Finally some travel not involving car only is here . It is a flight/accomodation credit from 10 months ago finally looking like happening. Originally planned as 5 days in Melboring and a few days with Bro and Wifey in Harcourt. All booked and then a couple on months ago our accomodation in Melboring contacted us to say yeah no, it ain’t happening Sonny. They did give a full refund so quickly changed to a couple of days at the Langham and then extended the free loading at Harcourt as you do from a few days to a few more . Hence we are in the travel bubble ( green zone permit) , we will be seeing my brother and we will be drinking every day. Hence, the title ain’t rocket science folks. Still clever though eh

Early start from Maplehead had us looking for a park in P1 with only 3 hrs until flight 😏 Of course when planned it all did not realise it would be same day as travel bubble with NZ opened. Being we are domestic not a major issue but have to say Qantas Domestic is very busy on a Monday morning with all the workers heading off to regional Qld it appears . Looks like an episode of Orange is the New Black here in the club .

So, safely ensconced in Qantas Club for a couple of hours . Coffee was fine but food options limited . Still all very good considering the troubled times we are still in. Just a basic economy flight down as saving up the money for the booze later on. Of course this was before latest medical episode . Had been having some knee issues last few weeks so went to Doc and had X-ray done. It would appear a knee replacement is in my future due to “ degeneration “ but not next week so just suck it up for now. Spooky as DGen always a fave.

Needless to say it may cause some issues with sitting in a cramped seat etc. Time will tell . Walking the streets of Melboring shopping may be curtailed as well as not all bad news….

Well , we left on time so that’s a good start . They usually claim “ in flight wi fi available “ but rarely works. This time it did , even at the fat end of the plane. Now , how to make 1 bikkie and a cup of tea last 2 hrs. If only I had a paper to read …

All my whining pays off at times as CLP organised a limo driver to take us to our Langham Lodgings and thus avoid any more GU momentarily. Room was ready and is a great corner room as requested so all settled in and not even 1 pm

Time then for some lunch and always like a Guinness first up at PJ OBriens . Easy walking distance but CLP insisted on driving

Time then to relax for a bit before heading up to Lygon Street later for dinner and drinks. At this stage plan on walking so leaving at 230 pm! We do have our Myki cards though just in case

Well I made it 100 m and then settled in for a G&T once we saw the Fever Tree sign. Our first, but not last, introduction to scan in menu and order and pay on your phone. Then they expect a tip as well ! FMS. Then headed off for the hour trek to Lygon Street and settled in at Johnny’s Bar which was a rooftop bar of course so just a bit of extra climbing. Great views back over city and very noice beer. Then back to Universal Cafe for a very tasty Italian meal .

By now full as a goog so despite multiple atrocities below the waist needed to walk home. Hey it was downhill. Of course anyone else who has bad knees and ankles knows downhill often worse. After a slow crawl we saw the Lights of Langham in the distance a mere 300 m away. Sweet I would be home in 25 mins 😏

So , a full day in all that does remind us why we love Melboring. Rain expected tomorrow but we shall cope . At present just want my bed

Knee 4/10

Ankle 3/10

Chance of good nights sleep 0/10

The BunFool

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Bunfool : Rare creature that only appears in non leap years when Easter follows on immediately from April 1. Characteristics include, but not limited to, propensity to drink too much in a short time and also to rely on BOM when determining Travel Plans more than 17 mins in the future. Scientists, luckily not the assclowns from BOM, had postulated the first characteristic led to the second but extensive research ,over a few beers, indicated it is a learned behaviour that probably requires a vaccine to prevent spread – ergo expect some action around 2525. This confliguration of characteristics does see it as an autosomal dominant trait only prevalent in the male of the species .

If you are very very quiet you can sometimes sneak up on a resting Bunfool but dont startle them or they may spill their drink and turn feral

But first lets go back to the previous Monday when the sun was shining and the birds were singing. With two short weeks ahead the plan was to do a bit extra work on Golf Course which worked in well as minor green renos planned. My mission, should I choose to accept, was to spread out the fertiliser on greens with holes (cores) in them like feeding the chooks. The message didnt self destruct but the coring machine did after 9 holes! An early sign of the type of week ahead. Then Beaverhausen, A. called in the Lockdown and now we had one of the Greens staff marooned in Hervey Bay for rest of week due to an earlier Brisvegas soujourn. So back into my routine of gym, coffee and Tees mowing on Tuesday – only this time with a mask. By now the shoulder and head were recovering well if still in some minor way maybe impacting on the rugged good looks momentarily

Then it was time to prepare for actual return to the hit and fetch caper on Wednesday and try and sneak into the wallets of Beddows and Smails while still trying to play off 8! Luckily I still had my mask on and was able to make a clean get away. Nothing tastes better than free beer. Next time will try it without the mask on

Given the lack of functioning equipment on golf course it was looking like an early arrival at Flashman Inc , No Sunshine Coast HQ was on the cards with pending weather apocalypse approaching. Duly headed down on Thursday morning to help prepare for pending invading horde. Said horde was slowly dropping off one at a time as Friday approached but the usual suspects would be there ready to camp out for a couple of nights. Or not. Hats off to TB for proceeding with the camper van option even though rain imminent. RJER wisely opted for the AirBnB option with two younguns in tow and more bedrooms becoming available by the hour. Settled in on Friday in cloudy but pleasant enough conditions for imbibing. You can never start drinking too early. Or so I thought….

