HHH – Day 14

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Fog again this morning before clearing to a warm weekend. While disappointing – seriously the overnight temps are same as Maryhole at present! – it does also make it difficult to clothe oneself for a morning out which starts cool but quickly warms up. As if not bad enough with the weather we have the political machine hitting Philly this weekend with Joe and Barack in Philly and Buffoon Bob in Pittsburg. Not sure what it will mean for getting around but doubt it will be good news . At least Phillies lost last night and now gone to Houston.

So my research showed Rally Coffee 7 mins away opened at 730 am and served Cortado. Today was officially declared Travelling Tourist Day by Sleepy Joe so was going to head out in fog and tick off all the tourist traps . Arrived at 731 am and maybe the paper cup should have alerted . I suggest it was organic and even that can ruin a Cortado 😢 Back to drawing board.

First bus stopped just outside. Apparently on opposite side of street as I discovered when first bus went straight past on a one way street. It was two buses to Rocky Steps , as touristy as it gets. The fog may have been disappointing but have been here before and have beautiful photos and the fog adds some mystery . Is it really Rocky or Nancy Pelosi 🤔 I made it to the top but didn’t jump up and down. Like a tourist 🤦🏻‍♂️

As only have 6 “free Septa trips “ left thought I would take a leisurely stroll of about 30 mins up to Love Park. Ok ya got me, up to Le Colombe Coffee Roasters. At my best when thinking . This is me thinking

A bit more quirk along the way , another advantage of walking where possible. Of course it turned 30 mins into 50 mins but checked diary and it was free rest of the day …… and week 😢

As approached City Hall noticed that a skating rink had gone up since yesterday ! What they can achieve in the fog eh. So this was a rink sponsored by Orthopaedic Surgeons with wine freely available nearby . Smart planning indeed.

I could see my Coffee Oasis just down the street but for some reason would have to cross over the street to avoid a gathering of women apparently kneeling and praying on the sidewalk. What could it be ?


I was feeling quite good and the weather was remaining cool enough so decided to head to next tourist destination – Old City . An alley here a flag house there and my tourist bingo card almost filled in. As luck would have it , it was garbage day just to enhance the ambience 👍🏻

This really just left a Philly Cheesesteak to go. Wasn’t bothered researching best “ Philly Cheesesteak” but rather “ Nearest Cheesesteak” and Campos was the winner. Nothing special but lined the stomach for some possible tomfoolery later so all good .

Actually turned into a very pleasant and enjoyable morning out and decided to hobble the 20 mins home. The sun was starting to peek through by now so could be an afternoon for T shirts and almost shorts ? Maybe leave the shorts for an even warmer weekend . Meanwhile some more quirk

Sometimes of course the worst thing you can do is stop. The ankle swells, the knee locks and then you have to go back down the stairs. I would be tempted to do another wash on Sunday before NYC but not sure can face those last set of stairs.

Plan this afternoon then is to hobble down to Italian Market . 15-20 mins and from memory there were also some murals around.

There may still be but I only found one really . The Cortado at Anthony’s was cod ordinary and the sham was on when delivered in full size paper cup. Italians and coffee eh. To be fair the girl making coffee was less Italian than me and about 18 .

The Italian market was a bit of bust as too many Italians around for me so headed back to South Street for your more typical American crackhead. I tell ya so many people walk the street talking to themselves it’s confusing . I found one mural, a closed bar and a Guinness #The Loaf .

So, once again a very enjoyable day. It does seem a waste to be done for day by 330pm but achieved a lot and not as if down to last days. Much like at home I love the mornings and the afternoon drags like a limp leg. Spooky. If I had some American Honey Sting I could soldier on through until 8 pm I reckon🕺🏻

Time for some more research for final two days , being a weekend with important visitors. I may do a mural search but will depend on the transport needed as already had my fill of the underground folk on subways.

HHH – Day 13

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For something a bit different today and trying to recharge this holiday going to Atlantic City for the day . Basically is the whole day as 90 min train trip each way once I actually get to 30 th Street St. Not a bad thing really as give the joints a chance to relax in between while gazing at the stunning scenery that am sure New Jersey is 😏 The main attraction for me will be the boardwalk which I guess is like a vegetarian ordering a T Bone and wondering why they felt sick. Still some fresh air can’t hurt .

