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Ireland Fling Day 2 – Books and Booze

Posted: February 17, 2018 in Travel

Not a bad nights sleep considering the previous 36 hrs. It is a quite area and a warm unit so about as good as can be expected in a place far far away. Of course body still can’t work out whether it really should still be dark outside so about 4 am was it for me. Not sure when daylight dawns here but thinking the jammies will stay on for a couple more hours. Update : Sunrise 7:40 am – my body shall remain confused for longer than really safe methinks. I may need to purchase a foghorn to wake CLP up of course . Now the body just has to remember what to do with all the food and drink from last 36 hrs. Ya with me 😏

A leisurely day to be sure with a booked tour of the Book of Kells at 10:30 and then the Irish Music Pub Tour at 7 pm tonight . Better make it a quiet drinking day then. I tell ya, I crack myself up sometimes ….. Weather forecast is promising . As in we promise , we don’t know what it will do either but don’t we make lovely maps. Have resurrected Accuweather for this trip or “Star Trek” as I call it because it goes where no man has gone before . As in “ there will be 2.5 mm of rain in 27 mins lasting 3.6 mins” Or not . Good start mind you

With sunrise threatening it was time to head off for some breakfast , grab some Leap cards, a phone Sim and some statue photos before presenting at Trinity College for a book read. Hope there are plenty of pictures. Started with a simple breakfast at Pantry nearby and greeted by friendly and helpful hosts. Amazing to see popele drinking beer in Molloys Pub at 730 am . It was a simply glorious morning as then made our way to The Spire and then onto St Stephens Green

We then did the Book of Kells tour including the stunning Long Room at Trinity College and then onto the nearby Little Museum of Dublin. Both well worth a visit with the latter chockas of interesting memorabilia and a U2 room. We even did the 30 min tour with Mrs Brown

A short detour to an Oscar Wilde statue and then our first beer of the day across the road at , strangely enough, Oscars. As still a glorious day headed towards the Temple Bar area for lunch but it was getting crowded by now so time to wander back home across a couple of the several bridges before a short detour to see the Jeannie Johnston ship at dock. Time to rest for a couple of hours before tonight’s musical pub tour

Headed off under clear skies again for a quick dinner before meeting the group and it was a large group of about 50! It worked surprisingly well though and was a wonderful night. Great duo with witty banter and good music and rooms to ourselves in busy pubs. CLP almost stole the show with her Polka routine but it’s not often you can say the Irish Musical Pub Crawl was upstaged by a gay Icelandic couple. Towards end of show always try and get an audience member up to sing a song. Athor was pushed out by his boyfriend and did a great job of Under Pressure. Magic end to a magic night and then a walk home on a booteeful night. It had been one memorable first full day in Ireland

Hell on Earth has arrived and parked itself at Flashman Inc Sunshine Coast . What a shocker of a night for heat and mugginess. Very little sleep indeed, just as well no big day ahead ………

And this will be a long day but although we may leave at 35 degrees we should eventually arrive to 3.5 degrees. Yay. First up is leisurely drive to Brisvegas catching up with the both the oldest and youngest members of our extended clans. Fly out of Brisvegas at 5 pm to Melboring before catching the Qantas A 380 to London via Dubai as you do. Then straight onto a BA flight to Dublin arriving a bit after 5 pm on Friday. What may appear as 24 hrs in the air and getting frisked at airports is closer to 36 hrs. Speaking of BA I pity the fool who doesnt sleep on planes. Guilty as charged Your Honour. Luckily it will be a dry 36 hrs…….

Damn those decimal points again. Ok a dry 0.36 hrs. #IBF has returned and is in a black mood. May wait for Ireland for that though….

A full morning in the sweltering heat had us hanging out for that first cold one in the Qantas Lounge. Rocked up to check in and the lady suggested we can get u on earlier flight still with exit seats as there could be storms this afternoon . My grimace prompted “You will still have time for the lounge Sir”. Then a 15 min hassle with CLP’s new passport. Had to ring Canberra in the end . This was cutting into my drinking time sweetheart. Then we saw the Qantas Premium Lounge entry with Security check. Sweet, what a great service . Then settled in for a quick froth or 3 in the 30 mins before board our new 4 pm flight . Does mean about 4 hrs in the Melbourne Lounge before take off…….. help.

Smooth trip down once we skirted the storms . Missed our “dinner” being on an earlier flight but we shan’t starve. The Melbourne BC Club is a bit of a ghost town at 8 pm which makes sense when look at the board and only 3 flights before midnight. There is plenty to eat and drink of course but all a bit impersonal #firstworldproblems. Now the trick is not to get as full as a state school hat rack in the next 3 hrs before the next 14 hr flight 😏🕺🏼

Being a DCM (designated chick magnet)I innocently asked a passing service lady about a towel for a shower and now we are besties and I know her life story. Actually makes mine sound a bit better. A shower between flights is great way to put a smile on your face. Here is one I prepared earlier

The A 380 is an impressive if aging plane. Smooth take offs and landing and the PE cabin is very good. Still 14 hrs is 14 hrs and were glad to see the sun starting to rise as we approached Dubai. Off at one gate spin around 3 times walk to another gate and reboard for London

