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Among my most endearing qualities two are usually praised the most. Eternal Optimism and Relaxed Devil May Care Attitude. These two merged beautifully this last weekend. Fans would know of the annual Della family gathering that occurs at the Southern Ponderosa on the sweeping plains of YabbaDabbaDo near Canungra. AKA Xmas in July at T&Bs. We left it until the very last day of July this year just to be different – breathe breathe. Given current state of play in world I suggested to CLP we will be locked down before it happens. Well, I was half right. Lets backtrack

These are rough times and chances for any significant holidays anytime soon are remote to say the least. Release the memes…..

I have been filling in the glorious days with early morning work on the Golf Course. Booteeful time of day if a tad brisk at times. Certainly helps pass the time

As NSW became even more of a basket case than usual we confidently headed down to Brisvegas on Friday comfortable in the knowledge that acting Premier -Steven Miles – held a steady hand on the wheel. Whats that you say…. Beaverhausen is back?? Oh dear. Anyhoo , it was a chance first up to visit Mum at Medium Level Security Twilight Home at Carseldine. Another birthday had passed since last we saw and lets be frank here, there aint a guaranteed supply of these in coming years. Luckily I was able to bookend Mums hairdressing appointment for the requisite photo. I am the one on the right….

Then it was time to head in a generally southern direction towards YabbaDabbaDo via Mt Tamborine. We were now firmly in mask wearing territory but were still able to drop into our go to drinkery – Fortitude Brewing – to blow the froth of a couple so as not to arrive at T&B too early and thus avoid the chance of actually having to do some work

Bruce also had a birthday this week but dont think he is 95 yet. Here is a picture of him getting ready at YabbaDabbaDo , you judge

Oops, wrong picture. This is more the usual pose. Nope wrong again

Lets try one last time…ah thats better

We decamped to our Air BnB and then settled in for the serious stuff confident that a relaxed and enjoyable weekend stretched before us. We surveyed the golf course laid out for our usual fun activities planned for Saturday arvo. Lets strike a few smooth 8 irons now and then compare them to the ones you hit after a skin full tomorrow. You know, when we are fully relaxed and settled in for a long afternoon. After all what could go wrong? I’ll drink to that. Gotta love winter nights by the fire

Next day dawned and the process started. I had two jobs – prepare the Anti Pasto and make sure that when guests arrive they feel welcome. Easy peasy, thats my gold medal event

Hey, we are ready nice and early. Lets check on the 10 O’Clock news and get some Olympics update. I didnt realise the Deputy Premier – Steven Miles – was doing the Olympic Updates….. Oh shit. Armageddon has arrived in QLD.

14 beasts, and one pesky ferret, had been slaughtered for todays feast so lets hope some still make it. 10 am notification of a 4 pm lockdown is rather rude even in these difficult times. Luckily almost all arrived on time or even a bit early with only 2 late withdrawals of BC2 and Quinn sadly. CLP and I had a short discussion about our new plans now given we were either on the road before 4 pm or else extending our stay significanly. Little Optimist me does not think this will be over on Tuesday at 4pm. Lets not make a rash decision now while fully sober but rather in a few hours when half cut? Sounds like a plan. Most guest were happy just to eat the Anti Pasto but I implored them to try some other stuff as our hosts had gone to a lot of trouble. Partying ensued

Now, a plan of attack is needed. Given CLP was already doing all the driving I did not limit my alcohol intake natch. We bid a sad adieu to our wonderful hosts and headed off around 3 pm. Here is one I prepared earlier, Sad + Adieu =

Did I mention I finally had my second AZ shot planned for Monday at 0830 in Maryhole? Given the lockdown rules applied to moi no matter where I ended up having been in Scenic Rim since 1 am Saturday – even if only at the Southern Ponderosa – it seemed like maybe best plan was to carry on to Maryhole even if not home until 8 pm. “I did leave YabbaDabbaDo before 4 pm honest Mr Policeman” On second thought, maybe just say Beaudesert because the chance of keeping a straight face and pronouncing Biddaddaba correctly after few sherberts and under pressure were small. Now lets google – “how many hours to metabolise 4 beers and 4 wines in short time period” Hmm. Ok, maybe settle in at Maplehead for a little while first.

So dull eyed and bushy tailed trekked north around 6 pm and the roads were clear man. And then we hit Gympie and there was an accident on northside. Only about a 20 min delay and then off again although now with traffic. Eventually home around 830 pm on what had been a very long day. Rough nights sleep wondering if had done right thing and what plans will be for next few days. No gym, no golf……. just wondering how strict I really need to be when these images kept coming into my head from the weekend every time I though I could be a bit lax and just wear a mask

Redrum. Redrum.

Yeah, I aint going anywhere folks . Olympics Couch Potato here I come.