Not prepared to hobble in dark for 10 mins to walk to a near deserted subway station full of undesirables at 630 am in morning so will Uber to 30th street. Assuming I can open the door downstairs . A lot of communication with owners late yesterday with the least helpful condescending advice being “ twist the key and hold it twisted and THEN turn the knob Dave. It’s easy really “ Sure, except there is no knob except the one I’m talking too 😂 Ah, ok then maybe try holding latch down “

Lovely time of day and another stunning station

Of course if I find walking the Boardwalk too much I may just sleep there and not have to worry about getting back in tonight

Train was very quiet but as usual in a carriage that sits 60 people and currently has 6, the last clown that boards sits right behind me! it was only $9 return trip and when arrived a free shuttle drops you of at various spots like casinos so great value. Stopped off at Caesars for no particular reason but just wanted to get to boardwalk first up,on this simply glorious day

It was only just after 930 am so really nothing open which was fine for now but going to be gagging for a frothy one after a few laps up and down. in the meantime I did enter a contest and of course won.

It has been a very warm, though pleasant , time in Philadelphia which is odd for their fall entering winter. Then the penny dropped . Bloody climate change

It was now 11 am so the Biergarten had cased out would be open. Poor planning though had me 10 mins away. Imagine how good that beer will taste when I get there. Imagine no more, it was delicious so I ordered another one. Not that there is any chance I am fading away but do find on these excursions at times don’t really feel much like eating but need to to soak up the alcohol. That pretzel should do the trick eh and it’s always smiling like me 🎃

Was getting a tad warm by now so time to head inside and tonk my honk until the shuttle bus is ready to pick me up . Now something to wash away that salty pretzel taste first. It was a Modelo and very tasty – think they are sponsors of Phillies who lost last night so the World Series in which only Yanks play 😏 is tied 2-2. Looks like I have avoided pandemonium in the streets on Friday as now head back to Houston

Train trip home uneventful and then another subway with the dregs and a 10 min walk home on this beautiful day . No cloud dared to show its face today

So, I didn’t spend anytime today scanning Qantas for early flights home . Complete inactivity yesterday afternoon and a good nights sleep gives the body a chance to recover and I didn’t have to go to Gimpland today. I am sure I will pay for todays walking overnight and tomorrow but certainly glad made the effort. There wasn’t a lot to see or do maybe but it is a memorable location, a bit like Coney Island. Also, seeing something new does inspire one. With 3 days to go , not sure a lot new to see now but am sure will find something quirky. May just do the tourist stuff like Rocky steps tomorrow when weather still good and then relax on weekend and let Philly flow over me

Or just let my fill flow down me 🕺🏻

HHH – Day 12

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Well the VRBO is certainly different to a hotel. Plenty of space and appliances so did stock the fridge for a few days. It is a creaky old place though and glad on top floor – apart from steps of course. Shower is difficult to work and takes forever to get warm . Of course central heating kicks in all the time . Getting dudded here with the weather – it’s sunny and warm ! It’s 10-15 degrees F warmer than normal 😢 And of course sunrise is not until 730 am , or as I call it morning tea time 😏

So the Philadelphia story at this stage is breakfast and dinner at home and lunch out . So nice to have some simple toast after two weeks . As don’t have Septa card yet have to do 15 min walk first up to metro station. Simply put the stairs are killing me , especially going down. Anyway headed off at 7 am with Miners Helmet on to see my way . It’s uneven footpaths too which doesn’t help. Not being a complainer of course I just soldiered on like a little trooper. Research suggested the weekly pass would be best value for $25 . Tap, load, pay. Sweet. Let’s get through that turnstile . Beep Beep Beep. Low fare. Tried again. Luckily there was a service person there who said can take a minute or two to load, you go on through. Thanks mate. Just about to leave and he says “ Did u say you bought a weekly ticket Sir ? “ Yep “ Ah that’s the problem, it’s Wednesday “ ok, so. Weekly tickets only run Monday to Monday . That’s ok I leave next Monday .” No sir it doesn’t activate until next Monday . Did u not see the dates ?” Well maybe if you put the fucking day first ya clowns it would have made more sense . “ Do you catch a lot of tourists that way ? “ He just smiled . I went back and loaded $25 onto my “wallet” so basically paid $50 for a weekly ticket. Walked back past and shouted “ Go Astros” Ha, that wiped the smile off( Phillies won last night and lead 2-1 . Could wrap it up with two home games next two nights . Hope not in a way)

Headed down to the sporting Mecca around Infinity Live mostly to see the Smoking Joe Frazier statue. It is a glorious if somewhat warm day 😏

Then headed into City Hall area in search of a Cortado. Not quiet Chicago but some stunning buildings and of course Love Park

Saw a place called Le Colombe coffee roasters nearby and seemed a fair chance . Found my Cortado and perfectly fine and a chance to sit and rest for a while

Need to make the most of trips out to avoid climbing stairs too often so detoured via Independence Hall for a gander and then a 10 min walk home. Have to say once again the subways are not a pleasant place really and in fact got abused by a young black guy just walking the street also and this was near Independence Hall. Sorry, it’s a nation in decline

