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Pretty good year really with solid returns and a couple of newbies that show potential. It was also a year I watched more foreign TV and there really is a treasure trove there folks. So the best for the year, in no particular order except start with the reliables

1. Breaking Bad – Always going to be hard to nail the ending to such a brilliant show but they did rather well

2. Mad Men – simply a solid reliable performer that never disappoints

3. The Good Wife – could just about be my favourite show that doesnt tax the brain but always keeps one interested

4. Misfits – unique and entertaining

Some Newbies that shone

5. Orange is the New Black

6. Masters of Sex

7. Vikings

8. The Americans

And the big losers

9. Homeland Season 3 – some potential early on but then died. If only Carrie had too

10. The Mentalist – specifically the Red John reveal. After 23 seasons a complete joke. The new direction of the show is good though

11. Agents of Shield – major disappointment

12. Dexter Season 8 – simply at a loss to explain that ending

As for some foreign shows?

The Returned – creepy and gripping as only the French can do it

Borgen – great political drama/soap from Denmark

The Bridge – the original and best

And as always some simply brilliant docos. No one does better sport than ESPN 30 for 30

Other notables – Keating, Fruitvale Station, Blackfish

Gone too early? Nah, strike while the iron, and weather , is hot!

1. Stop bagging weather forecasters. Accept they are ill informed, overpaid, arrogant clowns and move on with life

2. Better get a life then I guess

3. Become a Pilates Powerhouse to strengthen and support lower back

4. If 3 succeeds then shave 2 -3 shots of golf handicap. And back

5. See a new release movie in an actual cinema

6. Lower fluid intake but increase alcohol % for same overall impact

7. Play less Candy Crush and more Throne Rush

8. Ride Suze a lot more. Suze is a motorbike in case u r confused.

9. Continue to see more of the world and then amuse rest of world with wonderful story telling and pictures

10.Get 3 followers on Twitter. But not Warnie!

A Fergella Festivus

Posted: December 25, 2013 in Events

What a wonderful 6 days. Lets start at the beginning

Day 1 The Hordes arrive

The Della gathering this year was at Flashman Inc , Maplehead. This is sometimes referred to as CLPs house or even The Ponderosa. There are a couple of acres which is very useful for all manner of things – including camping. So The Big Day Out x 3 starts on the Friday. Family drive in from various locations and set up camp for two nights. There were brothers and sisters, sons and even a wife or two on the Della side. My youngest daughter Ranny also arrived on Friday. Now the secret was not to arrive too early as there was work to be done first – digging a trench to connect water from tanks and pump to outside house. The easy part was we had a ditch witch. The hard part were hidden storm water pipes. Remember when it use to rain?? Still I always say if you dont smash at least two pipes when digging in the backyard well you just aint trying hard enough. We tried plenty hard and so a 3-4 hr job became a 6 hr job which meant that first beer went down pretty well. To be honest the 5th didnt taste too bad either. Lucky we had wine to take away the taste. AD had bought a dozen of his finest bottles – I think he actually thought he may get to take one or two home. Ha! So a lovely relaxing BBQ to round out a busy day and somehow stumbled into bed full as a state school hat rack

Day 2 The Family Gathering

A hearty breakfast of sausages and eggs expertly cooked by BC1 was accompanied by our new toy – a Nespresso Coffee Pod machine. It got a flogging trust me. CLP then spent most of the morning preparing the feast while I supervised from a distance. Now the centrepiece of this feast, as previously, was the Turducken. A boned chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey. I know how the duck feels. For lunch we had a couple of ringins with CLP Snr and the Flashman matriach in attendance along with my eldest daughter and her family including of course Handsome Harry. Thus Fergella is born. Couldnt quite get 12 Pipers piping but we had 3 Pipers partying at least. A lovely lunch was had by all and then we get to open presents as well! Sadly then a few attendees had to move on just leaving behind the drunks and freeloaders. At last I felt at home. Dinner was leftovers of course and more wine before the Jenga Tower battle began. As one last present to all I deliberately knocked my tower over to let someone else win. Ok it was bed time – ya got me

