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Monday Musings

Posted: January 25, 2015 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

So the countdown is on. Barring unforseen circumstances, like Newman selling Brisbane Airport, this time in 4 weeks should be chilling out in NYC unless my usual luck with weather keeps up. Expected temps for that time of year are around 2-10 degrees max. If I still had testicles they could be in danger of finally dropping. With me there though , it could run to 20 of course and Maryhole will experience a freakish cool February with daily maxes < 35 degrees! Seriously if you want it to rain here just send me away – ergo yesterdays downpour. Now, being the little anal retentive I am when I go south to Flashman Inc HQ SC I power down most things like computer and pull out aerial etc , especially this time of year. I did not pull TV plug out of wall but certainly turned it off. Drove car in garage this morning bright and early only to hear noise from upstairs. Had Ms Maddern dropped in to personally apologize and just hung around all weekend sorting my sock drawer ? No, the TV was on and some soccer match was in full swing. Spooky shit. No one had slept in my bed or eaten my porridge so assume it was that rainy thing yesterday that did something. In future power will go off at wall as well

Speaking of odd things what is with all the hysteria about American Sniper? Couple of issues I spose. First up , why be surprised at Box Office numbers? The world is largely full of morons who feel much safer when someone like Crazy Chris is out there killing the “savages”. Or Liam Neeson! Now u can argue about the quality of AS all u like but there can be no doubt about Taken 3 – it is pure nonsense but because “not based on a true story” is only escapist fare so its fine to line up around the block to see it I guess. The main gripe with AS though, which in part divides along political sway at least in the US, is the glorification of him as a hero. No doubt he was not the full block of chocolate even before he did 4 tours – he would have lost more fruit than nut after that though. I know I am in minority here but I can simply watch the movie as an action piece (a very good one to boot) without getting caught up in what it says about the war in Iraq or the man himself. I mean I grew up on John Wayne movies after all! The guy no doubt did some bad things but also good things as well after his return – which ultimately led to his death. In this day and age you cant refer to other humans as he did and that is a true and correct view in the multicultural society we live in but you should not let a few misplaced statements like that forever colour your view on a matter. Or you can, its your call. It doesnt help that everyone knows Clunk’s political views of course.

Most of week now is filled with either working on golf course or playing golf. Last Wednesday clearly demonstrated these two should not intersect. Once you get involved in projects then your interest raises and hard to switch off so wandered out early last Wednesday to just tinker around with a few things when the opportunity to fix the bunker on 9 came up so 3 hrs later it was done and I couldnt walk. Two hours after that I teed off in usual Wednesday group. You know how most pros would be pretty happy returning a -12 score? Apparently there is one event that does not apply – Standard Scratch! Ok, so no more work on mornings of golf. Of course after rain of last few days the good work has in part been undone. But this is what it looked like after Wednesday and before Noah started hammering away on Friday 😦





An Affair I need to Remember

Posted: January 15, 2015 in TV

I was aware of the drama The Affair and liked the actors but for some reason stayed away as thought it may be melodramatic nonsense. Then it cleaned up at Globes so thought , well worth a quick look. Within first 10 minutes I was hooked. After 30 minutes and they flicked perspective and retold the same story I may have even been salivating. They had the whole bag of tricks – time jumps, narrative flips etc. Sometimes we started with her side first, sometimes the second half followed on rather than retold. All good stuff. And simmering all underneath was a police murder investigation with our two mad rooters front and centre. I gave up chocolate for one day so I could concentrate on episodes 4-6 more fully. I knew there were 10 episodes – this was getting tasty

Then the boom was lowered. Once invested in a story, especially a mystery, I stay away for reviews and forums. By sad chance I became aware there was a second season. Ok there is also a second season of The Missing but it is a new story, same writers. Dont slit your wrists just yet. It was with 10 minutes to go in episode 10 that gloom descended and suddenly we had Revenge 2 on our hands – admittedly with better plot, direction, acting…….There would be no satisfactory conclusion and we would be waiting until October 2015 for next episode

Devoted fans would know of my admiration for the Fawlty Towers model where you tell your story and piss off. They would also be aware of my loathing of the Lost model where you get to end of season 1 and there is a bloody trap door all of a sudden to 12 more seasons!

