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SOO Game 2 2018

Posted: June 24, 2018 in Sport

Its not so much that we lost that gnaws but that we should have won. And no, not talking about the penalty try which was a reasonable call but rather we had our chances and blew it. NSW certainly had the rub of the green this year which is fine as Qld certainly has in some recent years. It comes and goes. The disappointing aspect from a Maroon perspective is we had the chance to scar the next generation and we missed it. There are certainly some chinks in the left side defense for example with the Blues but that will improve each game they win. With prodigious young talent all they really need is confidence and a bit of luck. They had the luck and will get better each game. The last 10 minutes is where we clearly missed Smith, JT and co which brings us to the elephant in the room

Ben Hunt is our Mitchell Pearce! Its not often you can lay the blame at the feet of one player but this is as close as it gets. He missed Addo-Carr badly for first try, he gave away the penalty try, he lost the ball in a crucial tackle etc. Most of all though he fucking kicked the ball dead on the 3rd tackle against 12 men! His lame excuse “was trying to keep the pressure on and get a repeat set” Hey assclown, not sure if u made it past Grade 3 but I was always taught 3+3 is still only 6 so why not use the those 6 first! The game was lost there, plain and simple. Like Pearce he will go back to club land and shine and will keep getting picked. Have not seem him play this year but he lacked game management at Broncos especially in combo with equally useless Milf. Its why Dragons wont win flag this year. If u are going to pick Hunt again you need to make Widdop a Qlder stat! So lets run the slide rule over the team

Slater – 8.5 Brilliant first 15-20 and then tired understandably. Always a threat and will be massive loss next year
Gagai – 8. Class finisher, had weaker defense against
Holmes – 7. Solid with limited chances and up against the stronger defensive side
Inglis – 7. Not the impact of the first game but great combo with Slater
Chalmers – 6. Always a mixed bag. some defensive lapses, a hopeless kick, and a costly stupid tackle late
Munster – 6. Gould thinks he puts them to sleep. I think he goes walkabout. He is a talent but needs a more solid half next to him to shine
Hunt – -4. I cant think of anything good he did and clearly 4 bad things. Hence the score. At least now he will be remembered for something else along with 2015 GF blunder
McGuire – 7. Usual game , always solid but hardly a threat
Cooper -5. Maybe he does a lot in defense but provides nothing in attack and much like his 2018 Cowboy form
Napa – 7 . Potential to impact at times but never quite came off. Better for the run, pick him in the Cup over a longer distance come November
Wallace – 4 Largely missing again
Kafusi – 5 see Cooper although he plays better for Storm and in first game as well
McCullough – 6. 80 min goer but really provides no spark in attack

Ponga – 7/9. First one is for actual game in an odd position. Second is for potential. He is all class and while no Slater will at least provide a similar attacking threat next year but not the organisation skills at this stage. Clearly the next big thing , ok already is. Barring injury a 30+ Origin career awaits
Hess – 4 See Cooper. Not the same impact player as last year. See Cowboys
Arrow -7 Limited chances but like Ponga is the future and it is bright ( once we find a halfback!)
Papali – 3 One of the more overrated players going around. See Milford

For NSW , Maloney is always the danger, Tedesco well controlled while Mitchell and Addo-Carr are the rocks/diamonds in the team. They will win you some and lose you some. Qld had the chance to really dent their confidence but blew it. They will be dangerous in years to come

You couldnt watch the game and not comment on Gould’s ridiculous “commentary” around the penalty try. I usually like his insights and one of the games better thinkers just behind Carlos Smearson 🙂 This was embarrassing though . Everyone expects JT, Joey, Wally etc to be a bit biased but they are only “expert commentators” giving opinions when asked and not commanding the microphone for 5 mins and screaming like a banshee about the penalty try.

Winners are grinners and the biased NSW controlled media will be nauseating for next few weeks now. Pick and Stick will likely be the go and is difficult and dangerous to castigate a couple of players but you have to think of future so would suggest you dump Hunt, Cooper, Hess, Wallace and Papali. Ash Taylor gets a run and Arrow starts along with Glasby and maybe Ofahengaue. It wont happen as would be seen as panic but is needed

There was also the inaugural Womens SOO this year with the most interesting aspect being how they determine the winner when scores are locked at full time. No Golden Point but rather a “kiss off” with the first player to break contact the loser. Doesnt seem fair given the Qld women are clearly more attractive and kissable . Never going to win that one

In either format “2018 Origin Winners NSW” is like “President Trump” – it just doesnt sound right let alone plausible. The victorious NSW dressing room was the second most haunting image saw this week. There was a clear winner that cannot be unseen…..

