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The Week That Was – 24-10-2016

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Yep, I try to walk away from this farce called a US election but feel like Michael and not just because I have a brother called Freddo . Who strangely never wants to come fishing with me ? Not only did I watch the last debate live but even the Al Smith dinner the next day ! Last week I didnt even know who Al Smith was. To be fair I stumbled across it watching The Kelly File and there is the drum. While I scoff at folk watching The Block and MKR I watch O’Reilly and Kelly, who it must be said is somewhat transfixing. Not sure if she speaks yet, have the sound off. If I ever watch Hannity, shoot me ok. On a side note that is likely to see my inbox filled with requests to donate to Trump has everyone else noted that most of his surrogates are females who look like failed Beauty Queen entrants – rather attractive from a distance but quite severe up close. And then they screech, sorry speak. The last debate was of most interest because it meant there would be a third SNL parody – who doesnt want to play Trump Bingo!

Only two weeks to go and amazingly he could still win. While it should not surprise me it does – why aren’t more people concerned about the process of the wikileaks hacks rather than the content? Assange is no hero last time I checked . Of course Buffoon Bob shoots himself in foot daily so even if media wasnt “rigged” there is hardly space left to discuss the leaks. They say a picture paints 1000 words and this one attached to the excellent Rolling Stone article by Matt Taibbi is both mesmerising and beautiful. And scary in its accuracy. This is nightmare inducing imagery akin to Munch’s The Scream


So, I am guessing other stuff is happening in the world. In TV land, Goliath started off strong and then faded away rather poorly. At least I watched the episodes in the correct order!

Black Mirror is one show can watch in any order and still be impressed. Great to see Season 3 back and on Netflix. Virtually impossible to describe. Speaking of impossible, why try to revamp the vamp and make a new Rocky Horror? Ok, of course there is a simple answer so here is a tougher question – Why Tim Curry, Why 😦 The opening sequence was in fact excellent but as soon as Riff Raff appeared in an odd “vocal interpretation” followed shortly by Cox, the cat was out of the bag. It does remind one that not only was the the original movie magical but the cast was stellar across the board. I could watch the 2016 opening again and again though. So lets

Sporting wise The All Blacks won again and we do seem a bit overly sensitive to the clown article in the NZ media. Not as if Kiwis can read after all 🙂 The Moto GP at Phillip Island simply reminds us what Mike Gibson use to say – these guys have balls the size of orchestra stalls. Cricket starts soon zzzzzzzzzz

Actually had some rain yesterday but not a lot. Did cool place down but the poor old golf course needs about 3 times as much. The Bunker Bike is currently dead so means its all hands – well both – on deck and manual hand raking. 2 hrs is about my limit – especially when sand is a bit wet like this morning – before back screams out “You’re kidding right?”. Then ankle joins in ” at least you dont have to lug the whole body around 24/7″ ! So, time to down tools and get the morning coffee and head home for weekly blog. (Yes that would be this , move to top of class). Toast makes good coffee but so does Sexie Coffee – and with latter I dont have to get out of car and chance meeting some great unwashed. Sexie Coffee is on highway just north of Maryhole and as is drive through one gets a good glance at “line up” at the window as one approaches along said highway. In a northerly direction. Still following this anecdote? Although never yet had to follow through on this, general rule is if 3 cars lined up turnaround and go home. Just the one ? Great, onward and upward. Now, the drive through has a semi circular configuration as you may know and not all is visible from road but a good 75% and literally 10 s away. What are the chances? Yep, you guessed it. That last 25% somehow had 2 cars in it for that critical moment. Assuming women drivers given how long it took them to travel 20m not in a straight line! Thank Me, no reverse parking is involved 🙂

And its goodnight from him

Where to start. I have a theory. All Brontosauruses are thin at one end. Oops wrong theory. At least that one is factual. All we have in the US election though are theories about the release of Donny’s Donts and Hils private thoughts. More women have lined up to complain about Donny then at a Boxing Day sale. Oh dear, I have just given him a whole new group to harass. As said in other media commitments enough is enough and if the Clinton campaign is orchestrating a slow trickle (and not just Bill these days) of stories then cease and desist because the US public are largely sick of it. The one aspect that could lead to an unexpected result is poor voter turnout and you need to envigorate the people not disgust them. If not disgusted yet by Buffoon Bob then they never will. And now he is unshackled! Love the line about comparing him to King Kong – “breaks the shackles and gropes white women against their will” . Amazon forests have been cleared writing about this nonsense and climate change bought forward 3 years (thanks China!) with everything spoken about it. It use to be Jon Stewart as go to person but now it is Samantha Bee. Not only is she witty, smart and crude but also brings a female perspective to it all and you can see she is only barely controlling her anger as she delivers one great put down after another

Billy Bush gets suspended from his job because NBC has higher standards for reporters than many US voters have for Presidential candidates. Many of the Republican surrogates, mostly female nudge nudge wink wink, deflect to Bill Clinton’s behaviour as a way of justifying Donny Boy’s locker room bravado. It gets some traction of course but the big one about Clinton paying $800 k to settle a sexaul harassment lawsuit menas he was guilty even though Donny Boy always settles because he was innocent. Anderson Cooper nailed Conway on it and she was mega uncomfortable

Speaking of Conway the SNL clip of her day off was magic and probably pretty close to the mark this last week.