I told Ruby she was too young to drink but dont think she believed me or at least wasnt thrilled

I then told her it was ok to start eating though and everything was tickety boo

A solid few hours then ensued before the next arrivals – ADJG. Always a welcome sight and nothing to do with the case of quality wines he brings. Honest, there is nothing wrong with the $4.95 Sav Blanc we had been drinking as it was also useful for wiping the bird poop of the chairs as more guests arrived. Around now is when things went a bit south temporarily. After said few hours of drinking we then started on the good stuff and knocked off 4 bottles that night much to Ant’s Delight/Surprise/Dismay.

Now, everyone knows that nothing can go wrong getting full as a State School hatrack and then going to sleep for a few hours straight afterwards.

The Hostess with the Mostess had pulled up stumps a bit earlier as was strangely stressing a bit about something she usually does standing on her head. I am sure my stumbling in a few hours later didnt interrupt her at all.

Next day dawned dreary and misty. Then I opened my eyes and found the weather outside the same but getting worse slowly. There would be a staggered arrival of guests arriving this morning so in keeping with theme I staggered off to shower for a revival meeting. Well it was Easter and there was some religious stuff floating around – Hallelujah . Time for breakfast and a head count . I was seeing double as sure there were two Flashs around. Both begging it seemed..

It seemed to me the best way to get back on track was some exercise and with no walking available , next best thing was my version of Farm Gym where you use any kids just lying around for exercise

One was keen, one not so much. In hindsight was it really smart to upend a 3 yr old who had recently been on a solid chocolate only diet for preceding few hours? Luckily I had my gym clothes with me

By now the rest of the gang had arrived and time to eat and drink just for a change. As always a lovely spread was on the table as we settled in for a few. Luckily Ant still had a few bottles left – past experience with us counts.

Some of the tribe headed back to Brisvegas under gloomy skies while rest settled for an early evening. By now the Bunfool was in full bloom and after checking my 7 weather apps for next 24 hrs there was one very obvious fact. I had too many weather apps! The general concensus from those who know these things – yes I crack myself up – was that a weather Armageddon was fast approaching and in fact would hit Maryhole first before working its way down the coast to Maplehead. Did the math and figured out best to be home before Maryhole was cut off from the rest of the world. You know, like it has been for last 50 years. Some temporary smarts had seeped in by osmosis and had been rather sensible in the drinking caper so plan was to leave around 530 am on Sunday morning just as light was coming up and deluge not coming down. Of course for Flashie 1 this meant 330 am, quick check of BOM and if clear hit the road.

So got home by 515 am and just in time for Easter Bunny as choccie supply was running low while Blood Glucose heading in other direction. I am told I was not missed until it was time for their morning coffee and suddenly realised I wasnt there to make it. Oh well, at least the Easter Bunny made it to Maplehead

I went to gym just for a laugh and the peace and quiet. As always on Sunday line it up with Sip Coffee opening at 615 am and IGA at 6 am for some milk et al. Duly arrived at 615 am and both places closed still

Headed home , changed and went back out a bit later suitably miffed. As Michael D would say all I want with my coffee is what I ordered and a pleasant smile. Its not too much to ask surely.

A gloomy drizzly day followed but the best/worst was still to come. Luckily the temperature was consistent. Apparently

We had been promised 40-80 mm on Sunday and same again on Monday. My poor bunkers! Then they doubled down and updated the BOM warning Sunday evening for an Ark compliant flood starting that night and continuing until early Monday morning and Maryhole even got a mention. Here is one I prepared earlier – up t0 120 mm expected in next 6 hrs

So, I hattened down the batches and closed the house up and assumed the fetal position on top of sheets in trakkies and T shirt in case I had to swim down the road at some stage. By midnight the quiet was somewhat eerie. By 3am I was just getting a tad pissed off so quickly checked BOM map on phone and ” hey look there is that big blue rain bomb already well off shore and heading to Fiji”! Basically it was a decimal point issue and only out by 2 spots and 100 k ie 1.2 mm actually fell in Maryhole.

As they say fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and it must be a weather forecast. As if had not enough laughs for one day, fuck me slowly if they didnt rehash the map a little and repost it at 6 am this morning as un updated forecast for next 6 hrs now. Meanwhile BOM is clear as a whistle. Youi cant write this shit

Still, it was a wonderful Easter as always. Sadly Jas and boys had a camping trip curtailed by bad weather but at least home safe and dry. Easter of course always is about the kiddies so will leave you with this handsome fella. GS 5 is the one on the right. I hope……

Threes The Charm?

