clippings and even started to import Super 8mm films from the USA of Ali fights. The excitement in those days of receiving a package from the USA was significant. Later on my sweet CLP got me the same fights on DVD.



The next few years had its ups and downs until we got to September 1974. By now I was collecting friends like acne on a teenagers face and one – David Anstey – lived next door to school. It was Senior year and it was October 30th but only one thing mattered that lunch hour – the fight was on TV. This could well have been the start of the extended lunch hour that I manfully continued with through my working years. It was a masterful display by Ali and the world was indeed shocked. Then of course we came to maybe the greatest Heavyweight fight of all time – The Thrilla in Manila. Certainly a brutal one and the one Ali should have walked, or at least limped, away from. But that is not in his nature.



If you have even a passing interest in Ali or Boxing you should watch “When We Were Kings” for the Rumble in the Jungle and the HBO doco “Thrilla in Manila” for the latter. The latter is actually a more warts and all look at Ali as told from the perspective of Frazier and when reflecting on Ali it is important to understand he was no Saint. There were many more fights to come including the epic Norton battles but the peak had been reached and only more damage could be done. He achieved the rare feat of winning the championship a third time but by now not only his decline but also that of Heavyweight Boxing was evident

Ali’s greatest fight was still to come and one can only admire his courage in such a proud man showing his frailty so clearly in public time and time again. Without knowing anything about his real health one can only imagine it may have well been a blessing in the end. Despite his appearance though in later years most suggest he was still quite “well” . Mind you , one consistency throughout his career were the “hanger oners” . It is only with his passing that you truly understand the impact he had on your life especially in those early formative years. It also reinforces what a mediocre lot of “sporting superstars” , with some exceptions, we have these days. There will be many words written and said and sadly by a lot of “personalities” but I have my own memories so I dont need to read anyone else. I will however highlight something Obama said as he always strikes me as a thoughtful person (or at least his speechwriter is!)as it does highlight the flipside of this larger than life character that transcended the sport.

Muhammad Ali was The Greatest. Period. If you just asked him, he’d tell you. He’d tell you he was the double greatest; that he’d “handcuffed lightning, thrown thunder into jail.” But what made The Champ the greatest – what truly separated him from everyone else – is that everyone else would tell you pretty much the same thing.

He wasn’t perfect, of course. For all his magic in the ring, he could be careless with his words, and full of contradictions as his faith evolved. But his wonderful, infectious, even innocent spirit ultimately won him more fans than foes – maybe because in him, we hoped to see something of ourselves.

One could spend all day simply looking at his life in pictures. Here are a couple that I always liked

I have only kept one magazine in pristine condition from those days and it was actually a wonderful gift from CLP who chased it down many years later from USA. It is a classic piece of sports journalism that again you dont see much of today


If you want an example of Ali’s charm and wit simply watch his interactions with Howard Cosell over the years. “Whatever Truculent means if thats good I’m that” No script there.

I no longer have a bedroom wall covered in photos. I only need one


Rest in Peace

In some final good news for Loz the Snoz this morning news comes through he has been signed up for a big part as a new hero in the next XMen movie. His secret weapon is his huge Deflection Shield. He must have spent a lot of time with the QT man of Rugby League to have taken on board the one thing you need to do when you lose is deflect any blame away for your over paid Superstars. You know the ones that drop balls at tap kicks, or bombs at Fullback or miss getable conversions. Nah, load up on the referees instead. Now I like Loz and he is a fair and decent man by all accounts but just think the sheer frustration has finally got to him. Did QLD get the rub of the green ? Yeah probably. Have they always got the rub of the green for the last 11 years? Nope. The two most contentious issues were the no try for the Morris and reversal of the knock on against O’Neill just out from our line. Both decisions were correct Loz. It was actually the NSW touch judge that got the Morris call wrong and indicated to ref it was a try. Only reason it went up to Bunker as an onfield try. And this same ref missed a pretty obvious strip from Reynolds against Thaiday close to their line too which resulted in NSW feed rather than penalty. Kevvie is a newbie at the press conference caper but he needs to shut up about “needing some assistance ” to win big games. Take it this time Son because in your coaching career you will be on the other end for sure and certain and no one will give a crap let alone the NSW coach

