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Monday Musings

Posted: November 29, 2015 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

As if the 35 degree heat was not a big enough clue, we now know Xmas is fast approaching because Julie Anthony has just released a Greatest Soppy Song Collection. This can only mean that the Whispering Jack “Almost Certainly Maybe Possibly Never Know Last Tour Souvenir 2 Disc Collection” must be next. When National Lampoon’s Xmas Vacation is screening we then know that the fat fella is poised at chimney entrance. Speaking of urban myths is there any chance we can get The Dome that sits over Maryhole laminated? If it is going to keep out all rain surely we should try blocking some of the sun too no ? My derision of all things weather forecast related is well known and it is mainly their arrogance of course and sheer gall to still produce forecasts in the absence of any actual proven record of accuracy but even I wonder at their stupidity. Why forecast a daily rainfall of 3 -21 mm which implies you are guaranteeing at least some rain. Make it 0-21 mm at least in keeping with your actual capabilities. Come to think of it just make it 0-1000 every day and at least you may get something right.

The Pink Ball test has come and gone in a breezy 3 days where the slightest less worse batting side hung on. Very good crowds for 3 days probably equates to average crowds for 5 days gate takings wise? There was a certain degree of freshness about this endeavour and when coupled with cheap tickets the crowds would always be good. Besides what else is there to do in Adelaide at night ? The Channel 9 Boofhead brigade tried in vain to make it interesting (but failed) and in particular the impact a wearing and fading pink ball would have under lights. Memo to said clowns – the batting team needs to last more than 60 overs to find out! Luckily some controversy came along to at least add some mild interest until it was discussed ad nauseum for 24 hrs non stop. All ex sportsfolk should be banned from the twitterverse. No one cares what u think, you are yesterday’s news. As mentioned in other media committments not sure it was such a howler DRS ? Yes it was out but under the current process( as in NRL) the onfield decision carries a lot of weight and there needs to be conclusive evidence ( like Snicko maybe?) to overturn. It was a not a good look though when the 3rd umpire Long was seen in the dressing sheds helping Lyon put his pads back on because he had already walked off, had a shower and 2 beers by time decision came through. Smith is fast becoming new Pup for me. Not sure what it is but he just seems unlikable to moi. In a day of some weird sights though surely the winning one was Starc hobbling out ahead of other batsmen when only 2 runs needed and then subsequently having to run a quick 2 for the win! The mind boggles , it really does. In actual real sport it was a great win for Jones in the Aussie Open. Two more things were apparent – Spieth seems like a genuine good guy but likely very dull drinking buddy and Scotty is in denial with his putting. You may say you feel comfortable with it but you dont look it. Like his hero before him – Sharkie of the Big White variety – he can come rumbling home all guns blazing only to just miss out on the choccies. I hope he feels suitably miserable this morning when he picks up his hot wife and adorable baby and heads out to the airport to his private Lear Jet to head back to Caribbean. What am I saying?? I mean when the chauffeured limousine picks them up of course

US Politics continues to both amuse and alarm in equal measure. What is a goldmine for late night satirists now has potential to become a minefield for the US electorate next year. Trump and Carson take turns leading the Republican polls and putting their foot in their mouth. But it doesnt seem to matter! Trumps latest bombastic claim is so typical. He definitely saw people in New Jersey celebrating as the towers came down on 911. He remembers seeing the video and he has the worlds greatest memory. “Where did you see this video Mr Trump ?” “I dont remember”. It is said with a straight face too! I doubt anyone seriously expected them both to be around after Thanksgiving but much like the gobbler that was pardoned by Jed Bartlett (oops sorry WW is now on Stan) these two turkeys are leading a charmed life still. At least now we know how Trump and Carson got free

USA is a fascinating place for moi which is why I keep going back but it is also a strange mix of folk with religion and guns always playing a part somewhere. After the recent Paris attacks many folk on travel forums are stating their intent to cancel holidays now to Europe et al. Each to their own of course but for me when your number is up it is up. This nicely leads into the unveiling of the mantra for next years sojourn – Adventure before Dementia. Thought I better state it now before I forget. February 2016 – mark it on your calendars fans

Monday Musings

Posted: November 15, 2015 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

The reporting of major tragedies is a delicate task especially at the beginning when various broadcasters are going for “the scoop”. In the early stages reports are notoriously inaccurate and the respected news sources understand this and inform as such with the monotony of “remember to gamble responsibly”. The best plan is pick your trusted source and stick with it. This is not a time for channel surfing. Of course finding a “trusted source” these days is very difficult. An unfolding tragedy like this recent one in Paris also engages the viewer more but is more difficult to cover fully. Eventually there is a conclusion of sorts to the event and that then is where the media tends to descend from reporting to embellishing and fluffing. The experts are bought in , eyewitnesses harassed, lasting images sought. In general the mainline media do a pretty good job in difficult times. Then social media kicks in. Before long we have the memes appearing, some good, some cringeful but most unnecessary. The simple signs are best and the subtle Facebook profile change is a good one in my view. The image of the guy dragging his grand piano to in front of Bataclan and playing Imagine sticks in the mind.