Day 3 The Cleanup

Another filling breakfast ensued with bacon replacing sausages this time and a rotation of chef. AD took the tongs and no doubt amused to see his 12 empty bottles of wine lined up behind the BBQ. At least I think that was his amused look. After this calamity struck! The dishwasher wouldnt work! There were some technical directions to follow but at the end of the day just lifting it off the ground 5 cms and dropping it down seemed to do the trick. Then the family started decamping and let me tell you these guys know what they were doing. Everyone was on the road before 0900 and the rest of the day was left to recuperate. It had been a wonderful couple of days

Day 4 Back to Work

But not for me:) Dropped CLP at statio just after 0500 and then caught up on a couple of movies and TV shows and then had to pick her up again at 18:00. No rest for the wicked

Day 5 Toowoomba Beckons

A half day of work for CLP so spent a couple of hours with Mother in Brisvegas before picking up CLP in the city and driving out to Toowoomba for Xmas eve. We stayed at the wonderful Wanulla B&B so after booking in and a rather massive afternoon tea it was off to see Wilbert, Pat the Lad and Ka Ka. Spent a couple of hours playing in the backyard on trampoline et al before a lovely meal with the Family. Ok it was 5:30 pm but that is fine and we do these things when we have small children. Worked out well actually as we were back in the B&B in time to walk up to Queens Park for the amazing city of lights. Then sat through about 20 minutes of Christmas Carols before slitting my wrists – CLP lasted the full 7 hrs. Its her thang

Day 6 Xmas

Did the early visit back to the grandkids to give them their presents and it was a joy. Then it was back for a full breakfast which sort of rounded out 6 days of fine food and drink perfectly. Rounded out my waist a tad too. New Year resolutions just around the corner right? Then the drive back to Maplehead for an afternoon of decompression and relaxation.

It was a magic time with all the ingredients one could wish for at Xmas. Alcohol, Presents, Family, Food, Presents, Alcohol, Presents and more Food and Alcohol

Life is better than good my friends. It is great





















The Stomach Churns

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Sport

Yes I am already sick of all the clever word byplay on that simple phrase – the Urn Returns

3 up after 3? Sounds like a normal morning at the Proctologists. But were we brilliant or were the Poms hopeless? Or maybe a bit of both.

Ok just wait while I whip this out. Ah thats better. Time to run the slide rule over our cricketers

Little Davey Warner use to have to sit in the corner. Now he is having regular sex with a hottie he has something to do with himself at night and his batting has improved 300 %. He could always hit the ball but now he knows when to leave them too. Clear mind and a regular draining will do that. Rogers still looks like he should be in Peter Jacksons next epic and is one of those average players being carried along by a winning team but he is solid in batting and more than capable in the field. And he makes Watto look even more handsome. Which is good because Watto’s actual batting has been mostly ordinary except when he wandered in like the school bully and bludgeoned a quick century of a hapless bowling attack a couple of days ago. Now there is undeniable talent there both with bat and ball but oh man what is in that head? His crazy dismissal after the whirlwind century pretty well sums up the enigma wrapped in a riddle that is Watto.

Pup on the other hand continues to shine both as a batsman and captain to the point where probably less than 50% of Aussies dislike him now. That may go back up of course if we have to look at Mrs Pup anymore times after Pup scratches his balls or does something else useful on the field. Pretty sure Channel 9 are grooming her for an on camera roll in the future. There could be a joke there about comparing cracks in pitches but that is way too smutty for this esteemed publication . Smith looks like he should have been at the Pipeline this week but has a certain charm and certainly some talent. He needs to bowl more to cement his place. Haddin of course has been the revelation – superb batting and great keeping. The only two aspects of Matt Priors game letting him down sadly.

The bowlers hunt well as a pack and while the Moustached one grabs most of the headlines he would be first to admit it is a team effort. But Mitch has bowled very well and even with half a brain at times. Harris and Siddle are perfect foils of course – keep things tight with the occasional jaffa. They have strangled the opposition by drying up the runs. Lyon has also shone at times and seems assured of a regular place for many tests to come. Although there could also be a role for him in the next movie The Hobbit Also Turns

As for England? Root looks the goods. Bell is all class. Stokes has potential. Much like previous great sides the rest are probably on the downslide and it will be a tough couple of years cleaning out the debris. Just ask Australia

So the Ashes return to their rightful place which of course fills every Aussie fan with joy.

