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Monday Moan – Ya know you missed it

Posted: April 28, 2014 in TV

Two events over the last 24 hrs , though seemingly unrelated, simply confirmed a few concerns for moi about the quality of Austalian media and TV in particular. And its a nadir from which we cannot climb out of. Apparently

The Lionheart Leaping Leapai got a regular toweling. Now , anyone who knows anything about boxing knew this was the likely outcome. But you couldnt help get caught up in the magical fairy tale and just the glimmer of hope that he may just land that one haymaker. Now by all appearances he is a genuine nice guy who probably knew the realities. He has some talent no doubt but boxing is a cruel mistress. The gap between good and great is longer than the gap between their respective heights and reaches. The weigh in photo took me straight back to Hulk Hogan and Sly in Rocky 3. At least then it was played for laughs. But the real problem was the way the Aussie media built him up with daily reports from Camp Leapai. Just down the road from Camp Crystal Lake sadly. It was in Kraut land and one suspects the Lionheart maybe had one too many big sausages judging from his less than svelte figure. Even Klitscho , who never smiles, was radiant. Of course we had the US show pony showing up at times to add to the theatre – and also show the physique of someone in good shape admittedly. So now of course the media laud his brave effort and even the champ adds his praise. Very easy to praise someone who is not a threat. The media only tears down the successful tall poppies. Of course when ever there is a heavyweight fight the juices stir slowly as one remembers back to the halcyon days of Ali and Frazier.

Speaking of fond memories, what the fuck happened at The Logies last night? Ok to be fair I did not even know they were on and of course have zero interest. The last good Logies – note massive segue here slow uns – was when Ali and Moonface were doing their skit. We had a genuine King and we had the supreme host. And there was even an occasional good show in there. Gold Logie winners were actual media personalities who could turn their hand to most things and work ad lib with the best of them. They were lauded as true legends in the industry. Ok so it has been on the slide for years now but when some hack yobbo carpenter can win the gold statue well that will do me. Has there ever been a more searing indictment of the state of Australian FTA TV? People moan and whinge about GOT spoilers but really I am going to have to go on a media blackout this time every year to avoid being physically ill.

Segue 2 . ———- > Speaking of GOT, Monday is not all bad of course. Being ahead of the world in everything except TV shows (ok US gives us a good run) it means that Monday PM is Sunday PM in USA and we have GOT,MM, Good Wife, Veep, Silicon Valley(nice little sleeper) etc to watch at our leisure. But where is the moan in that? Well I cant watch in my leisure you see because if I dont watch GOT immediately some asshole will spoil it for me when online later during wine o’clock! And let me tell ya nothing spoils a frisky little 2012 Sav Blanc like finding out that MILF Cersei was sat on by a dragon and is now the same size as Dinklage.



NYC 2015 “My Balls Drop”

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Travel

So the apartments are booked and the flights confirmed so its full steam ahead for Hands Solo Part Deux in Feb 2015. 10 days in NYC and a week in the City of Brotherly Love – San Francisco. Oops wrong kind of love. Philadelphia ! Thats better. No way a Polar Vortex can occur two years in a row right but am starting to accumulate the appropriate weather apparel in case. Will it be a magical winter wonderland or a pain in the ass (#notgoingtoSanFranluckilythough). Probably a bit of both. Just looking for that one magical shot of snow on the ground in Central Park with crystal blue skies above. And Tina Fey eating a hot dog. Have been lucky enough to visit NYC in autumn with the CLP so have seen the iconic structures and have photos to prove it.

As one gets older and the income dips the expectations tend to rise and a certain level of comfort, once experienced, is hard to forego. Like elasticised pants – but that is another story. So the apartments are in the slightly better part of town and on the slightly higher floor and have the slightly bigger shower nozzle. The latter is significant when still graced with luxurious, slightly tinted, growth on top. Then we get to the flights. There was a good sale on Premium Economy Qantas. I did a search of forums and generally gets good reviews although there is always that one horror story that sends shivers down your spine. “I was downgraded to Economy at the airport and had to sit next to a woman and a screaming baby for 13 hrs. And she was a Blues supporter!”. Money of course is relative when it comes to travel. After you travel you have relatively less money then before. So then I just had to convince myself and it was a tough sell for about 3 nanoseconds. In a timely segue I argued with myself that why not use the extra money I made doing on call for Easter and Anzac Day back in 2012? Luckily for myself I was not smart enough to argue that same money was spent about a week later. Onset of dementia is not all bad folks

So the dates are set and it will be a birthday in NYC just for something different. With the number of candles I need these days I may just get to see another one of those hottie NYFD guys. Tina for me, Rocco for CLP. Sounds fair to moi.