The issue developing with SOO that the administrators and Channel 9 dont want to admit is they are becoming largely boring games. “Dour” is the buzz word but is a pretty way of saying snoozefest. Yes it is tough no doubt and every debutante will say “it was a lot faster than I thought” but it is not good spectacle . Unlike last years Grandfinal. The hype simply continues to build each year but is more about some petty hatred between some media and a need to justify “the game that stops the nation” Speaking of which a couple of players could have been put down this morning or at least swabbed. Now, I get wrapped up in the hype each year too but really only because I get sick and tired of the heavily NSW Biased NRL media and the crap they go on with so simply want QLD to win to shut them up

Thought Boyd was outstanding and should have been MOM although Gillett was very good. Gagai impressed while Smith and JT did usual solid stuff behind the line. Cronk was quiet. Thaiday did his best work after the match which simply gives the NSW media something else to latch on to and run with. For NSW, Maloney impressed as did Fifita off the bench. Moylan will be better for the run now nerves are out of the and looks all class. You cant see NSW winning at Suncorp and then will have the dead rubber in Sydney and a night on the Stilnox so NSW have hope for 2017.

Great line on the QPS Facebook page this morning

And THAT is how you Hold the Door! #Origin #Queenslander #GoT

There will be many great memes around today but this one tickled my fancy for its simplicity. From TAB with the tagline

One win in 10 years, probably smart keeping the tag..


Grand Finale Indeed

Posted: October 4, 2015 in Sport

And so the Grand Final with no losers north of the border is cracked, boxed and buried. Being a Broncos fan naturally a bit disappointed but not distraught. Great to see JT get his moment in the sun at last but sport can be a cruel mistress. I do love me a sporting streak and now the Supercoach’s GF run has come to an end. Everyone spoke well last night and you can see the genuine respect they all have for each other. So what do we know now in the wash up

1. Jimmy Barnes live is not a good sound. Leave it to Mossy mate – as great as Cold Chisel are

2. Why didnt the sporting Gods let JT kick the winning goal at the end in what would have been the fitting end? Who can forget O’Connor’s goal line conversion in the SOO? Instead the field goal will be remembered more for Hunts drop rather than any brilliant execution . Bennett has come out saying he disagrees with Golden Point and always has to be fair. Yes it may sound like sour grapes but without elevating him any further part of his angst is probably for Ben Hunt. I do not agree the GF should be replayed – that is not really feasible in this day and age but would suggest a golden try ending would be more fitting for a GF , or SOO, when your whole season can come down to a field goal

3. Broncos defense was great but they shut down the game too early – like 20 minutes from end! Cowboys attack is their strength , not their defense which to be fair looked a tad susceptible out wide. No doubt they were coach instructions but they were wrong. Wasting a bit of time does not tax the Cowboys and constantly giving away field position too easily. Turn a 4 point lead into 8 or 10 and then u may slow things down. One out runs and kicks into touch just allow Cowboys to mount another raid and it dont matter how good your defense is, everyone eventually cracks against a side that is not tiring as not doing much defense work

4. JT was pretty quiet for first 60 mins but stepped up when needed and it is the little things he does that are amazing – the big one on one tackles, kick chase and of course kick return near own line. Morgan was always going to be a danger and proved the winner in the end. JT should be an immortal but then again so should Locky. The Cowboys kick offs were great all night and no surprise one would be spilt eventually

5. Speaking of immortals, Joey Johns is a prize goose. And a troubled one. I do fear waking one day to hear something bad has happened there with him. Great footy mind though

6. The crowd was great and hopefully puts paid to any nonsense talk about shifting the GF. Superb spectacle all round

7. Hodgo was all class last night, especially off the field, but suspect he was not 100 %. Hunt will be remembered for the dropped ball but really made two massive mistakes earlier that let Cowboys draw level. The spear tackle and then the dropped ball in the last few minutes were death blows . Realistically he did cost the Broncos the match but it was before the dropped ball in Golden time.