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So, when last we left our hero he was recovering slowly from some under the equator nip and tuck and there was light at the end of the tunnel. It now appears it was a bloody train a coming……

Having dealt with kidney and prostate issues as one does when one ages I was looking forward to upcoming birthday if not all the memories on Facebook of me usually spending February surrounded by snow but always usual cheery self 😦

Happy Flash

CLP and I often joked she got the Della metabolism and I got the Ferguson Skin. She didnt have to worry about her weight and I didnt have to worry about moles and skin cancers. She could still worry about my weight of course. Had my usual yearly skin check which comes around about every 12 months and have been going to Nambour Skin doctors while at Maplehead. All good apart from one pesky dark spot on temple which was usually covered by “distinguished grey look”. No harm in taking a biopsy eh. Ring Ring. That is actually a Grade 1 Melanoma Sir, has CLP started gaining weight lately also ? Ok so Grade 1 (of 5) is not wrist slitting territory but lets chop and dice. Getting a time in next month to actually see Doc at Nambour was proving impossible so local Doc will take it out as long as you see him first so he can assess (ca ching ca ching) .I said ok as long as doesnt take it out while I am in the room….. Doc agreed to have a crack and all set for the next week. Duly done with some pain noted ” as anaesthetic didnt quite reach boundaries” No shit Sherlock! Anyhoo, all things heal

Took it easy for a few days and as had just started playing golf again was happy to hook into Beddows and Smail on my actual birthday by shooting a sweet 76. Of course this now meant my handicap would be 8 next week but thats ok. Lets celebrate in style now

Next day it was off to Doc to get stitches out and get back into full swing ( golf humor) at gym and on course work. First up though lets check that pesky histology report. Ok it is in fact a stage 2 and the excision perimeter is not wide enough for that grade 2. You need to go to theatre and get a chunk taken out and a skin graft done, here is a referral to a surgeon down Hervey Bay. “Good Bye and Good Luck” Um, ok any chance you can actually remove these stitches now which was purpose of the appointment! Ouch x 4. Surgery rang back that morning and said can you come in this afternoon for consultation and we can cut tomorrow! Makes you wonder what they do for a Grade 5 – just give you a bucket to put your head in? Hold your horses lady I need to see my honeybuns this weekend and also grand kiddies at Toowoomba, can it wait a week? “Well if it cant it wont be your problem sonny” Got to love receptionist humor. Went down to see Doc that day and all lined up for surgery next Friday. Its day surgery but the post op care period could be the painful part. Certainly no gym or golf for a couple of weeks. Especially looking forward to the second week of March. Tuesday, drive to Bay for a Peak Flow test ( yes folks Prostate aint done with yet…..luckily), Thursday see Surgeon at Bay for first of 3 follow ups and maybe remove staples from graft or stitches from chest (graft source), Friday back down to Bay to see Urologist. Just hope I dont get Urologist and Surgeon mixed up and end up with graft in unusual place. Apparently the source skin is best to have hair as well, hence chest. The one time you regret getting those anal bleaches done. Or not. I am starting to suspect I may not be able to get by on looks alone soon

Anyhoo in meantime off to Flashman Inc Sunshine Coast for a late birthday celebration. First up was a superb lunch at Spirit House at Yandina. It aint cheap but was for me 🙂

Next day out to Toowoomba to see 4 of the 6 pack. Ended up being 5 but not sure which one was the ring in ……

It was a wonderful day and reminds one to try and do it more often. You know , once the body stops falling apart

Devoted followers may recall our problems with ever getting to Melbourne with COVID issues etc in 2020. Finally had rebooked flights and accommodation for April this year for 5 days in Melboring and 5 days freeloading with JL at Harcourt. In between stitches being removed get email from City Tempo in Melbourne saying our accommodation is cancelled/refunded as “due to COVID they can no longer keep the booking” Looks like more freeloading with JL and just a couple of days in CBD first. Little optimist me doesnt really expect to be in Victoria in April. Other solid plan – as in could fall apart at a moments notice – is a week in Darwin in June

Of course as the vaccine starts to roll out there is renewed hope for international travel once doctors realise not everyone gets 4 doses straight up! Did I mention my Mum is a resident at the Twilight Home where the cock up occurred? Not getting too excited just yet but early 2022 could be a busy time with delayed plans for both NYC and South Africa both coming close together due to previous booking conditions. Maryhole in January, USA in February and South Africa in March. Its the Holy Trifecta of Must See Before I Die kinda list. A lot of water to flow under the bridge first. Speaking of which any chance could send some to Maryhole anytime soon Old Whiskers ? It is bone dry and not the good kind

So, hopefully can soon can get back to enthralling you all with Adventure Blogs that involve exploring far distant places rather than odd body parts. In the meantime, this drivel will have to do folks

Lockdown Layover

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You know how you build a pool in winter because you cant use it then anyway ? You put the car in for a big service before a long road trip? Well if ya dont ya should. So, given the current hiatus in International Travel for most of 2021 seemed a good idea to get those pesky medical “situations” dealt with now. As such had planned a “significant men only procedure” for this week and you can fill in the blanks. And no its wasnt a Vasectomy…. but there IS a clue there devoted fans

Having done all the investigations late last year only remained to arrive at Wesley Hospital this past Tuesday for the slice and dice or more accurately the scrape and scour. Hey that even hurts just saying it. Luckily they knock you out for it of course and then you enjoy some hospital hospitality until you can pee standing up. Literally. Said procedure also has post op care scenarios , the first involving no driving for 10-14 days afterwards and no driving Fork Lifts or 3 Woods for a month 😦 Pity really because I have never driven a Fork Lift and would have liked to learn how to this week. It is on my bucket list

First fly in ointment of course was Brisvegas going into 3 day lockdown on the Friday before hand. I done math at school and that put them out of lockdown at 6 pm on Monday so should be sweet though never know with Beaverhausen, A. As long as a major sporting event like SOO or Test Cricket isnt planned that day then a big chance will stay locked down….. Still onward, a little to the side, and upward.

