Hubba Hubba ?

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Sport

It was a strange day. Devoted followers would know I rank the final 9 at Augusta as the TV Sporting spectacle of the year. The only thing that could make it better – apart from an Aussie winner – would be to have a wild man of golf in the lead and ready to implode. We had Bubba folks – the current first choice for a roller coaster ride. Given that John Daly cant make the field any more of course. Please note a roller coaster is not same as a meltdown ala Sharkie circa 96. It was rainy outside. I had my coffee. I had my All Bran. The phone was off the hook. A thrilling 3 hours lay ahead. Or did it?

What happened? Bubba was calm. He cried at the end of course but apart from that it could have been Jim Furyk out there. Ok a very long hitting version admittedly. There were a couple of college kids chasing, a 50 yr cigar smoking Spaniard, a 54 yr old Augusta favourite and of course Billy Bob Aw Shucks Kuchar. Scottie did his best Sharkie impersonation by birdieing the last hole when it meant absolutely zero. Glorious weather in a superb setting – but a rather dull finale. Dont take anything away from the skill on display. The two younguns were rather superb. Buuba was in full control. One rather strange decision for second shot on 15 gave us all hope for some disaster lurking – but it was all a big tease.

One expected with the demise of Tiger in recent years we would see the second rung stars take over but really tipping a US PGA event these days is like tipping NRL 2014! You would have got long odds on Bubba on Thursday – despite some good form – and lets not think of the odds for Bubba winning twice in three years! Most events this year have been won by young guys and even first timers. Aussies have fared well of course which is great to see. Sendo was never going to hang on and Scotty has faded a few times now. No you cant call him a choker after last years Masters. But the professional golfer does make for a fascinating study of their psyche. They can simply trasnform overnight from a world beater into an also ran and no one can pinpoint what is different.

Foxtel coverage was hopeless so quickly switched to Seven Mate which was fine. Except it was a bit scary. I dont watch FTA TV anymore so to be exposed to ads for upcoming shows that night was terrifying. To think that people actually watch this crap by choice left me fearful for the nation.

Then I watched an interview with Joe Cockey (aka Chicken Little) on Insiders and certain dread set in.

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