Of course part of the fun with holidays is the planning stage. Then the downer of the paying stage. Then the fun of the holiday. Then the downer of the return home. Then the joy of seeing loved ones again. And the thrill on their faces as their Snowglobe collection increases by 1.

Life is a rollercoaster baby.

Missing Link?

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

My significantly more successful, and slightly older, brother contacted me last week to join the social network of Linked In. This was unusual as he is not a social media person per se being successful, employed, busy, driven yada yada yada. On first inspection it looked a cross between a Facebook Messenger Lite for busy people and a bragging page for successful people. As it was not April 1st just had to assume it was ironic that after 35 years work I would now be asked to join a professional site when retired. Now I have always been assured that length was not important so was not unduly surprised that my professional resume was what one may call succinct and to the point. Went to college, got a degree, got a job, got sacked 35 years later. Didnt cure cancer although my riveting published paper “The Role of Oncogenes in Leukaemia” did show a lot of promise and indeed offered hope back in 1992 for the appropriately afflicted. Not an original work of course but simply a review I should add. I did learn many years ago that the concept of loyalty was very old school and carried no weight what so ever when it came to job interviews. Yes I did actually apply for one back in the 90s – Sales Rep/App Specialist for Coulter – that would have involved leaving the sheltered workshop of Maryborough Pathology and venturing forth into the big bad world – south of Gimpland. My years of loyal service of course meant zip when stacked up against clowns who had MBAs or similarly unrelated awards to the actual performance of Pathology tests. Undaunted I did actually pursue Post Graduate qualifications but mistakenly went for the one that was only highly regarded by actual medical scientists – AIMS Fellowship – and not by the bean counters who run Qld Health these days. Into the abyss some may say – but that would sound petty and beneath me. So my Linked In profile was looking a bit sparse – which was of minor interest given not actually seeking like minded individuals let alone employment. There was an interesting discovery though. Remember when you were young and carefree and living the life of a Uni Student surrounded by equally carefree and often wild lads and lassies. The only 4 people I knew on Linked In were of the aforementioned group from QIT days and yet had all done remarkably well in the professional world. Did not see that coming. It is interesting how people find their niche in life via many different pathways.

The elephant in the room though of course is how do the Famous Four align my stated current profile with my towering, untapped potential back in the 70s. May have to wait a while to find out.

Apparently they still all have jobs and dont get online much

Maybe I should have added my current level of Candy Crush to my profile?

Hubba Hubba ?

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Sport

It was a strange day. Devoted followers would know I rank the final 9 at Augusta as the TV Sporting spectacle of the year. The only thing that could make it better – apart from an Aussie winner – would be to have a wild man of golf in the lead and ready to implode. We had Bubba folks – the current first choice for a roller coaster ride. Given that John Daly cant make the field any more of course. Please note a roller coaster is not same as a meltdown ala Sharkie circa 96. It was rainy outside. I had my coffee. I had my All Bran. The phone was off the hook. A thrilling 3 hours lay ahead. Or did it?

What happened? Bubba was calm. He cried at the end of course but apart from that it could have been Jim Furyk out there. Ok a very long hitting version admittedly. There were a couple of college kids chasing, a 50 yr cigar smoking Spaniard, a 54 yr old Augusta favourite and of course Billy Bob Aw Shucks Kuchar. Scottie did his best Sharkie impersonation by birdieing the last hole when it meant absolutely zero. Glorious weather in a superb setting – but a rather dull finale. Dont take anything away from the skill on display. The two younguns were rather superb. Buuba was in full control. One rather strange decision for second shot on 15 gave us all hope for some disaster lurking – but it was all a big tease.

One expected with the demise of Tiger in recent years we would see the second rung stars take over but really tipping a US PGA event these days is like tipping NRL 2014! You would have got long odds on Bubba on Thursday – despite some good form – and lets not think of the odds for Bubba winning twice in three years! Most events this year have been won by young guys and even first timers. Aussies have fared well of course which is great to see. Sendo was never going to hang on and Scotty has faded a few times now. No you cant call him a choker after last years Masters. But the professional golfer does make for a fascinating study of their psyche. They can simply trasnform overnight from a world beater into an also ran and no one can pinpoint what is different.

Foxtel coverage was hopeless so quickly switched to Seven Mate which was fine. Except it was a bit scary. I dont watch FTA TV anymore so to be exposed to ads for upcoming shows that night was terrifying. To think that people actually watch this crap by choice left me fearful for the nation.

Then I watched an interview with Joe Cockey (aka Chicken Little) on Insiders and certain dread set in.