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Posted: November 15, 2015 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

The reporting of major tragedies is a delicate task especially at the beginning when various broadcasters are going for “the scoop”. In the early stages reports are notoriously inaccurate and the respected news sources understand this and inform as such with the monotony of “remember to gamble responsibly”. The best plan is pick your trusted source and stick with it. This is not a time for channel surfing. Of course finding a “trusted source” these days is very difficult. An unfolding tragedy like this recent one in Paris also engages the viewer more but is more difficult to cover fully. Eventually there is a conclusion of sorts to the event and that then is where the media tends to descend from reporting to embellishing and fluffing. The experts are bought in , eyewitnesses harassed, lasting images sought. In general the mainline media do a pretty good job in difficult times. Then social media kicks in. Before long we have the memes appearing, some good, some cringeful but most unnecessary. The simple signs are best and the subtle Facebook profile change is a good one in my view. The image of the guy dragging his grand piano to in front of Bataclan and playing Imagine sticks in the mind.

There was a musical aspect to this tragedy with the Eagles of Death Metal concert the site of the worst attack. This does not mean though that I will ever care what Taylor Swift et al think of this. It is the worst aspect of social media – the need for “Celebrities” to express “thoughts” . Cancel concerts by all means – if done out of respect. They , as in the experts, say that the Terrorists win when they disrupt our normal lives outside of any appalling carnage with the actual tragedy itself. As such people tend to quickly move back out onto the streets to pay their respects and express their sadness. Of course any scenes of such gatherings are usually dominated by the sight of extended smartphones but thankfully did not see any selfie sticks this time. After absorbing as much of the news as one may need let alone bear one looks for something else to distract – like maybe the usual morning sport podcast of Dead Set Legends. Nope, we have to listen to the thoughts of Rabs on terrorist attacks. If u feel it is inappropriate to discuss trivial matters at such a time fine but dont discuss the serious matters then either! Play soothing music or something. There does not need to be 24/7 coverage of this across every media – leave it to the designated ones. People need some normality in their lives. And then of course this morning comes the cream on the top. Like the car crash you cant quite pull your eyes away from I still invariably have Today Show on in morning as get ready for work on course. The first scene around 5:30 am was of people running through the streets of Paris and into cafes, even trampling over memorial flowers. It was a “false alarm” and no doubt the people of Paris are a bit edgy – or were they just running away from Karl? Fuck me slowly. Why is that clown in Paris?? You can imagine the pitch to the head of Channel 9. “Think we should send Stefanovic over to Paris” Hmm, yeah ok he has international cred, do it. The boss sits down this morning for first cross and vomits in his corn flakes upon viewing and quickly calls the news boss to scream down the phone “I thought you meant Peter you bloody Moron!” Karl’s “Mike Moore” fixation continues and someone is feeding it. What can be possibly gained by having him on the ground in Paris apart from getting in the way of local citizens trying to get on with their lives? It just boggles the mind

Speaking of media, the sporting variety will be struggling for their next hero/villain after a week where the Hayne Plane was back in the hangar, Mundine was smashed, I could get 200 on the Perth wicket , and of course Rousey became Mousey all of a sudden. It is back to pre season training for NRL/AFL players so there should be an incident soon. The Pensioners have been waddling around USA for a hit and a giggle 3 game series of cricket which really appears to just have been an elaborate set up for Liz and Warnie to get it back on.

In the land of what passes for entertainment Master of None was impressive . Aziz is a bit of a “best in small doses” sort of guy for me but he does have a certain charm and a couple of episodes like “Indians on TV” almost up their with the likes of Seinfeld. The central relationship is great and a perfect ending to season. Do yourself a favour. With this and Youre the Worst moving in a new direction along with the return of Catastrophe, then one has to say that the 30 min comedy scene is in good hands. Of course one also realises that none will rate close to Big Bang which only confirms long held views. The Ex PM even had a good episode this week. Throw in your usual swag of quality UK/Europe dramas and of course Good Wife and the week just fills in nicely

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