The Week That Was – 2.11.16

Posted: November 1, 2016 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Yeah getting later each week but played golf on a Tuesday this week and it has thrown me. Also had to wait for my review of Fashion on the Fields of course. No one won. Again.

So, its just over a week until the USA votes and Trump is still a chance. How is this possible? More Weiner trouble for a Clinton of course. Two decades apart. Really though even if there was an email digitally signed by Hilary stating that on Nov 9th she intended to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge it still shouldnt matter. Trump’s latest claim that 650 million people could be let in to USA the first week of a Clinton presidency is simply so ludicrous even when placed in a hat with all his other ridiculous claims. As said many times before I get that the 25-30% rusted on deplorables lap this up but that aint getting him extra votes. Another aspect that amazes me , having commented previously on his female surrogates , are that his two main male disciples are equally laughable despite some previous noteworthy contributions in life. Gingrich and Giuliani. Throw in Chris Christie and its Moe, Larry and Curly all over again. Compare that with Biden, Obamas x 2. Everywhere you look Clinton should be pulling 85%. But not in America and not with a Clinton.

Appropriately then it is Halloween. Having been instructed previously on the origin of Halloween given my distaste for the Aussie adoption I shant go down that path again. If people enjoy dressing up and going to neighbourhoods to mix with other so inclined so be it. Just dont knock on my door, assuming you got past the barbed wire and broken glass. In this weather it is not fair either to have to lock up place at 5pm and pretend you are not home:( Luckily already in PJs so no great impost. Now, bring back cracker night and I am in. Then there will be some neighbours jumping, trust me.

In the sporting world there was a massive event on yesterday. Yes Ferguson, Walker, Greathead and Morgan won all the choccies against a start studded field in the annual Melbourne Cup Ambrose Invitational World Cup Golfing Extravaganza in Maryhole. It was organised by the Vets so there were more carts than in the parking lot at Woolies but us 4 brave walkers did it tough on a dry, firm track. Sadly, I did a fetlock and had to be put down at day’s end. Or at least carried down the stairs, lumbered with trophies. Starting to think I putt better on sand greens and thinking of moving to somewhere with them permanently – like Thargomindah. At least it gets more rain than Maryhole. Seriously, all joking aside, I am sick to death of the constant lack of rain here couple by the continual “unbridled enthusiasm” (copyright Billy Mumphrey) that our clown forecasters keep posting storm warnings with. Its 2016, factor in some “historical data” ya gooses. In the meantime I shall remain a cock eyed optimist

In other sporting news some test cricket starts soonish, somewhere in this wide brown land. Seriously that is the level of my interest at present. I will watch the first hour of a new Test series on home soil although if in Perth as I suspect it could impact on my nanna nap. Cricket now is more of a highlights package viewing experience for moi and none more interesting than this little snippet overnight. Interesting fact – this cricketer has never been given out LBW. Everytime he gets hit on leg he asks for a review and is always given not out on snicko evidence assuming it hit bat first. Ya with me ? Of interest, he never tours India. The crowd of 3 went wild.

In TV land Quarry wrapped up an impressive first season after a slight mid season lull. Best new series of the year for me. Many of course would give that gong to Westworld and that is ok but as said in other media commitments ( BBC News of the World etc) I cannot follow this series which I think is trying to be deliberately complex to appease the nerds and not going to waste precious remaining brain cells trying to. Alcohol consumption features heavily in my near and distant future. One series that could lead me to drink even more is The FALL. Its another one of those shows with its moody, slow burning atmospherics that please some but simply bore me. Long dull one on one conversations and Gillian A’s sultry constipated look combined with long wistful stares into nothing does nothing for me and she is definitely an X file for me in the spank bank these days. Season 3 was even worse than 1 and 2 (why watch it then ? – good question Your Honour) with a simply ridiculous conclusion

Another reason for a late note this week was a lovely weekend spent in Toowoomba with several of the clan. Started with Old Farts day at TACAPS for Will and Pat, a school Fete and then the baby shower for Ranny – or more specifically a pre wetting of baby’s head with Richard. Didnt quite all go to plan but a great few days all round






November already which means just over a month for bub to arrive, about 2 months to Xmas and under 4 months to Seattlandia! Two of those events are very exciting

Later dudes

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