Anyhoo, now I had to get home to do the dreaded washing and check out The Gimp in the basement . Yep fuck me another set of dangerous stairs . And of course have to unload someone else’s laundry first . Will then head down a bit later to switch over to dryer on way out for some lunch . Seriously these are a safety hazard for normal folk 😡

Headed down towards South street which is a lovely area – just in a T Shirt and jeans. Positively balmy . Could be back in Maryhole where I only get abused by white folk 😏

Thought I would drop into Paddy Whack for lunch and a beer but didn’t feel like a Guinness today. The beer actually tasted off and didn’t finish it but had a very tasty burger. Now the slow painful trek home .

As noted this is an old row house but quickly descending from charming to decaying. Yesterday the door was a bit sticky but today simply couldn’t open it . Had to ring owner , a few more phone calls and eventually got the guy who lives on first floor and works from home to let me in after sitting outside for 20 mins . They say they will come and have a look at it soon but doesn’t fill one with confidence for going out for a drink later . Then down the stairs of death to get washing . Seriously if could get majority of money back and a comfortable flight home would consider bailing now. Another few days of these stairs is going to cause a lot of damage methinks . You start out hopeful and keen in the morning but simply worn down by early afternoon

HHH – Day 11

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Time flies when you should be having fun eh. It’s time to check out and of course my last. Cortado. Her tears were embarrassing but hey she is only human.

Saw it was a 50 min drive to OHairy so of course left way too early but would rather sit around aimlessly at airport with bag checked in and security cleared then to sit aimlessly at the hotel thinking about the extras on the bill 😏 Good run out , friendly driver saw no meter ticking over so assumed was on the $35 flat rate fee. Ah no , that will be $65 mate ( we had bonded) or as we call it $75 with tip. Forced myself not to automatically recalculate to AUD but know it’s 3 figures . Fuck me. Breathe Breathe . So smooth curb side drop off – cachinge cachinge – and the “priority” caper helps with security. Tarmac adjacent with a mere 3 hrs to spare . Sweet. Where in my Flagship Lounge and free piss. Hey it’s after 8 am.

Found my close by gate and lounge . Fronted up to Broom Hilda who may have been tired after last night. Handed over FF card and Ruby OW boarding pass. “ No Sir you have to be Emerald or Sapphire OW for access “ But I was in LAX Flagship lounge. I have a cool T shirt . I have a cane FFS. Blank look. “ Must be a bitch waiting another year for your second gig eh “ Limped out . But wasn’t done. I hadn’t drunk anything yet so started thinking, must be missing something. AhHa , Qantas Club membership . So waited in line again and 3 staff on. But made sure I got BH .” Does this make a difference Sweetheart? “ Of course Sir, welcome to Admirals Club . “ Flagship Lounge ? “ In your dreams , no magic black invite card handed over. Oh well.

Admirals Club was fine. No personal omelette chef etc but a bar. “ A glass of Champers please my good Man” That will be $16 . WTF . Quickly google “ free alcohol at Admirals Club” It had been an expensive morning and still in Chicago 😳 With 2 hrs to boarding .

As usual it’s hard finding the exact thing you want in the net so asked Billy Bob at the Bar – there has to be some free stuff here , can you see the T Shirt and Cane mate ? It worked , and turned my frown upside down . Yeah right. Have you clowns learned nothing yet 🥸

Only a 2 hr flight . The owner of VRBO has been excellent but only found out last night that I could have got in much earlier today which would have been great but an earlier flight probably would have screwed up my sleep last night which was surprisingly good and would not have got my edumacation about Admirals Club. A full 5 days/6 nights in Philly so ok if first night a bit of a wash. Just wonder how will navigate 3 flights of narrow, steep stairs 🤔 I ain’t happy if I ain’t got something to worry about eh . Apart from the taxi fare from airport at Philly 😢 And don’t be fooled that Uber is a cheap option kiddies

Good flight and got to gate maybe 15 mins late . Quick bag and quick Taxi find evened it all out and was Pining at 523 by about 330 pm. And Taxi was only $35 Knobber Knobber. Then came the 3 sets of stairs

Ouch. The rental is on 3rd floor and a Row House so rather creaky . Would not like to be on second floor – apart from one less set of stairs natch. It’s great to really spread out after 2 hotel rooms S and actually have a chair to sit and watch TV .

