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Ah no actually because after 12 weeks I still have to wrap the ankle to walk anywhere! Lets start with the good news because it wont take long. The 12 week X Rays are done and dusted and would seem to indicate all is where it should be and no rust detected. Here are two I prepared earlier

Now lets retrace our steps and move onto the reality of living with a fused ankle after a “successful” operation. Back home now by myself for majority of August . It was time to move onto next phase of recovery and get back into the Maryhole way of life. Of course I expected by 12 weeks to be running like a deer through the forest , not that I ever could mind you. Instead

I prefer to act as if it is a choice rather than a guaranteed certainty. First up then I needed some supplies to last through end of winter or at least next 3 days.

Its fair to say the Breville Barista Coffee machine experiment has not been a raging success but it would have to do for now as an hour is long enough to spend on adjusting grind . Hey maybe I should get Dr Bali up ? Nah, lets just open up the Honey, A instead. Speaking of Dr B he suggested I would be driving at 6 weeks – yeah right. After some crap coffee for a few days and approaching Week 11 thought it was time to venture further afield with moonboot at the ready. Ok, its a slow process taking on and off so celebrated feat of first drive to Coffee place with a muffin as well just to ensure I didnt fade away with the anxiety

This was never going to cut mustard for too long so time to try a few variations. I never did get the “rocker sole” shoes advised as they appear to be a US invention and no one here sells them in Aussie land. The Skechers with arch fit certainly seemed an acceptable solution at least comfort wise. A quick call to Doc B between weeks 11 and 12 seemed to suggest all was on track and recovery is variable from patient to patient but it was time to wean off the moonboot. Did as told of course and ventured out for a couple of chores with just a wrap on and the shoes. The main problem continuing onwards , apart from some pain, is the swelling after even a short period on feet and upright. Exhibit A from 2 days ago

< not good

Apart from continued swelling the foot still becomes dark pink/red after being upright as well maybe simply due to increased blood flow. There is increased tightness around achilles region as well which is new now. Of course all this may simply reflect normal life after a fused ankle as fusion is complete and less movement available. For first two months ankle always seemed more flexible that expected. As always there is good stiff and bad stiff…… Plans to be taking it easy and watching some fave movies to reflect the mood have been replaced by a more reflective choice

Of course life doesnt just revolve around my ankle. Also had an infected sebacious cyst on neck that had to be excised and then dressed every 2 days at Doctor for a week . They stick a wick in it to keep it partially open and let me tell you that hurts when then pull it out.

Lets spend some time then planning the USA trip coming up to bring some cheer into one’s life. Say, is that an email from Qantas, how spooky. “Hey sucker we cancelled your PE flight on the A 380 from LAX coming home to an A 330. Yeah they dont do PE so you will be in economy for 14 hrs but you are in the same seat ” What? The same seat number is not the same fucking seat you morons! Talking to Qantas is pointless of course. Every day now you wake up (hopefully) and check emails and pray there isnt another one from Qantas! Until yesterday morning of course when turned on laptop to be greeted by BSOD! Tried all the usual tricks but the more you tried the worse it got until it just died completely, likely a failed HDD would suggest. The one email did see on iPad was from Centrelink saying your medical leave is over and time to come see us . What a joyous way to spend Friday morning – look for a laptop for $1000 and then mingle with GU at Centrelink for 30 mins.

Obviously laptop is bought and being used . Windows 11, ugh. Anyhoo , time is flying by quickly and so USA trip is down to just over 6 weeks away but still cant get too enthused as too much can still go wrong for this LBD especially with 4 internal AA flights as well. The working title of “What Happens in Vegas” has been upgraded as really only 4 days in LV even thought it is the only city that is “new” for me on the itinerary. The current working title is “Slots, Slices and Sly” to cover Vegas gambling, two different pizza types in Chicago and NYC, and of course Philly’s favourite son. It may well change again. I shan’t lay awake at night thinking about it, too much else on my mind

Its not all doom and gloom of course


Ah crap.