Another smooth flight had us arriving in plenty of time and no lounge to roam. Instead we had our first Pommy beer – and it was warm. Eventually 4 pm ticked around and we could board our Aer Lingus – hee hee snicker – for the quick trip to Dublin. 50 mins to be exact

Relatively smooth Customs experience and our Limo driver arrived soon after to drop us at our VRBO in Dublin at Customs House Harbourplace. Looks great but we are officially shagged now so a quick small salad from nearby and cuppa and time to find that bed. Looks like a quiet area so let’s hope we bounce out of bed in the morning ready to explore this wonderful city

The time is flying by indeed. Only two weeks now until we leave for Ireland and have a Fling or three. Maybe even a Guinness as well. Big month all round with the big 60 approaching too

So to refresh the late comers IF involves a couple of weeks in Ireland, a few days in London and a few days in Dubai. And a lot of time at 30,000 feet . Caught one of the last Qantas A 380s that will still fly through Dubai rather than Singapore which is good as always a nice place to laze by the pool with a hubbly bubbly for a few days and destress. Have PE natch so should be relatively comfortable even on the long 14 HR legs. Hopefully CLP doesnt fall asleep in the lounge before we actually board and I have to carry her on again. Stuffing her in the overhead compartment is a bitch trust me. 60th Birthday will actually be spent in Killarney at a rather salubrious Lake Hotel and rather than renting a car we are mostly bussing it between towns. In February the weather ain’t great and the days are short and its all my Mother’s fault as I cant change when I was born. Still, should all be a hoot and great to see a new place even through the mist and rain. Wont be able to do Ireland justice in that short time of course but should get a feel for the place and can always return especially if Buffoon Bob blows up USA anytime soon

Speaking of said clown still planning USA Solo 2019 as well of course and interesting with the news of the Qantas flights to NYC from Brisbane later this year. Of course a simple post on FB has your average moron getting all excited as they cant read past a headline so assume that it is direct to NYC and also that the Dreamliner is the second coming. Wrong on both counts. A newer plane has some good features of course but they dont necessarily include comfort and space. Economy is back to the horrid 3-3-3 and Kid Curry or whoever designed the new “super recline” seats in PE didnt consider there may be someone sitting behind you! In usual Qantas style too they remove toilets every new design. Pretty soon if ya dont go before you board “your fault Sir “. Yes first world problems but I just cant stand morons or companies who treat you as morons. Thank me for forums. The real issue of course though is nutting out dates as each new version starts a week earlier to “make sure I catch winter” At this rate I may be flying there from Dubai rather than returning home. For once CLP thought I had come up with a good plan ! Hmm.

Speaking of morons 2018 sees the media , in all facets, reach new lows. A few examples. The coverage of Tomic the Tank is ludicrous. No one cares , its just channel 10 drumming up news for that jungle drivel and then he pulls out early! Cue a The Project interview. He is a flog. The Stormy Daniels crap in USA puts that in the shade of course. I though her 15s of fame was the actual sexual act with BB but she has dragged it out into a few weeks and now says “nah never happened”. She was even on Jimmy Kimmel for a nothing interview. Why ??? And then the Sophie Monk backflip. She reckons she owes Australia an explanation but as Shaun Micallef best put it “We wave that debt”

Sporting wise and in a slightly different vein but one that annoys me has been the Tiger mania with his recent return to the Tour. 5 articles a day leading up to it including what he had for breakfast the first day. Then we saw every shot he played for 4 rounds even though never in contention. First two rounds maybe, last round ridiculous! And then after it all died down – and an amazing 5 hole playoff – the same media were making another story up the next day about “was there too much coverage of Tiger” ? Ya cant make this shit up. It was in fact an impressive return especially with his short game but he is no longer “The Game” but merely another multimillionaire player in it. Great win by JayDay of course. Cricket wise it is clear that Australia has to introduce some speed limit to bowling in ODIs. As in ya cant bowl below 120 kph! Our batsmen simply cant handle the “hit and fetch” brigade and shouldnt be expected to. Hell some of them have played up to 15 days in the last month. Luckily the IPL will roll around soon and they can have a rest while they count their Tomics. Oops I mean their millions. The best thing about cricket of course is the Leibke rating s on The Roar . Always count on at least one classic line in each review but maybe my fave in recent times was about the Bradman Smith comparisons.

Still, Bradman was never caught, bowled, or caught and bowled by Moeen Ali. So plenty of stuff for Smith to work on.”

In TV land have really enjoyed the development of The Detour now in its 3rd season. I started This is Us Season 2 but have simply had enough of this tragedy porn. When Rocky is the best actor in the episode you have a problem . UK drama Rellik was an interesting take on the serial killer yarn. There is certainly plenty to watch as always but must admit have enjoyed starting a rewatch of Breaking Bad for the first time. Such a smart show and already ripped through Season one in a day and a bit. Well, I still have to fit in nanna naps! Almost 60 now ya know…..

When next we meet I should be hooking in at one of a possible two Qantas Lounges tarmac adjacent in preparation for Ireland Fling . Surely will be shortened to IF I imagine. Makes you think though eh. IF a picture does paint a thousand words why would I write this nonsense every day when there are pubs still open ? Ireland is the Ring of Kerry. Here is a picture I prepared earlier. Later dudes