Once quick inspection of kitchen revealed great appliances including a toaster ✅ decided to get some groceries before that first sherbert. The local store was literally only 3 mins away . Bought some meals to heat up etc so really probably only buy lunch out next few days which will be a saving. As long as I don’t catch a taxi to the restaurant . It is a lovely quiet neighbourhood

Now was time for a well earned drink. I may mention at this stage that going down the stairs is actually harder than going up. Checked Google maps and some bars a mere 10 min walk. Hey what do you know – this is Abbots Square where I actually stayed back in 2015. Great area and actually went to same first Pub I did all those years ago – The Twisted Tail.

Had my first beer and there was a guy sitting across from me maybe 4 feet. After 10 mins . Thought why not, little social butterfly me . His name was Bob was a local and after 3 more beers time to head home . Great happy hour ,I may return. Somehow the sun had disappeared when I left the Pub

A pretty useful first foray suggests I may enjoy Philly. Hope it starts to cool down soon as rather mild . Still hope to go to Atlantic City on Thursday so tomorrow will be spent getting lay of land and working out the Septa transport system

When I sober up ….

HHH – Day 10

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Last full day in Chicago and plans will depend on 3 things – weather, knee and ankle in that order. Odd how the knee is currently worse than ankle . Dense fog around this morning which raises the question of course – has there ever been smart fog ? Delays at airport so glad not flying out today . Always sad to leave one place just as have hang of the area and transport to move to another and have to learn its system and foibles. While the weather has been great would like to have seen some more chill around for next week. Could be positively balmy at 12-22. These are what are loosely called first world problems – a term I have used on occasion but actually think it is overused for certain things like complaints about Qantas delays. We live in the first world , we pay first world prices, maybe we should get first world service 🎃 And yes it’s Halloween . Now where is that Cortado . Bloody Fog ! PS Shove your pumpkin spice latte up your ass too while you are at it .

Cortado excellent as usual . The fog may lift today but fear a heavy cloud will descend on Big Ass staff when I tell them tomorrow is my last day . Much like the Tem po cafe I am about to PO. Apparently

Let’s check the Holy Trinity after that exhausting 3 min stroll

Fog will lift ✅

Ankle will hurt ✅

Knee is fucked ❎

Well as The Loaf would say , 2 out of 3 ain’t bad but crap it ain’t good either. So much for the afternoon of rest yesterday . Now for todays slightly altered plan . Altered as in what can I do within a 100 m radius of hotel . Not a lot actually . Oh well, suck it up Princess .

Well it’s Halloween better start Hobblin. The fog certainly adds some atmosphere at 8 am in the morning 🎃

Headed over to the Art Museum praying it was closed . Whew. It’s a great area though near Millenium Park where they keep the Falcon parked apparently . I would be lion if I said I could see very far in this fog though

Speaking of long distances have always wanted to travel Route 66 but just assumed it would take too long. Well , bugger me only took 5 mins 🕺🏻

Pretty well roo ted by now so was near my fave 151 Bus stop and there was one awaiting for me. Have to say the attitude and helpfulness of the bus drivers is excellent . Chances of finding a decent coffee on MM were remote but thought would have a sticky at Starbucks Roostery and it wasn’t wasted . They have exceptional toilets and the best taps have seen. Under for washing, to the side for drying . Works a treat . Of course then hobbled home for a cup of tea as Mamma didn’t raise no fool boy. Ok maybe talking too much to the bus driving ladies. 😏

Then as luck would have it hit the motherload back at SoftlySell. They had a Sundries fridge for those extras – under lock and key – like you know …..water.

One thing have struggled here in US with is artificial sweetener . Yes plenty of varieties but only like Equal and haven’t seen any since arrived . Until now next to the locked fridge . Like winning lotto only a lot lot sweeter . I loaded up

11 am up date . It’s foggy. Seems like a sign may need an Irish Coffee 🤔

Hobbled up to The Brehon , about a 10 min walk . Started with the Irish Coffee and yeah it was ordinary as feared. Then mixed it up with a Harp Lager this time and ordered some lunch – pulled pork roll. One thing will say in USA the meals are enormous and generally good value. This was only $13 .

The fog on the streets had moved to my brain now so knew it was time to head home with the first step of the stool always the scariest . Made it home slowly but surely .

Will be a quiet afternoon again but will head out later for one last drink. That won’t be blogworthy , especially a blog of this pedigree so will sign off now 🕺🏻

This stay in Chicago has been a reality check for the next two weeks. Clearly am limited with significant unexpected restrictions which are only likely to increase with time. Still having fun but would not have come if had known it would be this difficult. Still having a good time, just not doing justice to some amazing cities. It’s not like I come on holidays to relax because I can do that 24/7 in Maryhole 😏

Sofitel has been fine but haven’t checked out yet and got final bill🤞. It’s a good location and quiet . Am checked in tomorrow for flight at 1130 to Philly but of course will be out there ridiculously early 😀. Into a VRBO this time rather than hotels so hopefully a bit more relaxing .