Why you may ask? Obvious really. Now that the actual cricket is sorted at last we can get down to the most critical question facing Australia cricket followers for decades

Can it be true??

Are Warnie and Liz finally finished?? One can only hope.

Teara Teara Teara

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

People of a certain age remember where they were on the Day of Infamy, Dec 7th. 7 people in particular remember it very well in Maryhole. This was the day the Hospital Pathology Laboratory was closed forever. Well not quite of course. In typical management efficiency all testing ceased on that day and the doors were closed to the public. The staff however were expected to work another week of course predominantly watering the plants I imagine. In a true sign from the heavens all the plants died by mid week which is kind of odd given all the fertiliser being spread around at the time

Ok it didnt quite have the same impact on the world as that spat in the Pacific all those years ago although it had a significant impact on many and continues to one year later. There were two main differences of course. Ours was not a surprise attack and no one took up arms in our defense. The writing had been on the wall for a while despite the constant highlighting of the issues that would result from this hard nosed decision. Not being in the loop anymore……. Wait a minute, did I just say that??? Ok, not having ready access to people who know people who may have access to people in the loop means it is hard to gauge the real current situation for public Pathology testing in Maryhole. Maybe the good folk of Maryhole have a better idea. Certainly plenty of rumors going around. One thing for certain is that the decrease in service has not been matched by an equal cost savings for reduced service given some of the bandaid fixes in place. Wouldnt it be wonderful to actually have a concerned local member who made it their business to conduct a thorough review of what was promised and what has actually occurred? Staff were affected in different ways of course but as this is my blog and I didnt Moan on Monday its my turn now ok 🙂

I will be first to admit at the time it all seemed like a bit of a knob kiss for yours truly. Had worked for 35 years and was going to get a nice little earner to leave a couple of years early. 55 was just around the corner and Q Super beckoned. There was much jocularity – after all Xmas was just around the corner, I could play golf on Wednesdays and didnt have to deal with “certain people” anymore. The stock question led to the stock answer – play more golf, see the grandkids more, travel yada yada yada. After a few months reality kicks in of course. And man dont you get sick and tired of that same question or the usual comments – “Your golf handicap must have dropped now”. “It must be great not to have to work anymore” ” Damn you are a handsome man”. Ok, I never get sick of the last one to be perfectly honest

But you know what – 55 is too young to retire really. Unless you have a shitload of money of course , which kinda explains the constant smile on Mickeys face I guess. Pathology was also the type of job, for the most part, where you were busy and engaged all day not quite knowing what was around the corner. There were quiet times of course but you never really relaxed totally when one phone call could change your day very quickly. You also felt you were doing something productive and helping people and life had structure and purpose. Golf has not worked out as expected and in fact handicap has blown out. Couple of reasons I guess but the main one is the general aches and pains of an ageing body have really kicked in these last 12 months. I have the mind of a 40 yr old (immature one of course )and the body of a 70 yr old. Not a good combo, although may be worse if other way around. Its pretty easy to get into a rut too because you can always “do it tomorrow”. Simply no longer having a paycheck every fortnight – often with penalty rates – is restrictive on a free wheeling lifestyle. Common sense tells you its ok to spend some of the nest egg but when there is no more incoming, only outgoing, then one becomes circumspect. Kind of the opposite of constipation I guess where one becomes rectumspect.

Maybe I should not be surprised, and definitely not suicidal, but in that 12 months only one person from my “work years” outside Maryhole staff has even contacted me. Now we know we were not amongst the annointed ones with management because we would not play their game but thought I had some friends out there in the real world. Oh well, their loss 🙂 .And no, Facebook devotees do not count!. You have to make an effort – not just click “LIKE

CLP and I joke about the Bunnings option as we call it. Use my people skills for good not evil. But really, where is the fun in that? If you have to be nice to people 24/7 then I need to get paid a lot more than $20 an hour. I was barely civil at $45 an hour. And a better uniform. And paid Grandparent leave. And…….

So, as in all things be careful what you wish for – rarely is something what you expect. So if you meet me in the street and say something like “Lucky you, being retired eh” and you get a slap around the ear you will now understand. Of course you may not have read this blog. Which only leaves one question really.

Why would I even be talking to you?

Monday Moan 2.12.13

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

This blog has been banned by Campbell Newman until further notice

Welcome to Queensland