There was a musical aspect to this tragedy with the Eagles of Death Metal concert the site of the worst attack. This does not mean though that I will ever care what Taylor Swift et al think of this. It is the worst aspect of social media – the need for “Celebrities” to express “thoughts” . Cancel concerts by all means – if done out of respect. They , as in the experts, say that the Terrorists win when they disrupt our normal lives outside of any appalling carnage with the actual tragedy itself. As such people tend to quickly move back out onto the streets to pay their respects and express their sadness. Of course any scenes of such gatherings are usually dominated by the sight of extended smartphones but thankfully did not see any selfie sticks this time. After absorbing as much of the news as one may need let alone bear one looks for something else to distract – like maybe the usual morning sport podcast of Dead Set Legends. Nope, we have to listen to the thoughts of Rabs on terrorist attacks. If u feel it is inappropriate to discuss trivial matters at such a time fine but dont discuss the serious matters then either! Play soothing music or something. There does not need to be 24/7 coverage of this across every media – leave it to the designated ones. People need some normality in their lives. And then of course this morning comes the cream on the top. Like the car crash you cant quite pull your eyes away from I still invariably have Today Show on in morning as get ready for work on course. The first scene around 5:30 am was of people running through the streets of Paris and into cafes, even trampling over memorial flowers. It was a “false alarm” and no doubt the people of Paris are a bit edgy – or were they just running away from Karl? Fuck me slowly. Why is that clown in Paris?? You can imagine the pitch to the head of Channel 9. “Think we should send Stefanovic over to Paris” Hmm, yeah ok he has international cred, do it. The boss sits down this morning for first cross and vomits in his corn flakes upon viewing and quickly calls the news boss to scream down the phone “I thought you meant Peter you bloody Moron!” Karl’s “Mike Moore” fixation continues and someone is feeding it. What can be possibly gained by having him on the ground in Paris apart from getting in the way of local citizens trying to get on with their lives? It just boggles the mind

Speaking of media, the sporting variety will be struggling for their next hero/villain after a week where the Hayne Plane was back in the hangar, Mundine was smashed, I could get 200 on the Perth wicket , and of course Rousey became Mousey all of a sudden. It is back to pre season training for NRL/AFL players so there should be an incident soon. The Pensioners have been waddling around USA for a hit and a giggle 3 game series of cricket which really appears to just have been an elaborate set up for Liz and Warnie to get it back on.

In the land of what passes for entertainment Master of None was impressive . Aziz is a bit of a “best in small doses” sort of guy for me but he does have a certain charm and a couple of episodes like “Indians on TV” almost up their with the likes of Seinfeld. The central relationship is great and a perfect ending to season. Do yourself a favour. With this and Youre the Worst moving in a new direction along with the return of Catastrophe, then one has to say that the 30 min comedy scene is in good hands. Of course one also realises that none will rate close to Big Bang which only confirms long held views. The Ex PM even had a good episode this week. Throw in your usual swag of quality UK/Europe dramas and of course Good Wife and the week just fills in nicely

The Week That Was

Posted: November 6, 2015 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Ah Queensland Summers ( yes we skip Spring apparently) dont you just hate them? Its either blistering hot or else huddled in the corner with a candle as lightning and thunder descend from above. Not that we get many storms “Under the Dome” here in Maryhole. It really is a Catch 22 for moi. Generally I like rain because I can justify staying indoors all day and it cools the place down. Not good if want to play golf of course and major damage for my poor bunkers on said golf course. This weekend is perfect example of connundrum. Rain today all u like – I can watch cricket and golf on TV etc. Not too much though as dont want bunkers to fill up. Then clear about 10 am tomorrow so can go out and actually play golf. Surely not too much to ask? Of course what will more likely happen is that the big tease will go all day as temp slowly rises, puddles form from sweat only and finally the skies will open tomorrow about 1 pm ie Hole 3!

Big week in Sport with the “race that stops the nation”. The race I refer to of course was who would sign Sam Burgess because blind and deaf Freddy knew he was always coming back after a stint with the leather elbow brigade. Souths were red hot favorite and duly delivered as expected – unlike the other race where some sheila showed the boys how it is done and then had her achievement completely overshadowed by some post race comments. Didnt even have a sweep horse this year – one advantage/disadvantage of not working anymore – and could not even name 3 horses in the field. The only certainty these days of course is that some ladies will get absolutely ripped and images will fly around the world courtesy of social media . In other sporting news, the Black Caps were a tad ordinary at the Gabba and we should have our first 3 day test of the summer – weather permitting. The news (in the loosest sense of the word) folk still cant quite let Hayne go despite it being obvious the shine has faded along with his prospects this year. When his greatest strength is how weak his team is then you know it wont end well

The biggest surprise of the week though of course is that The Verdict is still on?? Always reminded of the Frontline episode where Mike insisted on being taken as a serious journalist and the Brass pretended to support him. Karl has same affliction and about the same amount of gravitas. Never watched an episode never will. Despite my love for SM, the EX-PM is weak sadly. Some goose in online forum stated it must be “doing ok because it attracted 600,000 viewers”. This is the same populace that rated an hour of cat videos as extreme entertainment! Getting ready for cricket and 9 has an ad for latest crap about How Rich get Hitched or some nonsense. Probably attract 1 million of the brain dead who aint so much Walking dead (too much effort) as Sitting dead. Gotham continues to impress, Supergirl is bad, and good to see Elementary back on. Caught the Amy doco which was a mixture of interest and sadness. Her Dad was a real prick and hubby not much better.

As November has rolled around it can only mean one thing – next US holiday is only 3 months away! Have to start thinking of that catchy title for blog. Likely a JFK theme as doing his life in reverse – Dallas->Washington-> Boston. Just have to survive Dallas first of course