Our intrepid hero, working closely with lesser known heroine aka CLP, determined first step was getting to Flashman INC on Sunny Coast without a car. Started walking but by time got to Maryborough West I was buggered so hopped on the Tilt Train instead. Nothing like mixing with the GU to remind you why you like using your car. Pet hate has to be asshole couples who just have to show each other the latest video clip on their phone sans headphones but at full volume. Still, with single seats only in usage it was bearable and was able to pass the time with a quick swig. Here is one I prepared earlier

Duly arrived at a train station in close proximity to Flashman Inc and got my Uber home. Look, it was really CLP but always give her driving a rating so almost an Uber eh. Monday dawned and the lockdown was lifted as threatened . Still need masks and CLP was almost inconsolable when she found out the hospital allowed no visitors. As alcohol was off the table from Monday arvo the condemed man had one last drink for lunch as you do. This could become a habit

We headed down to Brisvegas on Tuesday morning as admission was not until 330 pm. I dont see a problem with being the last case on a long day for an old surgeon! Ah, maybe should make an appointment to see an Optometrist as well. We decamped at our AirBnB for an indeterminant length. Blog followers would know it as RJER s. We knew I would be in hospital ward or morgue for Tuesday night while CLP stayed with Munchkins. After that all bets were off as the extent of “complications” and possibility of new lockdown unknown fully. So around 3 pm CLP slowed just enough at roundabout in front of Wesley so I could jump out. Put my mask on and fronted up like a man. The pre admission process was all smooth and relatively quick and before you knew it I could feel a draft on my backside where clothes use to be. We can put a man on the moon but I wouldn’t send him there in a hospital gown. My Nursey Mercy informed me I was due to go in at 430 pm but they were “running a little late about 30-45 mins and there is one case in front of you”. No sweat. plonk down and watch SBS under blankie . So, by 6 pm was starting to wonder WTF. Then my gas guy came out, looked at me and said talk to you soon and then dragged the first sucker into a small room. Ah, so he must have been the “330 pm case” ! Doc called me in and said a couple of cases went long and will be another hour. Yay, the old surgeon has had a busy and long day. Anyhoo then we started musical beds and moved from one to another almost as a tease as each time you got a little closer to an actual OT.

Around 7 pm they rolled me into OT. I would have thought at this stage I should still have been in a bed but guess the floors are clean in there. Stood up and jumped on a vacant bed which as luck would have it was surrounded by serious people in matching gowns. The surgeon was a stand out though and although am sure he was competent he didn’t seem to have the latest equipment

They put a mask on me told me to breathe and count to 4000 so started going through all of Trump’s lies and next thing ya know I wake up in bed in a ward and its 1030 pm. I know I had a drip in my left arm so was wondering where the 3 bags at the end of the bed were going. Maybe they finally drained fluid out of that buggered ankle? Was going to ask Nurse for bed pan and then penny dropped…….At this stage and in my delicate frame of mind did not think lifting the sheet was worth the risk.

Usual night in hospital where you drift in and out of sleep and form a long and meaningful relationship with the nurse who annoys you every hour to stick something in your ear, down your throat and on your arm. At least no need to get up for usual bathroom breaks thought little optimist me. Day dawned as it usually does after night before and before you could say “Feed me Seymour” a breakfast tray was plonked on my bedside table along with a menu tickbox for next 3 meals. Breakfast was a surprise of course but was very tasty pancake, cereal, yoghurt combo. No help of course doing anything but could manage as long as didnt have to move too much. Sated I left my filled out dance card on tray after selecting some rather tasty meals in case needed. At this stage did not know if staying in another night as that would depend on what else was staying in. Ya with me…..

Only unpleasant staff member dealt with turned up and gave me a meal card to fill out where upon I politely informed her “already done and was on that tray you took out thanks. Really looking forward to that Honey Mustard Lamb” She informed me “that is tomorrows meal card you had to fill out todays lunch yesterday” Grumble moan. “Well sweetheart if you had sent it up to OT 3 around 10 pm last night I would have !” Things went south from there , much like all fluids at present, but did end up with Sweet n Sour Pork for lunch

Doc turned up and said all went well. We did this and then we did that and if you can do anything for next 48 hrs will be amazed. Good, a challenge. Ok Percival, how do I get out of this place? Well, first we remove that “apparatus” that has allowed you to stay in bed for 12 hrs and then you have to pass (Urologist humour? ) the 3 Pee rule. Sweet

Ok , now I know what childbirth feels like ! Glad I wasnt awake when they inserted it. Now being a wine conny sewer I would say the first one was a very old Cab Sav that had probably corked if ya get my drift. Pain was present in abundance but at least now could have a shower and remove the last bit of much hair attached tape! Within 30 mins Number 2 was knocking on the door and we now had a fruity Pinot Noir with a little sediment. Too much detail? With all the IV drip fluid and much water consumed in last hour before you could say “pants down and stand back” number 3 came a calling. A pleasant Rose I would suggest so things were on the improve if not the actual pain of counting to 3. Of course each time after said process Nursey had to come in and US the bladder to see if you were holding back on her. My scores were a bit like a top order Aussie batsman on a good day. 43, 0 ,36. I have to say in my defense the last 36 I had to wait 10 mins before the US was done. Still everyone, except me, was happy and it was only 11 am. I told Nursey happy to go home as long as get my lunch after having to deal with Frau Blucher . I did and duly left a bit after 1 pm.

