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Leaving Me Cold

Posted: August 22, 2014 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Ok this could have easily slipped into a Monday Moan but somehow has only got worse in the last few days

Last week it was two bit celebrities with a tenuous link to Robin Williams filling media feeds with their memories of the gifted man

But that pales into insignificance in the face of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos flooding the internet. Now its a worthy cause no doubt although when I think of Lou Gehrigs disease I always harken back to the great Pride of the Yankees movie . The basic premise is that if challenged you have 24 hrs to video yourself, and upload sadly, with a bucket of ice water being poured over you or pay $100 to ALS charity. Once done you can then nominate 3 other people – a classic pyramid scheme that Bernie Madoff could only dream off. The twist in the tail though that I am sure your average moron may not know as water cascades over where their brain should be is that once accepted and even taken you still have to donate money to the cause – just less than $100. Now figures would indicate it is a roaring success with 13 million being donated in last couple of months – 50 times average donations . I dont think we need to see someone like Bill Gates soaking wet to understand that some people always give money to good causes. Its the fifth rung celebrities looking for more exposure that annoy – much as in the Robin Williams saga. The true givers in this world dont need or desire the recognition. If you a renowned twat like Bieber then you will try anything to sway public opinion. Or maybe you have a new movie coming out…….

Now if my Tina wearing a suitably tight T Shirt uploads a video I may have to change my mind. However in the meantime, much like the great Letterman tribute to RW, there are some worthy efforts if you care to browse.

Here is the clear winner to date (as extra bonus he does call out Tina F)

Yes its been a while. This is not to imply all is rosy in Flashland but rather I have been so busy lately. Yeah ok, thought I would start with a joke……

So the weekend was looking good. A trip to Toowoomba for GS1’s 5th Birthday party and then a nice overnighter in our favourite new B&B. There was some light nuisance rain on the way out – not the forecast deluge at this stage. Yeah the weather bureau stuffed up – who would have thunk. But as we climbed what I assumed was the range the array of annoyances were not far away

I say assume “was the range” because one could not see more then 10 feet in front of you! Gimpland has always been to the forefront on towns where Mother Nature thought she could have some shits and giggles when to came to “local weather” but let me tell you Toowoomba is in Gold Medal position with daylight second – ironic really given there was actually none visible. Now, not going to start the whole headlights on/off argument again except to say that when I saw something coming my way I was able to discern a vehicle with lights on at about 12 feet and one without at about 5 feet. I rest my case Your Horror. So we muddled our way through the gloom to the party location where every one had a good time – except maybe Cleo the Clown who seemed to have an eternal grimace on her face. The lad did well pressie wise even if a bit over whelmed by the whole occasion. Then back out into the gloom and around to our B&B for a relaxing few hours before venturing out again.

After another visit with the kiddies it was time to head out for dinner at a local rain soaked establishment. Grievance 2. Why is it that people who live in towns that can indeed get cold eg Toowoomba, Melboring…. – feel the need to ensure all visitors know it is a cold town by dressing up like Nannook of the North whenever the skies turn grey between May and September regardless of, you know, the actual temperature. It was miserable weather but it wasnt cold as there was no wind. If there had been then the bloody fog may have lifted!!! So while trying to walk around people carrying 4 overcoats we sat inside only to be blasted by a Thermonuclear Heating device which increased the internal temperature from the pleasant God Given 22 degrees to a hellish 43! Not an enjoyable environment for eating

So next day dawned clear for the trip down the highway to Brisvegas to visit the Matriach. Now the Range is largely flowing again as in molasses occasionally moves forward but at the bottom of the range there should be a large neon sign stating “Turn off Cruise Control now. You will thank me later” . There is so much roadwork for the first 30-40 k it is a joke, Ok it was a Sunday, I dont expect “workers” to be leaning against their shovels. It would be nice though to actually see some evidence of work having been done in the previous week rather than pristine lanes closed simply because someone ordered too many barricades when on special and only place to store them it appears is on clearly perfect roads.

The overwhelming news last week was of course the sad passing of a true genius in Robin Williams. It took only 24 hrs though to get sick of the social media overdirve that filled my newsfeeds eveyrwhere which were mainly second rate celebrities recounting their interaction with him. The retweeted thoughts of Miley Cyrus and Khloe (not even Kym!) Kardashian took the cake. Then next day the screaming headline ” And now Lauren Bacall has died” ?? The two events are not related ya clowns. Sad in a way maybe but she was 140 yrs old and died of natural causes. I imagine she may well have been glad to go. I reset the world on its axis and watched Mrs Doubtfire again – a genuinely enjoyable expoerience

Speaking of which…

Pirates 2