8. QLD could dominate SOO for another 10 yrs with players like Morgan and Milford to slip in down the track. DCE can stay in Manly thanks

9. Referees did a good job and they should not figure in any discussions this morning which can only be a good thing

10. Seeing the POMS kicked out of their own World Cup in rah rah land certainly outshines any mild disappointment one may have about the Broncs losing

Dawn breaks on a New Day

Posted: August 17, 2015 in Sport

The Masters of Merriment – Roy and HG – dubbed Ian Baker Finch The Dark Shark in that wonderful Aussie way of mixing praise and derision in equal measure. The original GWS aka Greg Norman is likely the most famous, if not necessarily most accomplished, Aussie golfer of all time. Certainly the most talented and what he did, or didnt do, with that talent is the source for most ridicule. He also was a massive influence on the generation of Aussie golfers to follow especially Adam Scott. Much like how the WAGS lost us The Ashes it is clear that Mrs Scott and Scott Junior have similarly killed of Scotty’s career. God knows what he will do when he has to ditch the broomstick – or at least give it back to his wife 🙂 Having just spent a lovely weekend with the Flashman Five I do understand how younguns can distract one. They say any good golfer can win a Major but you have to be better than good to be a multiple winner. Of course the one tag you dont want is “best golfer to never win a Major” and this rotates around the usual suspects year after year. I do prefer the “How the hell did he ever win a Major” personally but the original is more fun. So every new Aussie star on the horizon is inevitably compared to GWS but no one has risen to his stature in the game. If you were to construct the supreme golfer of the Aussie variety you would take the course management of Peter Thomsen, driving of GWS, iron play of Scotty and putting stroke of IBF. This was of course when these players had their A Game and before IBF went wandering off into the bunda every second shot. Then Jason Day emerged and lo and behold if he doesnt just about match all those categories himself with the possible exception of course management which he may still learn one hopes. He is amazeballs long of the tee, high straight iron shots, great bunker play and a supreme putter. The last one cannot be underestimated – just ask Scotty and Sharkie!

His record in Majors before today is also rather amazing with a string of close finishes and 9 previous Top 10s. Of course when the “close finishes” start to pile up then the dreaded word “choker” will appear rather than “damn he is consistently good”. He had a handy, but not winning” lead before last round today of 2015 PGA at Whistling Straits GC on Lake Michigan – a stunning course to say the least. Of most concern was his nearest follower was the always dangerous Jordan Spieth who already had two Major wins this year. The turning point was probably the 9th when after a massive drive he hit a 100 yd shot 50 yds inexplicably. However he then proceeded to get up and down while Spieth bogeyed giving a handy lead for the back nine. So, he has finally reached the pinnacle his talent richly deserves and one can only hope from this lofty height his Vertigo does not kick in again! At 27 yrs of age he now has the chance to ice the cake and join the McIlroys and Spieths of the world rather than the one hit wonders like YE Yang! With his distance of the tee combined with that putting stroke the sky may well be the limit. He will never have the charisma of Sharkie but then he will likely only have one wife too eh. Speaking of which WTF was that Evert scene in the movie Trainwreck – talk about following the title to the letter!

In other sporting news I only have one question. Why has no one thought of putting our netballers in the Line Outs against the All Blacks. They are tall, can jump, and know how to beat kiwis! Broncs look good, Hayne going well, Kyrgios is an assclown – yep not a lot else changed

Having spent a lovely couple of days with Flashman Five I have nothing to moan about on this Monday but…….. been a bit of bad press lately for Uber and I have never used them so dont know the deal but I did use a Taxi on Saturday night in Brisvegas. Celebrating with CLP in Riverside and then caught a taxi home to Windsor. This is not far – as in barely got the seat belt done up when he had his hand out. Given there is almost $5 on the meter even when u open the door at a rank it soon adds up but really $21 for that distance! We really get ripped off here in Aussie land and that is why companies like Uber spring up , good or bad.

But lets not worry about these things now when there are so many pleasant memories from the weekend