CLP slowed down again at roundabout so could jump on board and back to RJER all in a turn around of less than 24 hrs. A quiet few hours before munchkins turned up and they were a delight as usual. At least now was no longer fasting but the true horror hit at 5 pm. Yes, no alcohol for another few days while on drugs

It wasnt horrible but of course it was only afterwards that everyone else informed me that the Heineken Zero alcohol was the way to go . If nothing else these last few days I have learnt that. Both kiddies were tired but still playful and before you knew it was time for bed again

Night was ok, all things considered, and then it was on the road again back to Flashman Inc to be waited on hand and foot for next 7 days while I play the sympathy angle. One last goodbye from our gracious hosts and all home by 8 am. In general, all things have gone as well as could be expected given they did include that old favourite additional operation – a walletectomy . Still, they are still printing it arent they. The surgeon was happy and as long as Pathologist is equally gleeful that should be the end of medical procedures for some time and can get back to some travel. Yay Team Fergella

A Covid Christmas

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With all the Hallmark releases around at present surprised this one didnt get a run. Instead we get barf material like

Never Kiss a Man in a Xmas Sweater

Must admit the Xmas fever did hit early here and I fear I may have gone overboard with the Xmas Decorations this year which will of course take me ages to take down after Xmas

Its been an odd year, even though an even year, to say the least but the end is in sight and before you know it there will be another odd year ahead. Time does fly fast except when you are waiting for the next apocalyptic , monstrous weather event to unfold today. Hatten down the batches and have candles ready. Then we get a passing shower which doesnt even wash the car and move back into usual weather pattern. I suspect the weather in Maryhole reflects the general lazy, laid back approach to life here. Hot, humid and storms? Nah hot and humid will do. Windy and showers? Nah wind will do these clowns. So we end up with hot, dry and windy conditions just to screw with us. The only highlight this last week had sailors barring up en masse

Sailors getting excited…

December is always an interesting month memory wise as a mere 43 years ago on Dec 5th I started work at Maryhole Pathology while 8 years ago on Dec 7th they closed us down for good. Nothing ever happens on Dec 6th apparently. Of the many memories of 35 yrs of work one of the most memorable is this photo of last weekend at work with Maxine who has sadly since passed away. She was so typical of the unique bunch of people we had working together

Before December rolled around though we had a busy weekend of Munchkin birthdays in the Fergella clan. First up Ruby turned 1 and then following day Ryan turned 4. Lovely weekend spent in Brisvegas and Toowoomba catching up with the bloodlines

Babybsitting 2020

In other news the US Election was pretty much as expected. Trump would lose but never go away. Meanwhile COVID runs rampant and the worse is yet to come one fears. The sheer ignorance/stupidity/selfishness of so many Yanks never ceases to amaze. Its his enablers in the GOP that annoy most for moi. I do like this image even though we have now moved beyond SCOTUS

Travel wise things still look a tad grim. We have decided to postpone our Sept 2021 Cruise as international flights still unlikely by then or at least with easy travel throughout Europe. The vaccine may bring a lot of hope but I doubt it will be the cure that many hope at least in next 6 months for a number of reasons. We have decided to have a short Soujourn in Melboring in April and then do The Ghan Expedition in late July, Darwin to Adelaide and tack a few days on either end there especially as never been to Darwin before. That should leave time and money for a road trip somewhere south come October. On the far horizon is hopefully Call Me Bwana 2020/21..…… March 2022. Before that though will hope to squeeze in a short trip to Bidenland in Feb 2022 because the thought of another full summer in Maryhole shits me to tears.

In TV/Movie land not a lot to report. There is plenty to watch certainly with both Netflix and Stan although often still head to Iview and SBS for quality dramas. The Queens Gambit has been the pick of the new stuff. The Undoing showed promise but ultimately let down by the ending. Fargo Season 4 was probably weakest of all seasons so far but still better than a lot of crap shown. Ratched was ok if a little too Murphyied for me. Quiet on the movie front really with the impact of COVID. Did sit through The Prom yesterday somehow. Luckily I had insulin on standby. Kidmans character was the oddest bit for me. Its high energy certainly. Couldnt get through Borat 2 and Greenland was standard disaster pic fare. Fatman was odd to say the least

In Sports world the highlight would have to be State of Origin. Once again NSW fell for the classic rope a dope. Cricket is largely boring these days and even the Masters lacked some lustre with an easy win by DJ. The only golfer to really stand out last month though was of course Shark, GW. Anybody who thinks he posted this image innocently is a moron or a Trump supporter. Or both