HHH – Day 9

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Now not all plans are rock solid as brilliant as they may be . A tweak here, a twist there . The weather forecast suggested cloudy start with rain on the way. We will give the sunrise over the river a rest then and catch a bus up to Wrigley Field to see if it’s still there. Of course, still have my Big Ass Cortado first up natch

Short walk to bus stop for quite a long ride but not crowded so all good. Yep it’s still there but not much else. A few photos and caught next bus back to Gold Coast neighbourhood which is basically my Hood.

Time for some slow walking and fast talking if accosted . It’s a lovely area and of course Sunday morning is doggie park day. Beautiful homes and luxurious cars abound. And not too many rescue dogs methinks . Magic time of year with the falling fall leaves although doubt everyone agrees

Part of my rapidly forming weather driven plan was also to check out the Halloween decorations in the houses here and not disappointed . They may be rich folk but they can have fun. Could be a few nightmares around here tomorrow night …. I’m here all week try the deep dish pizza

The weather is cloudy but very pleasant at present. Of course the real smarts in my plan this morning was filling in the 4 hrs until the Pubs open at 11 am.😏 I feel a Guinness coming on

It came on and went down. First Irish Pub tried was closed for some odd reason at midday so carried on to the Kerryman. Patrons were already lining up for the Bears game this afternoon so could get wild later on. Not that it is likely to bother me as may just have to admit defeat today. Great morning walking around but think the last stop start has finished me for the day . The ankle is a constant of course but the knee comes and goes a bit. Like the little girl though when it is bad it is horrid as it is now . Sitting on a bar stool for 45 mins and then trying to walk home is not easy 😢

So settled in for a quiet afternoon watching LIV golf final and maybe some NFL. Time for some peace and quiet

Knock Knock


And so a couple of hours later pulling up stumps for the day . With 2 weeks to go best to rest now or will not make it to the end . Not happy Jan

At least the LIV golf is good – something did not expect to be saying this year

HHH – Day 8

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Better nights sleep and maybe because no alcohol after 2 pm. Shan’t let that happen again. Into my routine now . Out of bed around 615 am and place both feet on floor. If reasonably level and don’t collapse when stand then it’s full steam ahead for the day . Try not to trip over fridge in middle of room and get changed and hit the ground for my morning Cortado. But first ….

So after hyperventilating for 10mins yesterday put a laundry list in with only 8 items and still a bill of $43 with delivery ! You tick off what you number of each item put in and they tick if they agree . Leave out by 9 am and return by 6pm. So by 7 pm rang to see where my laundry was. They delivered it 10 mins later

Now maybe people who pay for their laundry – a lack of laundromats in Chicago nearby duh (another scam) – don’t care how much or went to private school and didn’t do Math but this LBD did . So , on way out this morning approached front desk

“ Bonjour Sir “ Still with the French nonsense

“ Cut the crap Pal. Do they teach Math in Frogland ? Someone tried the old laundry shim sham on me and didn’t fall for it “

“Let me check Sir. Yes you are right Sacre Bleu “

“ No shit Sherlock. Adjust , or will ram a nuclear sub up you ass and it’s American made not French ha “

Out into the night and onto Big Shoulders . Guess the Woke Brigade weren’t happy with original name of Big Ass. Had the breakky burrito as well as an excellent Cortado. A good coffee makes such a difference

So the afore mentioned routine involves a nice walk after breakfast along the Magnificent Mile towards the river. Fact – it’s only 1606 m. Bloody Yanks again eh . Despite the ankle/knee imbroglio I still try to walk as much as possible on holidays to counter the increased calorie intake . It was tempting though

Still I wouldn’t be able to stop and take photos then that enthral you all eh

Always been a morning person since I was born. At 4 am . The weather remains glorious and the pay off is sunrise. Simply stunning views and no crowds. Slightly different part of the river this time with the creative title of …..wait for it….Riverwalk . Being Fall there are leaves everywhere and at least 4 people with blowers were picking up 100s of leaves . I suggested to them “ that’s easy you wait until they get in your bunkers . I got a blank look “

Next part of the plan varies because that is how I roll ,especially ankles . Yesterday Millennium Park , today Union Station. Once again the buses impress. Clean, move through traffic, on time , great digital info. And the 3 day mobile pass works a treat on phone. Some more bridges in this area of course and the odd skyscraper

Being second visit to Chicago – first 2013 – I am certainly repeating the classics but why wouldn’t you. Places like Union a station you could visit every second week let alone every 9 years . One of my lesser know abilities is to cut tourists out of pictures . It’s an art. Of course I also arrive early

