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So, with the world slowly opening up like the Aussie top order in a T 20 it was time to get a slide rule and a globe out and see where we could go. As slide rules sadly dont bend our options were rather limited. Luckily Flashman Inc at Sunshine Coast was in a straight line due south . As there was an Old Fart (64) birthday to celebrate this month and a new pool to christen this seemed a perfect place to dip our travel toe into the water boom boom. . I’m here all week try the Fish Fingers ( in keeping with aquatic theme)

Now CLP is the person the Dalai Lamai has on speed dial for when he feels stressed. Building a pool and dealing with a range of Tradies was always going to have problems but she had coped rather well and eventually we had some water sitting there just needing some concrete and a fence

It is amazing what a difference concrete and a fence make mind you

Now we just needed some chemicals and a functioning pump and filter and its party time. A relatively simple task you would think in 2022. We certainly had the chemicals needed and a Pool Boy ready to go

Time for the final sign off and lets see some bubbles baby. Ah no the pump is DOA so lets just leave the water sit there for another few days but YOU may want to throw some chlorine in. What’s this YOU crap fella ? So we had a very large outdoor bath for the weekend and luckily weather was rather mild. Finally a new pump was installed and all systems go . Lets drink to that

Time to strip down and get wet and put that pool boy to work

It was a lovely first morning under clear blue skies. 3 days of this caper and my summer tan will be complete. Back to the pool post lunch and commented to CLP how quiet the pump was and small the bubbles were. Lets just check those jets for sign of life. Yep, dead as a doornail . Another pump dead and this time we even tripped the safety switch. We had no filtration happening and a gang of swimmers and party revelers arriving in less than 48 hours. No doubt a Tradie will help us. Yeah right. Long story short, soonest we can get out is next Monday so just hold your breath under water for the next 72 hours. Luckily the temperature wasnt too hot and after a glorious Friday the actual day of festivities dawned rater cloudy not that little optimist me was worried…..

Anyhoo the gang all arrived and the skies suddenly parted . Frivolity ensued. Exhibit A-E

A bountiful lunch helped replace all thos calories burned off by the hi jinks which just left us one job to do. Install the umbrella if for no other reason then to tempt the weather gods. It worked but we still had another lovely afternoon poolside. Exhibit F

Now that the Pool had been officially christened it was time to settle into the other weekend event of celebrating a birthday . At my age you go early just in case but next Thursday as I sit at home patiently and alone in Maryhole waiting for the Postie to arrive with all my presents I will have this lovely day of celebration to remember. CLP had outdone herself with a Pool cake which odlly had a massive fence but no gate ?

That just left afternoon drinkies to deal with before a lovely dinner to round out the day. I shant bore you with endless images of me drinking. Again. It was a wonderful 3 day extravaganza before bidding farewell to the gang Sunday morning and heading back to reality AKA Maryhole

So, that is February sorted how will we fill in the rest of the year? Aiming for a monthly event to keep one engaged in the outside world we have a few days in Brisvegas for March, Easter at Ponderosa for April and then a week in Victoria come May. CLP would like to chill for a little while after that so I will finally cash in my flight credit for Sydney and have a quick week there come June. That then just leaves the solo USA trip late October to finish planning.

Not a lot else going on in the world of great interest to moi. The West Coast swing in PGA golf is a great watch with beautiful course under blue skies – Torry Pines, Pebble, Riviera etc. I may be in the minority here but I find the loutish behaviour of yobbo yanks at the Party Hole in Arizona disgusting

Of course February does also include that Day of Roses so lets sign off with a duet from the Redrum Ravers….