Speaking of Golf and Trump was disappointed to see Jack Nicklaus involve himself in the election. No surprise he is a Republican or even that he supports Trump but his endorsement post went way beyond a casual observation when he went on with some of the Trump nonsense and socialist threat. Very sad for one of the true gentlemen of golf

Well, the roof hasnt been blown off while writing this so not sure what happened to todays version of Weather Armageddon? I tried to look outside but was blinded by the sunlight. Xmas Day will be spent in Brisvegas with a Della Gathering at RJER Quarters. Looking at the list they have AC, Pool and Beer Fridge so basically your Holy Xmas Trinity accounted for. As always each year they try and come up with somthing new as main course and being Qld , seafood is always a possibilty. While the proof will be in the eating and whether it actually stays down have to admit just a little concerned about this years offering – The TurKracken

See you in 2021…..

October Surprise – Day 3

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Good nights sleep only disturbed by pesky wildlife from about 5 am on had us fully charged and raring to go after our casual breakfast. Here is me raring to go

As wineries don’t open until mid morning we opted to stop in at Stanthorpe for a coffee first. As suspected the place is not really cafe society folk so we ended up with an ordinary take away flat white we drank on a park bench as no sitting in cafe. Thought the benches were a bit uneven until realised there was a homeless person still sleeping on it.

We headed off in general direction of Ballandean as the most likely suspects tendered to be grouped around down there . The local term for gathering of wineries in a close area is “ heaven”. Ballandean Estate was very good and we did beat any crowds by getting there early . A tour group did arrive soon after but only 3 in it so not so much a tour group as a group of losers with nothing to do on a Tuesday


As we found last time the cellar door staff are very friendly and helpful in recommending other wineries in region if after a particular grape variety. After we bought a few bottles Tobin’s just up the road was recommended as a unique winery . Not on our list but why not. In Maryhole we would call it pretentious rather than unique. To be fair he does advertise as fine , premium wines and has a price list to match . It was a bit busy by now and slow service so we bailed after he got to the $80 Moscato 😏 They do have big women in the area who seem adverse to clothing – win,win.

As we had visited Stanthorpe some years ago we had a fair idea of the best wineries and next on list was Symphony Hill. After Ballandean our cellar door experience had dipped and continued here. As a tour group was expected we were set up out in the back where all the forklifts practice reverse parking apparently. The Finnish lass said it may be a bit slow with the tour group so we relied on our old trick of order two different wines at once and sample both. After all you were going to tip half out with driving . Then stumbled on the best idea anyway and just helped myself to the vat .

We ordered two to be sociable and then out into the real world to check on this massive tour group and fuck me it’s the same 3 losers we saw at Ballandean 🤦🏻‍♂️ Getting a pit peckish by now so stopped in at Jamworks for a very passable beef curry as you do and CLP bought some Sheila stuff for the pantry. Hope the jam works tonight because a bit bunged up if ya get my drift and we haven’t hit the cheese factory yet

Having stopped drinking alcohol for 20 mins it was time to reattach the wobbly boot and headed to Harrington Glen just up the road. Walked in and were told doesn’t do much tasting midweek as he has to drink all the leftovers. His logic escaped me as did our $5 tasting fee for him. With a Verdelho and a 2021 Cab Merlot on offer to taste we passed. When in doubt stick with the old faves . Next stop Rumbalara . The closest we may ever get to Africa 😰 Rumbalara is a very honest winery and makes wines to suit their customers and not win awards. Hence the bottles start at $15 each and never go above $25 . Certainly drinkable in our Qld climate and do like the no bullshit approach. All varieties are named after animals so we got a Lion, Buffalo and Zebra so now we can start our own zoo when we get home

I have a theory that there is a limit to how many wineries one can do justice to in a day and I think it may be 4 . By the end of our last visit I had drunk enough and taste discrimination was lacking a tad . I was prepared though in case CLP wanted to soldier on .

Luckily I mentioned soap, candles and cheese and we were away. The Cheese factory was on outskirts of town but as our social calendar was not bulging at present we pressed on. After 8 toothpicks worth of cheese we headed home. Quite afternoon now as will pick up a frozen” chef prepared” meal for tonight from brewery . We have the technology . It’s called a microwave.

Been a fun few days catching up with family and the two days here. Long day tomorrow with about 6 hrs driving before Maryhole appears on horizon.Will break it up with first 4 hr stint to Flashman Inc at Sunny Coast and then a break before heading home later in afternoon . Back to reality then and the approaching sweltering summer . No more trips planned yet but then the best ones usually are the spontaneous ones.

October Surprise – Day 2

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We had our usual Stamford buffet breakfast Covid Style – you point at food and they put it on your plate . On the road by 730 am to be at Toowoomba by 0900 to meet up with some of clan at Picnic Point Lions Park. It is a great area for kids and had a wonderful time with half the 6 pack. Anastasia Beaverhausen has done a pretty good job but this new rule of “ only 3 Grandmuchins at a time “ is a bit poor

Then it was onto Stanthorpe via Warwick for our 2 night stay at Granite Belt Brewery . On outskirts of town we dropped into Sutton’s Cidery and Juicery for a light lunch . For some reason they also wanted me to log in AND provide a urine sample. Well , it had been a long drive…

On to our lodgings and luckily they had log cabins and not just a cold room. When we saw our Cabin 7 we felt right at home

Thought best plan was to look at a map of wineries while sampling our first ale . Did I mention the brewery was on site 🕺🏻 We have dinner at the on site restaurant booked tonight so we’re looking for a light afternoon.