Final part of routine then is to head home for a cuppa and work out todays drinking plan for when it’s socially acceptable . You know …8 am. Another great bus ride home, a couple of supplies including tonight’s salad and chill for a bit. It’s a struggle at times but hey I ain’t the slowest mover on the sidewalk baby

Decided to head up in general direction of Lincoln Park and check out the Gold Coast area where I stayed previously and remember the houses were keen on Halloween. With a solid plan in place involving a short walk to my fave bus stop 151 I went down in the lift . Something didn’t feel right . I was missing something . A cane . Also, have not had a drink yet but see 3 of me 😳

Decided to give it a whirl and check out the new me. It’s like the old me only totally stuffed . Get on bus and without cane have to make way to back of bus with GU. Short trip to Lincoln Park and then work my way back through Old Town amusing myself as I go

It was well past 11 am now so time to find a Pub for a quenching ale or an ailing wench. I went with the beer at LGs – Life’s Good

Suitably recharged decided could walk home from here. Beer does that . Half way home and walked past Lou Malnatis and then thought well why not . It was lunch time after all. Fronted the bar and sat next to what appeared to be a normal looking 35 yr old woman of normal size. I mention this because not soon after I sat down a good size order of Wings came out for her. Fine. I ordered a beer and a classic pizza for 1 . It takes 35 mins to cook . The old beer shim sham . Anyhoo after 10 mins the Sheila finishes her wings and her pizza comes out . I am still waiting of course and order a second beer. Meanwhile the lady finishes her pizza and then mine arrives . A good size portion. Then fuck me she orders the Tiramisu , a good size portion just quietly . She didn’t quite finish it all but a fair effort 👏🏻

Now, without my cane I just appear as your standard stud muffin so after sitting for 45 mins my first few steps were going to be difficult and stumbling …..you know, like a drunk 😏 An average woman out eats me 2:1 and then two beers appears to have the Wobbly Boot on. Did my best Kiwi accent and stumbled out and walked home

So, while chilling for a couple waiting for CLP to wake up a couple of comments/whines. It’s easy to get a Cortado now but no one has ever heard of American Honey Sting at a bar ?? Secondly I am sick of tired of paying full price for a “service” and then receiving multiple emails asking for a review. Be careful what you ask for Clowns .

On a beautiful afternoon let’s head towards the beach now with no great planning. Apparently planning is worthwhile . While I could clearly see the beach there was no way to cross highway 500m in either direction

Oh well will just do a circuit of the block and look at the rich peoples homes. Get to the far corner and out of corner of eye see in the distance something resembling a pedestrian tunnel ? Let’s investigate

What goes down must come up and here I am at the beach. Nice to walk on the sand and look back at the buildings

That will do for another full day in glorious weather . Back to Le Bar for La Drink . A rumbo will settle the nerves . Weather forecast not so flash next two days so will put my thinking cap on . This is me thinking

And I’m thinking, will I have another drink 🤔

HHH – Day 7

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Wow, been here almost a week and still have $20 left 👏🏻 That should buy a roll of Mentos if I stinge on the tip .

Once again soft lumpy beds, 37 soft pillows and an all in one doona make for a rough nights sleep. Seriously , in cities where they say “Now wear layers Sonny “ you can’t give a sheet at least . It’s either be cold or be warm but don’t you dare be comfortable. So, maybe 4 hrs sleep total . I swallowed a very large pill and put a few items in the laundry bag and hung on door . Also noted my blood type because if you want starch apparently they may need a kidney. FMS

This meant I was raring to go at 6 am and start the Hobblin because Halloween was approaching and had to practice . Or as they call it here, night time😏 Area is not dodgy of course but still some odd bods around and this is where cane comes in handy . Did my research and Cafe Umbria served Cortado and was about a 20 min walk and opened at 630 am. Left at 620 am to be safe and stopped in to a church to pray for good coffee. It worked ! Excellent

Close to the river now and it’s 27 bridges and sun was almost considering getting up so made a beeline for Millenium Park. Along the way again some glorious shots of architecture if I do say so myself

A bit further along and came across some well known landmarks so of course had to stop and shoot eh , not a term to use loosely in Chicago of course.