So, enough US politics for one week. Moving onto sport, the best thing about last nights Test match was Valentine Holmes is a Queenslander! The boy does fly. Kyrgios continues to prove he is an irredeemable clod. We finally have the Bathurst winner confirmed and any false impressions of Brocky as a charmimg playboy somewhat dashed. The two parter miniseries on Brock was an odd mix to say the least and reminds me Molly wasnt that bad and INXS almost Emmy worthy. Mind you if they ever do the life story of Bubba Watson – The Hillbilly Years they have the guy to play him when not appearing as a ghost on Offspring of course. Apparently there is a Test series of cricket coming up against SA with the only real interest is which ward of St Vincents the selectors will visit to pick their pace attack. Pat Cummins had a great return to one day game yesterday but has been told only to play one day cricket for rest of life so doesnt break down anymore at the ripe old age of 23. Thank Me we have all those conditioning experts on the ACB payroll

In TV land watching third season of Halt and Catch Fire which pretty well sums up my golf game at present. You know if I ever catch fire again that is. It is a great show and like the move to San Francisco. Hope they find my heart by season end. Watched the Aussie drama Deep Water which was good apart from William McInnes. As said many times, Aussies make great TV but do get sick and tired of seeing so many same old (and in same cases positively ancient) faces bob up. And memo to Check 1-2 McLachlan – stick to playing baddies as in Deep Water and not fluff as in Wrong Girl. Or not act at all of course, an appealing choice to be honest. Another Aussie newbie Rosehaven has some comedic chops but fear the lead guy could grate week after week. Exorcist is getting into the good stuff while Lethal Weapon has slightly improved as Wayans dials down the goof act a bit. Apart from expecting Jack Bauer to appear at any moment, Designated Survivor is engaging stuff and of course Shameless never disappoints

One may ask where do you get all this time to watch so much TV? Hell, I only list the good stuff! Plenty of time still spent out on Golf Club doing bunkers of course (on course actually) but this wind is doing my head in. All leaves blown out in morning, all return by afternoon. If there were not rakes left incorrectly at edge I guess more may blow in! Getting up at 5 am is probably the clue to having so much time left in the day. And some pleasantly cool weather of late as indicated by my two “go to” signs – aching shoulders at 4am in morning and the inability for automatic garage door to roll up and stay up. Probably a crude joke in there but we are not in a locker room ok.


Going to a retro street party in a few weeks and “price of admission” is one LP of the vinyl variety. Knew I had a cache hidden somewhere under my signed Donny Osmond posters and eventually found them and what can only be called an electic mix

Slade – Sladest
Deep Purple – Made in Japan
Concert for Bangladesh
JC Superstar Original Soundtrack
Bad Company – Desolation Angels
Cocker – Cocker
Monty Python – 5 LPs!

Wish I had kept Smokie – The Hits to give away but was only a 45 to be fair. Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature because they dont give one for Enunciation ?

One last thought. If they dont sort out this crazy clown nonsense soon I see some rather unfortunate events occurring this Halloween. Just saying

They say a week is a long time in politics. For me 90 minutes is too long. When it is a debacle. Sorry Debate. I really need to stop watching US politics so much as I despair for the world we live in at times. How anybody could say with a straight face that Buffoon Bob won the second debate is beyond reason. Yes, of course like everywhere else the media is biased and nowhere more so than in USA and so hard to get a fair review admittedly. So, instead will use my own two eyes, two ears and an IQ of at least double figures. I dont give a crap about Pussygate (or taxes for that matter) – it tells us nothing new about him. What drives me up the wall ( an actual one, not a dreamt up one) is he simply doesnt answer questions and no one pulls him up on it. His knowledge of the world is akin to that of his family tree – the Orangutan .The Supreme Court question was just one of many examples – yeah get another devil incarnate to replace the one that died but Hey Hilary why dont you contribute your own millions to your campaign eh? Huuuuuge Zinger ! Nope, simply embarrassing to a level where the bar is not even above ground. Some commented on the look on Hil’s face at times but truly believe she was as shocked as anyone with the dribble coming out – and she lives it 24/7! Of course she is far from perfect but at least she has a grasp of the world and what is going on even if she doesnt have all the right answers. I can only take it from his comment that Dickwad Don is going to send in a band of secret ninjas in the dark and reclaim Syria, Iraq, Libya and even Madagascar from those pesky , but adorable, zoo animals. His complaints about moderators and everything else simply reminds me of the Bill Maher tagline #whinylittlebitch . And the sniffs are back. So many great memes etc around at present but this one caught my eye as combines two simply bizarre current behaviours in the world


Of course with BB we know he thinks he is My answer to everything like knows the bible better than the Pope etc . He also thinks he is a great golfer so lets look at the swing. Ok, not Charles Barkley admittedly but that putting stroke looks “susceptible” and bet he wishes he could wear a suit on course. And then of course we get the crap about him handing out money at the end

In other sporting news we had two fairytales – AFL and NRL – and one nightmare – Aussie ODI tour of SA. Of most interest to me though was Bathurst yesterday. Watched the start as usual and then came back for last 20 laps and it was simply riveting television. The skill level of these guys is amazing and seeing them scream down Conrod reminded me of my recent lap record – 47 kph!



In between sport and politics was able to finally celebrate CLP birthday at the rather special Casa Di Natura. A great package of a sauna, a swim and a massage. And champers and choccies. Then they tell us you will be last couple to do package as closing down pool etc. Dont feel so bad about peeing in pool now




And before heading to Flashman Sunshine Coast INC HQ dropped into Rainbow Beach to catch up with da boys. Glorious day in a beautiful location




I tell ya, its a hard life but think I am up for it

In other news Summer is well and truly here , at least in Maryhole. Only a bit over 4 months to wait for Seattlandia I guess

And in other news my son finally went over to the darkside and joined Facebook and set a record for number of photos uploaded in any 24 hr period. But as they are mostly my gorgeous grandkids I will allow it this once