Most of the wineries we are interested in are about a 30 min drive south of Stanthorpe so will do in one hit tomorrow . We chose Ridgemill Estates as first winery as close by. Excellent cellar door and friendly staff and purchased a couple of reds. As it turned out was our only winery of the day 😰

Then onto the Brass Monkey Brewery – which was closed sadly. It is a public holiday of course so there will be closures. Brass Monkey theme does seem popular around here . Here is one I prepared earlier

We decided to check out the metropolis that is Stanthorpe then and not sure whether it was because it was a PH or that Stanthorpe is just dull but man it was quiet. Tomorrow may confirm our suspicions

First I’m pressions of log cabins are would be great in winter so may return . Wi Fi is spotty as one may expect so hope peace and quiet is the trade off for the night. Expected to get down to 8 degrees – Darool Darool . We have a continental breakfast hamper included so really don’t need to poke a foot outside door until 9 am

Unless we find a winery open at 8 am ….

October Surprise – Day 1

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After a few attempts to visit Victoria this month we finally gave up and settled for a few days closer to home. Granite Belt appealed as gave us an opportunity to catch up with Toowoomba clan on way through and when we found a place with log cabins and a brewery on site ,well it seemed like destiny. First up though a day and night in Brisvegas and a catch up with Ferguson Matriach at the Low Security Twilight Home.

We then made a slight detour to catch up with ADJG at Burbank for an early birthday drink for Julia. And by early I mean Champers at 10 am 🕺🏻
We had booked our usual hotel for the night – Stamford Plaza- and thought would try for the usual early check in at midday. Luckily our room was ready or else it was back to ADJG – so I mean lucky for them of course. It’s all self park now as well but at least room on site . As we arrived a very long limo pulled up in front and 4 people got out. Initially I thought the All Blacks were in town but they were actually women. A group to avoid methinks and luckily they went to 16 th floor and we are on 12 th. I think their footsteps would be good for about 2 floors of cement so we should be ok. Nice room as usual

The Stamford does look pretty busy actually and then it into CBD for lunch. To be fair we made it a block before we stopped for a beer at the Buffalo Bar. This part of town was pretty dead so we settled in for a beer and some of their famous buffalo wings. Ah no, not available today Sir. Some chips , chicken and burger then I guess and watch the world go by

Speaking of said world I would suggest many other countries would wish they were in our shoes at present. At Noosaville yesterday and again today people are out and about, casual and carefree, eating, drinking and being merry . Hardly any masks at all or social distancing. Have we gone a bit early – time will tell .

Glorious weather so will probably duck out for a walk and maybe early dinner a bit later on. Sadly pool is in shade all afternoon and still some pesky kids around . At least no NRL or AFL players around….

Spring has Sprung

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Which of course in these grim times means the one saving grace – cool weather – is about to evaporate like an Aussie’s chance to win the Fed Ex Cup. It has been the usual glorious, if dry, short winter here and even had a grey nomad – in disguise – drop in last Friday so showed her the sights of the region. Yes both of them.

What was a glorious afternoon at the Bay did end on a disappointing note, much self inflicted to be fair. As it was approaching 4:45 pm it was time to seek out our fish and chippery for dinner. Our usual one, where we had parked, was closed. In the car and head to the Pier. On the way passed Madigans and even at that time had a crowd with a likely 15 minute wait so continued down to the Pier to the apparently only other FC open and lined up for order. After 5 mins of watching a 10 yr old completely stuff up order in front we got back in car and drove back other way. Lets stop in at Dan and Stephs. Parked car, got out and it was closed. Drove back to Madigans and only waited 30 minutes this time! By then it was dark and mossies out so we drove home and reheated the food to eat while watching I Am Woman. What a piece of crap. At least then we were able to sleep in comfort of single digit temperatures so as usual good weather can save most scenarios.

On the travel front no news is bad news. Still waiting on refunds from Qantas from March(TA booking) and June (Direct) Its tough times sure but if they ever want my business again stop bombarding inbox with emails to earn points to use who knows where and work on the bloody refunds! A planned trip to Victoria in October is dead. About now would have been getting a tad excited about Vegas 21 – DOA. Africa 2021, previously known as Africa 2020, is firmly in the “too hard” basket. USA 2021 grounded like a Qantas A 380. Two years ago we booked a cruse for Sept 2021 and then promptly forgot about it. As we now approach the 12 month countdown even that is looking dicey. Not to be de turd 😉 we booked a River Cruise for 2023 on the Mississippi River for my 65th birthday.

Heart of the Delta

The thought of becoming an old man on the river was too much to resist. Of course planning doesnt always work out perfectly and to avoid Mardi Gras in New Orleans our trip starts day after birthday. As we will be in Memphis for my actual birthday I see a trip to Graceland a distinct possibility. Still eh…..