The sun was peeking through now and it was nice and quiet this early so had the Bean mostly to myself. As suspected the Fall leaves are glorious and it was an amazing time of day. Old Whiskers is knocking out some pretty handy work of late

Two things always approach with trepidation on holidays are hookers …..oops wrong holiday …… first use of washing machines ( not an issue yet !) and first use of public transport. Got my Ventra card and loaded a 3 day pass and all easy peasy. Caught the red line to Chicago stop which is a 3 min walk from Sofitel. Had to stand because many seats were taken up with men sleeping on them , as in laying down, at 8 am in the morning so even the cane didn’t work. Dropped in to Seven Eleven for some supplies and then back to room for breather and planning now I have the train thing down . Having said that plan to walk to Navy Pier later but of course nothing opens here until 11 am . At least now I have some milk and tea bags, time to ring down for an actual kettle and maybe a cup ! Mind you as bad as the ankle is now I know it’s going to be worse when I start again. Have to say hard to see how I will make it to New York but just have to suck it up I guess 😢. Oh, and the laundry gone so hope it was picked up and not just stolen by a passer by my size😏 Actually looking around this last week not sure many of these folk would squeeze into my clothes. 😳

Ok, maybe we try some more strapping this time.

Time to catch a bus which only leaves the horse and carriage in the Transport Trifecta Bingo. Route 66 took me to Navy Pier and not Santa Monica but it was a good trip and not crowded. Would say 30% people here wear masks and 95% of them would be elderly . Today is a simply a glorious day and also good time to get around with weekend coming up and we all know what that means – bloody tourists .

Halloween is starting to kick in around this place. Two faves are Margaritaville and Harry Carey’s Tavern. Had a mango margarita first up but you wouldn’t know it by the colour. I force myself to drink here for CLPs benefit as she is a huge fan. Of Jimmy Buffet, not me .

Then it was a hop, skip and a stumble to Harry’s and once again thought better eat something so had some very tasty sausage ravioli. And a beer just to mix it up a bit

Then back home nice and easy and now comes the tricky part. How to not waste a beautiful afternoon when already done so much and had a few sherberts . Wonder where those horse and carriages are 🤔

Now being an expert on the subway I decided to head north this time and have a gander at Goose Island Brewhouse. Yes folks that is the level of humour here

Not much else up around there of interest so caught the subway back. Will be interesting to see NYC subways because Chicago is where the dregs congregate. No courtesy at all for cane I’ll just leave my bag on the seat next to me or put my feet up. At first stop two seats opened up and about to sit down when middle aged woman standing pointed at me and thought she was offering seat but no she was asking me to move so her 10 yr old daughter could get past and they took both seats . And of course beggars in every carriage . Will try more for buses methinks or just stay closer to home. Speaking of which found Big Shoulders Coffee 200 m from hotel and they serve Cortado. And Breakfast. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Which is spooky because it’s true actually. Having spent todays budget on that xtra pack of Juicy Fruit I was left with $7 which bought a take away Chicken Salad from local store . Fuck the tip

Don’t get me wrong it’s been a wonderful time so far with glorious weather but it’s a balancing act having a good time and keeping an eye on the money all the time. And let’s not even think what it is in $AUD 😢. It’s 330 pm and I am in for the day and counting the hours until

HHH – Day 6

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Shocking nights sleep with a 3am wake up call in. Not sure I slept at all and was awake certainly before any call. All packed last night so just had to check out and catch a cab to airport. Of course I arrived ridiculously early at 4am for a 630 am flight but wasn’t gambling just because still in Vegas . It was already getting busy and is a cut lunch between terminals. $5 for the valet $10 extra for the cabbie, $5 tip for the desk side bag drop. I tell ya, money is flowing down the drain over here and don’t get me started on the $65 cab fare today. Of course little anal me straight away converts to $AUD and then the real tears start

Anyhoo thought would get something to eat at Ruby’s in Terminal D and the only hot option was a egg/bacon type muffin for $10 so asked for “ the muffin thanks “ . Got some juice as well so suprised when bill was only $9 and thought was on a winner again . Waited and then they bought my muffin out “ you want jelly with that Hon “? Duh , no why would I . Ok so they sold me a fucking toasted muffin and nothing else not even butter . FMS . Not a good start . Plane was chockers as usual and it was a cramped 3.5 hr flight but arrived a few mins early , bag came out quickly as did Taxi. Slow trip in of course but arrived around 130 pm which was a great result . Checked in. “ The mini bars in the room don’t work at present. Would you like a fridge ? Well of course.”Ok we will send one up and it is now sitting in middle of floor ! It’s a pleasant room certainly on the 22 nd floor but not really as luxurious as advertised. It will do of course

Then it was time to get lay of land and also cross off first tradition – a visit to Billy Goat Tavern for a cheezeborger. About a 15 min walk . Headed down just in T Shirt and jeans as had been a busy last hour. Lordy Lordy . Temp said it was 15 but you always have to factor in wind chill. Quickly back up stairs for jumper and still a bit cool . Glad I bought some gloves and beanie in case

