Missing Link?

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

My significantly more successful, and slightly older, brother contacted me last week to join the social network of Linked In. This was unusual as he is not a social media person per se being successful, employed, busy, driven yada yada yada. On first inspection it looked a cross between a Facebook Messenger Lite for busy people and a bragging page for successful people. As it was not April 1st just had to assume it was ironic that after 35 years work I would now be asked to join a professional site when retired. Now I have always been assured that length was not important so was not unduly surprised that my professional resume was what one may call succinct and to the point. Went to college, got a degree, got a job, got sacked 35 years later. Didnt cure cancer although my riveting published paper “The Role of Oncogenes in Leukaemia” did show a lot of promise and indeed offered hope back in 1992 for the appropriately afflicted. Not an original work of course but simply a review I should add. I did learn many years ago that the concept of loyalty was very old school and carried no weight what so ever when it came to job interviews. Yes I did actually apply for one back in the 90s – Sales Rep/App Specialist for Coulter – that would have involved leaving the sheltered workshop of Maryborough Pathology and venturing forth into the big bad world – south of Gimpland. My years of loyal service of course meant zip when stacked up against clowns who had MBAs or similarly unrelated awards to the actual performance of Pathology tests. Undaunted I did actually pursue Post Graduate qualifications but mistakenly went for the one that was only highly regarded by actual medical scientists – AIMS Fellowship – and not by the bean counters who run Qld Health these days. Into the abyss some may say – but that would sound petty and beneath me. So my Linked In profile was looking a bit sparse – which was of minor interest given not actually seeking like minded individuals let alone employment. There was an interesting discovery though. Remember when you were young and carefree and living the life of a Uni Student surrounded by equally carefree and often wild lads and lassies. The only 4 people I knew on Linked In were of the aforementioned group from QIT days and yet had all done remarkably well in the professional world. Did not see that coming. It is interesting how people find their niche in life via many different pathways.

The elephant in the room though of course is how do the Famous Four align my stated current profile with my towering, untapped potential back in the 70s. May have to wait a while to find out.

Apparently they still all have jobs and dont get online much

Maybe I should have added my current level of Candy Crush to my profile?

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