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Yep thats fake news but “a long time between blogs” has a certain gastrointestinal issue aura about that and my straight laced fan base would be turned off by that

So, since last we met our hero a lot has happened in what is simply a glorious time of year. Some brisk mornings indeed but the real winners are the days – blues skies, low 20s. Darool Darool. I suspect heaven on earth is drawing to a close so lets enjoy last few days. One thing people forget in winter is their pets but not Brody. Beardy has officially the highest Vit D level of any cold blooded animal recorded

First big event back in middle June was engagement party for Ranny and Richard. Always great to catch up with family and a great night was had by all. We stayed at a B&B again and Woomby certainly has some gooduns. Tony and family were driving to Brisvegas to catch a flight for a NZ holiday next morning and luckily all made it and judging by photos had a great time. No, not these photos. Other photos

July saw Mum turn in her grave. Nope, actually still with us and turned a mere 92. Anne and John put on a lovely morning tea and also able to catch up with Auntie Noela, an all too rare event these days. Then it was onto my life story as told as a musical at QPAC – Beautiful. It is of course the Carol King yarn and was simply brilliant not just with the songs but the set designs and humour throughout. Do yaself a favour and catch a couple of live shows every year

A couple of weeks at home rearranging sand with Miner’s Helmet in place as big events at course and work stated at 4 am for 3 days! Fun fact. Its actually colder when sun comes up then at 4 am. Speaking of cold it was then down to Canungra (try saying that 3 times quickly after a few sherberts) to celebrate the 60th birthday of Bruce and also usual Della Xmas in July. Had the day before hand to walk around Brisvegas for a few hrs while CLP worked. Yep that is as funny as it sounds. Lovely city to explore on foot even if not much open at 7 am! Two nights at Chateau Canungra had the trakkies fitting nice and snug and the liver earning her keep. Has to be a woman with all the moaning she does

So after that rather hectic, but enjoyable, few weeks time to detox for a few weeks back in Maryhole. One no longer feels the need to comment on Buffoon Bob because nothing ever changes. You think well that will be the last straw but nope just dyes it orange and sticks it on top of his head and moves on.

In TV land have really enjoyed some Aussie TV of late. Jack Irish is back but also enjoyed Safe Harbour on SBS and just started Dead Lucky as well. With Castle Rock just dropping also found another SK adaptation with Mr Mercedes – recommended. Of course has been a lot of talk about Cohen’s latest Who is America which I find dull and cringeful apart from maybe the Mosque in Arizona segment. Of course many forumites think if you dont think it is hilarious then “tyou dont get it” which is rubbish of course. Humour is subjective and just because you dont find this dross funny doesnt mean u dont get it. It aint rocket science. I prefer the more subtle approach of a Daily Show which just talks to Trump supporters at a rally. That is of course more scary then funny anyway. We now have concerns about whether Barry Humphries humour is too feral now? Nope it is as funny as ever, its the world that has changed. Seinfeld latest Coffee in Cars was mostly good

In sports world the Broncs are hot and cold but simply have worst 5th tackle options of any top 8 team. They wont threaten at pointy end but could be good next year. If they buy a halfback! The Open was good as always and while I didnt see last round live was intrigued by screaming headline next morning before watching recording “Molinari beats Tiger to win Open” Most sane folk would assume that meant Tiger came second? Nope. Tied for 6th from memory but of course he is all the vast majority of media write about. Yes he is competitive and its a great return but methinks his last putt in that Open – even though out of contention – tells you what we all know. It aint the same Striped One anymore. Now just tell the media purleese

Wired for Winter is slowly percolating away in background. As I write this I see Qantass has FINALLY released some sale fares for Feb 2019 and could have saved $600 if waited but think we both know that would have been spent now on anti anxiety pills and yoga lessons to get out of fetal position each morning. Speaking of which the ankle may have entered next phase. Which could be its last. Yes one does get older each year but man the joints are bad this year and the ankle mostly swollen after any activity. Much better when activity leads to loss of swelling

Ya with me…..


Posted: July 11, 2018 in Sport

Ah the Cherry Evans on top of the cake. The much maligned, and mostly unlikable, DCE showed his worth in first 20 mins with good control and well placed kicks. We still lacked potent attack and no doubt missed GI in the backline. The commentators as usual were creaming their jeans no doubt under instruction that SOO crowds and ratings were down but while a tense and exciting game due to closeness it was never a great game. It was a game of circumstance which can happen. Foe a number of reasons, most self inflicted, NSW were stuffed after 25 mins and even though scored those 2 tries before halftime – after Hunt came on 🙂 – the fatigue was always going to come back and bite them. It seemed to moi that Freddy finally went off the well crafted script before the game alluding to Smiths retirement and from there on things never went their way. Yes Qld probably got the rub of the green this time but mostly deserved and it was clear from start even before fatigue became a factor that the Blues were holding down in tackles and getting away with it because it was SOO. Some general thoughts before the eagerly awaited player ratings!

1. Giving Billy the Man of the Series was embarrassing. Imagine if he had played 3 matches – he would have won last years as well on countback!

2. Qld are not on the crest of a new era but still very much in transition. They lack size and attack in the forwards and will miss Billy heaps next year. They need a better dummy half option than either one they have at present

3. NSW deficiencies in the backline defense around Mitchell and Ado Carr were clear in every game. Mitchell went completely missing.

4. Why is it only our players can get dragged over the sideline?

5. It was a series of missed opportunities. Qld could easily have won the series. Blues could easily have done a whitewash. There is unlikely to be any great dominance again


Billy Slater – 8. Not as threatening as Game 2 but great at times including first try involvement
Val Holmes – 9 Class finisher and his stretched intercept towards end was critical
Will Chambers – 6.5. Solid at best, nothing special
Dane Gagai – 7.5. Much more threatening and involved
Corey Oates – 4. Played like a second rower with butter on his hands . Spooky
Cameron Munster – 7. Usually mixed game. Did set up critical try but can be a frustrating talent to watch
DCE – 8. Great first 20 mins with some deft kicks.If he wasnt such a tool and played for Manly could almost warm to him
Josh McQuire – 6.5. Am sure he does plenty in defense but rarely threatens to turn a game
Jai Arrow – 7. Has potential and tried hard but lacks size
Jarrod Wallace – 4. Has size but no heart
Felise Kafusi – 6 Busy but never spectacular
Josh Papali – 6. 8 for first 15 mins, 4 for rest. Simply looks unfit
Andrew McCullough – 5 Workhorse maybe but not up to this class. Maybe try a regional maiden next
Gavin Cooper – 6.5 Like McQuire am sure he does more than appears which is why I dont see it I guess. Good role in match winning try
Coen Hess – 6. Best effort of series which isnt saying much
Ben Hunt – 5.0001 . Once again seemed to notice more his mistakes than anything great but was more threatening than McCullough. Not a high bar folks
Tim Glasby – 4 Limited opportunities .For a reason

Man of Series Selectors – 1. For allowing Loz to still be associated with an SOO Howler for another year
Kevvie Walters – 6. Handled disappointment after first two matches with class but not convinced he is the answer without the stars. Not a Melbourne Cup field mind you
Freddy Fittler – 8. Did and said all the right things until the day before Game 3. Bought much needed change but methinks more a case he was up against a depleted Maroon outfit
WAGS – Mrs Smith looked sour and maybe just realised she now has to watch SOO because she is stuck with hubby. Mrs Slater not sighted but maybe in the box with the Aussie Selectors spelling Billy’s name? Mrs Cronk wisely stayed away

And its Goodnight from him