Wasn’t quite grabbing me yet and then headed up to Michigan Ave and remembered what I love about Chicago – the buildings. Think Fall will be a good time to visit as well. Walked the Magnificent Mile and can see some Halloween Happenings around

When word spread that Mr Magnificent was actually on the Mile today the Press gathered of course

Time then to head home after a very long day and pick up some supplies . On these jaunts I do drink a lot at different places but rarely do the eating caper justice and pick up a salad or similar and have an early night . Part of the problem, or joy, of solo travelling but really couldn’t be sitting down to fancy meals every day at these prices . Give me drinking anytime . Speaking of which let’s check out the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey offering at Sofitel – LE Bar. It was damn fine actually and had a very cold Sam Adams. Then I had a beer……

Last and only visit to Chicago was in 2014. There will be some double up of course like with Billy Goat but will do some research tonight but if weather nice tomorrow then likely start at Navy Pier , about a 20 min walk . At this stage weather looks pretty good for the 5 night stay with maybe some rain on Sunday

Before signing off some things that do annoy me about USA Lodgings apart from all the taxes. Again no utensils or plates as such , just a couple of glasses. No microwave, no kettle, no toaster . It’s all designed to gouge the customer . And of course no laundary 😡

Which raises the question , Why would women stay here , let alone how do they fill the day in 🤔

Ouch .

HHH – Day 5

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Last full day of being full in a Vegas. Off to Chicago tomorrow at 630 am so means a very early start for this LBD . Some planning then was required as to which drinking establishments deserved the honour of my company .

Starting the day with an Irish Coffee seemed a solid plan and a good start with a 3 pronged attack first up. Ri Ra at Mandelay Bay was a 25 min walk so even though the left knee has gone out in sympathy with right ankle headed off on another glorious day. The coffee was nothing special but no Starbucks either to be sure 😏

Then it was time to check out Allegiant Stadium although pedestrian access was a bit tricky. Needed to cross Frank Sinatra Drive and then Dean Martin drive but both fast moving freeways .Went the long way around over Hacienda Ave and got there eventually . It is a very impressive place for us Raiders fans

The third leg of my cunning plan was another 15 min walk to Hollywood Car museum which liked the look of. Glad made the effort as has pretty much every famous car you could think of. Don’t believe me ?Make yourself a cuppa

I could feel a song coming on George so naturally sat down and entertained the yokels with a bit of “ You Are My Sunshine “

My other bit of clever planning involved using the Monorail as the MGM is the final stop and the Sahara the first stop. Time to Uber to Sahara given we are in the desert after all. Not having to deal with constant pain momentarily freed the brain to hatch a clever plan in the back seat . The Monorail Drinking Game – patent pending . Have a drink at all 6 stops .

The Sahara was surprisingly impressive given its age and there was some great Rat Pack images . The Casbar was also a treat , ah Thank you very much .🕺🏻

To be fair I skipped the next two stops as no bars before arriving at Harrahs. Time for some lunch I guess which I tend to forget when on these drink runs . Walk Ons was a Taste of Louisiana so had some boom boom shrimp which was delicious.

Next stop was Caesars via Flamingo . A bit of a trek but not a bad thing at this stage . It’s a place that looks impressive on the outside but a bit gaudy and pretentious inside. Found a bar but staff rather indifferent

Skipped the Paris stop as was there on Monday and carried on to the MGM . Decided on an Expresso Martini at Mansion Casino as had heard good things . It was fine but like the Irish Coffee it’s all down to individual tastes

On way back to room noticed pool on other side of MGM was open and looked inviting. A sober up wouldn’t hurt at this stage , back for the sluggos . Great way to chill for an hour

A couple of hours back in room to relax before heading out for a last drink. Had an Irish bar lined up for a Guinness tradition but left run a bit late and ended up in beer garden with a plastic cup 😢

My Gambling Experience/Tips in Vegas.( Knowledge Level -1)

So, on way back to rooms finally stopped in casino and put $20 in a slot . A few spins a few bells and cashed out $41. That earns another drink. Went to nearest bar and ordered a Southern Comfort . No one knows AMERICAN Sting here 😏 Every second bar has gambling machines at seat

“ Are you gambling Sir (Poker) “?
No, why
“Well if u r can comp the $15 Sc “
Line em up Chauncey
Put $20 in and played for 10 mins. Cashed out $15

So half an hour of fun and $15 up. Just enough for takeaway Nathan’s Hotdog and Fries. Living the life #highroller

And that’s is from Vegas folks, it’s been a blast

As long as I can wake up at 330 in morning should be on the 630 am flight to Chicago. Weather looks good 7 -15 . Darool Darool