The Week That Was – 24-10-2016

Posted: October 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

Yep, I try to walk away from this farce called a US election but feel like Michael and not just because I have a brother called Freddo . Who strangely never wants to come fishing with me ? Not only did I watch the last debate live but even the Al Smith dinner the next day ! Last week I didnt even know who Al Smith was. To be fair I stumbled across it watching The Kelly File and there is the drum. While I scoff at folk watching The Block and MKR I watch O’Reilly and Kelly, who it must be said is somewhat transfixing. Not sure if she speaks yet, have the sound off. If I ever watch Hannity, shoot me ok. On a side note that is likely to see my inbox filled with requests to donate to Trump has everyone else noted that most of his surrogates are females who look like failed Beauty Queen entrants – rather attractive from a distance but quite severe up close. And then they screech, sorry speak. The last debate was of most interest because it meant there would be a third SNL parody – who doesnt want to play Trump Bingo!

Only two weeks to go and amazingly he could still win. While it should not surprise me it does – why aren’t more people concerned about the process of the wikileaks hacks rather than the content? Assange is no hero last time I checked . Of course Buffoon Bob shoots himself in foot daily so even if media wasnt “rigged” there is hardly space left to discuss the leaks. They say a picture paints 1000 words and this one attached to the excellent Rolling Stone article by Matt Taibbi is both mesmerising and beautiful. And scary in its accuracy. This is nightmare inducing imagery akin to Munch’s The Scream


So, I am guessing other stuff is happening in the world. In TV land, Goliath started off strong and then faded away rather poorly. At least I watched the episodes in the correct order!

Black Mirror is one show can watch in any order and still be impressed. Great to see Season 3 back and on Netflix. Virtually impossible to describe. Speaking of impossible, why try to revamp the vamp and make a new Rocky Horror? Ok, of course there is a simple answer so here is a tougher question – Why Tim Curry, Why 😦 The opening sequence was in fact excellent but as soon as Riff Raff appeared in an odd “vocal interpretation” followed shortly by Cox, the cat was out of the bag. It does remind one that not only was the the original movie magical but the cast was stellar across the board. I could watch the 2016 opening again and again though. So lets

Sporting wise The All Blacks won again and we do seem a bit overly sensitive to the clown article in the NZ media. Not as if Kiwis can read after all 🙂 The Moto GP at Phillip Island simply reminds us what Mike Gibson use to say – these guys have balls the size of orchestra stalls. Cricket starts soon zzzzzzzzzz

Actually had some rain yesterday but not a lot. Did cool place down but the poor old golf course needs about 3 times as much. The Bunker Bike is currently dead so means its all hands – well both – on deck and manual hand raking. 2 hrs is about my limit – especially when sand is a bit wet like this morning – before back screams out “You’re kidding right?”. Then ankle joins in ” at least you dont have to lug the whole body around 24/7″ ! So, time to down tools and get the morning coffee and head home for weekly blog. (Yes that would be this , move to top of class). Toast makes good coffee but so does Sexie Coffee – and with latter I dont have to get out of car and chance meeting some great unwashed. Sexie Coffee is on highway just north of Maryhole and as is drive through one gets a good glance at “line up” at the window as one approaches along said highway. In a northerly direction. Still following this anecdote? Although never yet had to follow through on this, general rule is if 3 cars lined up turnaround and go home. Just the one ? Great, onward and upward. Now, the drive through has a semi circular configuration as you may know and not all is visible from road but a good 75% and literally 10 s away. What are the chances? Yep, you guessed it. That last 25% somehow had 2 cars in it for that critical moment. Assuming women drivers given how long it took them to travel 20m not in a straight line! Thank Me, no reverse parking is involved 🙂

And its goodnight from him

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