When it comes to future travel have been saying if international travel isnt open by –/–/– then the world is screwed. Lets acknowledge the world is screwed and we are just haggling over the degree. A determining factor in that of course will be Nov 3 in USA. Dont be fooled, Buffoon Bob is a realistic chance of being re elected mostly due to the 3 most notable characteristics of many Americans – simple, arrogant and patriotic. As unbelievable as many things that happen are they just dont seem to resonate much with many Yanks. Its a different country now for many reasons and one never really sees it returning to any degree of normality ever with so much obvious division and corruption.

In sporting news the PGA Golf is the shining light and now smack bang in middle of Fed Ex playoffs. So great to have a tough course last weekend. Too tough for Scotty obviously. NRL mostly seems to be whoever stays healthy will win but would be surprised if Roosters dont three peat. Cricket is very much in the who cares category

TV land is busy as usual. Yellowstone is Dallas without Victoria Principal sadly but after a good 3rd season had a ludicrous ending 5 minutes. Ted Lasso is ok in small doses which is all you get anyway. I’ll Be Gone in the Dark was a good story not told particularly well. Perry Mason was a good period piece and will be better in second season methinks. In these quiet times have finally bitten the bullet and got the kitchen redone. I do hate having Tradies on site but they did a good job for a good price. Also got some Carpet and Lino replaced which is certainly less value for money

When one cant spend money flying overseas one has to do something with it I guess. Here is one I prepared earlier. At least I can look at the fridge magnets and dream of better times…..

Brisvegas Because We Did

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Wednesday dawned clear and warm as predicted . Quite warm in room even with AC set to 18 and fan on high. The fact I was walking around in singlet and socks (3 to be fair) supports my theory that many hotels fiddle with the controls to save on power😏 Good nights sleep all things considered had us ready for our first buffet breakfast of our stay after a short walk

Buffet breakfast was intriguing . No self serve but rather ask the masked avenger to fill your plate with a,b,d,f and a dash of q please. Works well enough but coffee was cold as just filled from a communal flask. Sated though it was time to start a leisurely river cat up to UQ and back because we can and it’s free for the premium class. Booteeful morning on the river but almost 90 mins was enough so hopped off at North Quay for that first hot coffee. You would think Coffee Club was a safe bet but nope. Service was slow and coffee cool on arrival. Simply left it there and walked on . The sign was misleading to say the least . One out of two at best

It was tempting to head straight back to pool to beat the hordes but did need some more Nespresso pods so stopped in and when offered a coffee well why not. It was good and hot and easily best of day so far. Then back to the pool and a few rays . The sun had a bit of bite trust me

Back to room for a brief respite and organised a plan for next hour. It involved food and drink and not much walky walky. Kabuki on the Go adjacent to , and part of Stamford, fit the bill perfectly so we rolled up for some sushi rolls and Jap beer. The sushi was great but the beer same temp as first two coffees of the day sadly 😰

Speaking of Kabuki Teppanyaki we were keen to try it again but did not think it was open before Thursday . When did enquire yesterday did find it open but only free spot was at 530 pm. Given the fun nature of this dining experience quickly thought who else has a dull social life similar to us that could join at such short notice. When Matt and Quinn RSVP’d in the affirmative within 5 mins we knew we chose wisely grasshopper. So having had a beer for lunch the first half of the afternoon would naturally include a sleep for CLP.

We still had those pesky free drink vouchers to use so headed to Pav Bar on site at 5 pm for pre dinner beers as you do . Not sure how Pav Bar stays open even before COVID times as there is always a service problem there and tonight was no different . Kabuki on the other hand was excellent again. We even had same chef Neil which was great . Not only is the food superb but it is a total experience. Of course I was the goose in the group and dropped both the egg and the fried rice. Meanwhile the 5 yr old in the next group nailed both ! Smart ass

Thursday was pretty much same start as Wednesday but spelt different . Like the red sea today we parted which is spooky as people say each day I look more like Moses . Same non self serve full buffet breakfast had us looking for a pleasant walk followed by a hot coffee. Much more of this fine dining would have my belt going kabookie but tomorrow it is back to “ work” at Maryhole. Originally spending another whole day in Brisvegas by myself but pulled pin on that last week. About now am wondering why I am even staying tonight 🤔

Saw the little lady off on her train to Cleveland to catch Water Taxi to Straddie for the week. This quickly exposed the next major flaw in my plan – I have to take my own washing home with me and do it myself ! Back to pool and gym for a bit and then look at afternoon stretching ahead . It’s an impressive gym for a hotel and of course, like the pool, very quiet at present

Well that’s the morning sorted , now for that tricky next 6 hrs. Did someone say Pub Crawl? Ok, but with ankle at present it could be more of a pub limp. Let’s check the local area and not get too adventurous.

Mr Edwards Ale House was across the road so fit the bill perfectly for a quick couple . Then onto Buffalo Bar a mere shanked wedge away. By now better eat something and attach wobbly boot. Spent some time in shop land and got that pesky travel clock been chasing before finishing off at Winghaus where they grow em big brother

So a fun few hours really only leaves one question. Do I really need to leave tomorrow …… later dudes