Ok I will line up in Oct 2015 because this is such a good yarn but they had a chance to really create something special here and instead went with something very good and also a guaranteed money maker. Its a complex story and so will need a refresher when October 2015 rolls around

I feel dudded somehow.

Like Cary Grant walked into the room and didnt see the wheelchair

Tuesday Thoughties

Posted: January 12, 2015 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

A week is a long time in politics so a 3 week campaign is your basic nightmare. The LNP will win for 2 main reasons. They have a massive majority and a weak opposition. Like in the recent test cricket sometimes it aint how good you are but rather how bad they are. Cowbell is making it a presidential type campaign because Anastasia Beaverhausen is beige personified. Love or hate the Red Ranga she had a certain presence. Simply having a chickie babe as leader does not guaranteee electoral success. Of interest though locally are the fanciful claims by the opposition here that they will reopen the closed Pathology department at the Maryborough Hospital. It is a nonsense and anyone voting for that reason is kidding themselves. It does bring out the usual ratbag brigade in the comments section of the newspaper though. Serial posters who simply have a view on everything and need to share it regardless of any apparent insight or knowledge on the particular subject. If you want to vote regarding the loss of services locally kick out the incumbent for not supporting us – dont vote in someone making ludicrous promises.

The Golden Globes have come and gone and while always great to see My Tina and Her Amy together it wasnt their best show. The “Would You Rather” game was good and a couple of good one liners but the Cosby joke was always going to get the soundbite and the Korean bit was lame and racial stereotyping at its worst. And simply not funny. Unlike many though MT cannot be accused of being a late comer to the Cosby tale having called him out way back in Season 3 of 30 Rock. Yes it is a link to a link…..

The other certainty of course was that someone would say “Je Suis Charlie” and get a standing ovation. Most presenters were awkward or embarrassing with Wig and Heder leading the way in a cringeful skit that simply was not funny. Magilla and Don Cheezel were great and Clooney all class. Some surprise winners I guess but the clear champs on the night were The Affair and Boyhood. Birdman is very good – or at least Keaton is – but dont get the comedy category. On the local front just finished The Code which was very good and The Good Wife has had a stunning start to the second half of Season 6 although not convinced should have taken on the very complex Ferguson issue. Outside of that, well it is Screener Season folks

There were some good moments in the recent test series with India but really the inept Indian bowling attack has simply prolonged a couple of Aussie test careers methinks. Flat tracks generally make for dull games only saved here by a couple of batting collapses. Smith is batting the house down and is an exceptional fielder only surpassed by his tendency to whine. First there was the runout which was all his fault but no the quick point had to come out. Then Spidercamgate. It may be distracting – tough shit, take it like a man. Or if you dont like the new technology bought in hand back 100k of your salary. By all means raise your concerns as Captain but do it behind closed doors noy out in the middle like some schoolkid who dropped his jelly beans in the mud. Still wonder if some bowling attacks wil lwork him out in the future with his tendency to walk across the stumps. Time will tell

Newsflash. Queensland summers suck. As the late great Robin Williams would say. It is hot, damn hot

On the bright side, trip to NYC is less than 6 weeks away now and while the snow may have passed by then it should still be pleasantly cool methinks. My efforts to spend my birthday evening at The Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show failed miserably. Apparently there is a 30 sec window once a month at 2 am Aussie time to get tickets for the next month. Larry David stage show starts the week after I leave. Looks like beer and burgers with occasional Flat White will have to do. Security will no doubt be high but what can you do. Go with the flow, hope for the best and sit near the black box.

Je Suis Flashie.