Ireland Fling Day 13 – Bunged up in Cork ?

Posted: February 28, 2018 in Travel

Flashy weather rule #1

Snow today – good
Snow tomorrow – bad

Woke up to the lovely sight of snow on the ground. Down for hearty breakfast before venturing into town with the last words of host “ beware the blizzard “ ringing in our ears . Any plans for Cobh sank like the Titanic when all rail service there cancelled and nothing to do with weather .

The cold was getting worse by the hour but what can you do. Go out in freezing weather of course. By now though the sun was out and almost went back for sluggos but then remembered had been in a fair paddock of late 😏 We played in the snow , had a coffee and then decided to take bus to Blarney before that was cancelled.

Pleasant trip out to a very beautiful little town. The castle of course is a rip off but did get my first Seniors Discount. Asked if wanted to see my ID and she said no it’s fine. Smart ass bitch😉 Beautiful day for photos still and did climb right up to top and as no crowds and did kiss the Blarney Stone. And of course there was scaffolding 😰

Bus back to Cork and then had an Italian lunch and picked up salads on the way home for dinner as not going out again with blizzard approaching😏 In the meantime where is that sunburn cream Dear ?

Back home for weather update and not good. Red alert – highest – for tomorrow from 4 pm. All buses cancelled . We quickly booked a double train trip via Dublin leaving at 7 am in morning! If that is cancelled we are screwed. At present trains will slow after midday and cease at 2 pm. With any luck we may be in Kilkenny then and it can do what it wants

Cold is at its zenith with both nose, throat and head all joined in.

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