Well, Winter has certainly come a knocking as we enter the best time of the year in Maryhole. Brisk nights and clear days with max of low 20s. I love the daytime low 20s but maybe in a sign of old age approaching a couple of degrees more in morning would be ok, like around the 10C mark. As CLP always says , well just a little more would be nice . Not sure what she is referring to…. Thinking of getting some of the airplane aisle floor lights installed in house between bed and loo! Of course early starts on the golf course dont help I guess but I am a creature of habit. Mind you not only is the weather glorious here but Maryhole is leading the world into the 20th century. Dont believe me ? Check out this non fake news item I prepared earlier

May is a busy time of year Grandkiddy wise especially the last week. Started with annual camping trip to Rainbow last Friday for Harry’s 6th. By camping I mean I drive down, look at the camp, spend some time with Harry and family and then move onto more salubrious accommodation at Maplehead. You know, walls, roofs and that sort of stuff. Mind you the Pipers now have a camper trailer which could almost entice. Once they get full plumbing and an ensuite of course. It was a very windy day so no swimming undertaken but a lovely time all the same

By end of week time to celebrate Pat the Lad turning 7. What do you make for such an event? Well patty cakes obviously. What is interesting though looking back on photos is that while Pat has changed a lot in 7 years I look exactly the same. Spooky stuff

And of course as Winter hits not many places in Qld colder than the old Toowoomba as am sure Ryan would agree. Will be great to see the Woomby clan again in a couple of weeks for Ranny’s Engagement party

So, in other inconsequential news a lot is going on I guess. SOO approaches and while always thought this was the year we start losing even before Eyelash Boy bailed the side NSW has picked does give us an outside chance and by that I mean we could lose by 50 or win by 8. Its a side brimming with speed and talent but is inexperienced and if get behind early could be some panic. If NSW lose the first game, let alone the series, they will be in the foetal position for years to come. Of course with first game being in Victoria we need to help that mob work out their allegiance

TV and Politics entwined again as is the norm these days. We had the Roseanne nonsense followed by equally deplorable Sam Bee comments and floating around all this was the bizarre image of a Kardashian in the Oval Office. So many great comments and memes served up of course with this maybe my fave titled “Massive Arse meets Massive Arse” . Too easy really

Of course the truly Trump result of all this was that yes he did pardon a few people but not the one that KK saw him about!

In actual TV Land there have been some good shows out and about. The ONJ biopic with Delta was not one of them. Likely the worst TV will see all year and onl6 half way through. The Americans has wrapped up now so that is next cab off the rank. The Terror was rather compelling viewing and an interesting subject matter. The Picnic at Hanging Rock remake was mostly style over substance as expected but really any lavish Aussie TV production is generally better than current US slop. Of course when discussing this story always reminded of Sir Leslie Colin Patterson’s original idea. Check out from about the 4 min mark. Better still watch the whole clip and get some edumacation – Pissup on Hanging Rock. Classic humour from those glorious non PC days

With flights now booked and paid for Wired for Winter is set in stone. Or Ice as the case may be. Have my new Qantas Premier Mastercard so accumulating points at a rapid pace now. Always fly PE but with now being a Dreamliner plane with some rather poor PE reviews will be trying to upgrade a leg or two to BC as one does #firstworldproblems. Accommodation mostly sorted as well with just a train here or there or book. Was looking at a few non Qantas options for internal flights but they have some strange rules regarding entry to their domestic lounges so Qantas seemed the best answer on many fronts . One always need to load up suitably before any flight just in case. As someone who really doesnt sleep on flights upgrading first leg appeals most as can really hook in to the great service (food and DRINK) and get PJs to use rest of trip. Sweet.

So as the sun slowly sets and the temp drops accordingly all is good in Flashland. The Grandkids are and always will be pure joy especially as all different in their own way in age and character. Jacks tournament is on at present so that is daytime TV sorted for tomorrow. My own golf today was rather embarrassing today but still enjoyable especially any day get into Hoge’s back pocket. Glorious weather, great company and free beer.

Its not the Holy Trinity but dang its close folks