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SOO Game 2 , 2019

Posted: June 23, 2019 in Sport

As long as Origin has been played , last nights result was always on the cards apart from a couple of Golden periods for Maroons with Thurston, Lewis etc. NSW sides always look more dangerous on paper, not necessarily better. They have more points in them invariably. Qld gets by on effort and guts and usually some NSW mistakes either on field or at selection table. Many so called experts of course thought the selections for NSW Game 2 were panic but in reality most were forced or obvious. Blind Freddy, let alone Blue Freddy, knows that smaller mobile packs do better in wet conditions than big logs. Of course when selected no one knew it would piss down for the game but Fittler must have been happy when he saw the forecast.

Didnt watch second half so wont give player ratings but will make general observations

Ponga is a great player no doubt but needs to add a conservative, bordering on sensible, part to his game. In those condition you dont go for the big soaring catches mid air. His side step went missing but Tedesco didnt seem to have a problem:) Munster is still the most dangerous and gifted player there but rest of spine did ok especially behind that forward pack. They went missing although Kafusi seemed to give it all. Dont think Gillett has come back the same player post neck nonsense as his Broncos form clearly indicates. McGuire is simply a grub and I dont care how well he plays I would never pick him. The rest were mostly lumbering oafs easily picked off. Our centres lack penetration and therefore the wingers rarely see good ball

Maloney is always worth the risk in must win matches. He will make mistakes but he will also do some brilliant stuff. Turbo Tom is simply all class and a true Origin player. Kevvie said our spine would be better than Game 1. It was an obvious call to make but they still need the forward pack to play well. One thing for certain is the NSW debutantes will be a lot better for Game 3

No doubt for me that Qld were a bit complacent as we are dealing with only footballers after all. The 4 point win at Suncorp was a false dawn and with all the media they just thought they just had to turn up and put on a bit of pressure and NSW would crack. They may well have but of course we never applied any pressure. The wet weather didnt help but that is just a roll of the dice. The penalty try was a 50/50 call but should have eased pressure on QLD and allowed them back into game but instead NSW responded better.

And finally to Angry Kevvie. Give it a miss Son. You have always been the lovable larrikin and this new stern look is not good – and embarrassing when you lose.

The worse thing of course about a NSW win is the gloating league media which always is strongly Blue Biased. The players themselves are fine. NSW will be big favourites for Game 3 of course which may be our only positive to come out of this debacle. With Broncs going south at a rapid rate Rugby League 2019 is looking like a tough year to endure. Maybe time to switch to another sport

If only we had a top female tennis player…….

And it was a lovely 3 days! Qld winters are tres pleasureable but it dont exactly get very cold for very long. A couple of days of single digit overnighters and the moaners are out because they can only afford one pair of Ugg Boots and matching flanno shirt. On a side note why is it so hard to buy flanno PJS now ? Everything is bloody sleep sets. Anyhoo, as one gets older do find the 10-12 degree nights are a bit easier to cope with than the 4 degree nights and also prevent causing that track in the carpet from bed adjacent to toilet! Its the crystal clear 22 degree days one craves

Since last we met our hero he has returned to golf with moderate success ie he didnt retear shoulder cuff. The short game has lost some touch and the tee shots are more the 180 straighty than the 203 in the tree but this is not a bad thing. Sadly my handicap remained the same – 11 – for the 7 months off so shooting a 2 over handicap in 3rd game back was very passable. The shoulder has in fact settled down quite well now and mostly due methinks to getting back to gym. Of course improvement in said appendage also means reacquainting myself with oldest piece of equipment on golf course – The Bunker Bike! The weeks are slowly filling themselves in a bit better now but when one still gets up at 5 am even on a “free day” then some can drag

Speaking of Winter coming and going GOT ended with simply the dullest episode known to mankind, befitting a very ordinary season. Still plenty of good stuff on of course and starts with local production of Harrow. Maybe its the familiar Brisvegas surroundings that appeal but its an easy watch. Killing Eve second season was rather dull. Billions was good if predictable and saving up some Stan originals – which look good – like Perpetual Grace and City on a Hill for a multi episode watch. Veep was a good series ending but think show wrung every last gag out of yarn. Chernobyl was excellent and usually find more drawn to a good docuseries these days rather than “another drama”. In keeping with this theory just rewatched the excellent “OJ Made in America” 5 parter. Luckily 30 for 30 still roll out new docos every couple of months

In sporting world the SOO is front and centre and fear the second game may come back to bite us and mostly because Pearce got injured! Maloney is such a dangerous player. Of course he can also have a howler at times πŸ™‚ I fear the QLDers , being mere footballers, will be complacent despite all the lectures they will get. Exhibit A Your Honour – The Broncos! Have you ever seen such an inept display by a bunch of highly touted millionaires as the last two games?? The US Open Golf was a great watch as always and Pebble is probably the second best viewing tournament after Masters. World Cup cricket is in its 3rd month I think but still in pool matches with Aussies playing Ethiopia tonight I believe! Of course it did bring back Roy and HG to the airwaves so is to be applauded for that alone. The fact that some idiots dont find Roy and HG humourous only confirms the well know view that the world is full of morons and mental retards

Speaking of which – US Politics! Nah I cant be bothered its all too unbelievable

On USA though it was interesting, bordering on life altering, to read about the new direct flights from Brisvegas to San Fran and Chicago – two of my fave US Cities and you can also avoid LAX! Then the reality kicks in. They are amongst the two most expensive cities to stay in with city taxes etc and crack down on STRs (Short Term Rentals for the Plebs). You look at a hotel and what starts of at $1200 USD for the week ends up $3500 AUD after conversion, taxes, cleaning fees, wall fund………. The idea of a 10 day stint in one of these cities though with only two flights to deal with does appeal. At short notice could grab a good deal or even a DSC (Double Status Credit for Plebs) deal for a few months down the track. This week also saw a much heralded Qantas FF programme rejig and didnt have to be Einstein to know you would get screwed over somehow. Its not all bad of course but for this LBD (work it out yourself!) two negatives were

1) More crowded Qantas Lounges because of the “Points Club” concept – drunks who never have to catch a flight
2) More points needed to upgrade to higher class for booked flights eg PE to BC – one of my go to options

Yes first world problems but in case you hadnt caught on yet that is where I live : )When last our hero ranted the prospect of a solo RTW was in the wings so to speak and still a distinct possibility although to call it RTW may be a stretch. Basically a few stops in USA via Helsinki and London as you do of course.

In an ever changing world the one constant is the joy of grandchildren and the fact they live so far away. Only joking…….

They are all growing up so quickly and doing new and wonderful things each day. A quick trip out to Toowoomba next weekend will at least allow some time be spent with 2/3 of gang. Trip is needed for suit hire for Rannys wedding in October. I have added on a few kgs the last month so when get suit fitted next week I know I dont need any of that pesky dieting afterwards for next few months πŸ™‚ I may be old but I aint dumb

Speaking of dumb I just saw this typo? Folau has started a GoFund Me page to raise 3 million dollars! When I went to school am pretty sure it was spelt with a ck on the end ………