Leaving Me Cold

Posted: August 22, 2014 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Ok this could have easily slipped into a Monday Moan but somehow has only got worse in the last few days

Last week it was two bit celebrities with a tenuous link to Robin Williams filling media feeds with their memories of the gifted man

But that pales into insignificance in the face of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos flooding the internet. Now its a worthy cause no doubt although when I think of Lou Gehrigs disease I always harken back to the great Pride of the Yankees movie . The basic premise is that if challenged you have 24 hrs to video yourself, and upload sadly, with a bucket of ice water being poured over you or pay $100 to ALS charity. Once done you can then nominate 3 other people – a classic pyramid scheme that Bernie Madoff could only dream off. The twist in the tail though that I am sure your average moron may not know as water cascades over where their brain should be is that once accepted and even taken you still have to donate money to the cause – just less than $100. Now figures would indicate it is a roaring success with 13 million being donated in last couple of months – 50 times average donations . I dont think we need to see someone like Bill Gates soaking wet to understand that some people always give money to good causes. Its the fifth rung celebrities looking for more exposure that annoy – much as in the Robin Williams saga. The true givers in this world dont need or desire the recognition. If you a renowned twat like Bieber then you will try anything to sway public opinion. Or maybe you have a new movie coming out…….

Now if my Tina wearing a suitably tight T Shirt uploads a video I may have to change my mind. However in the meantime, much like the great Letterman tribute to RW, there are some worthy efforts if you care to browse.

Here is the clear winner to date (as extra bonus he does call out Tina F)

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