Ireland Fling Day 14 – Last Train out of Dodge

Posted: March 1, 2018 in Travel

No wonder a person can’t get well. So we did have a taxi booked to take to train at 6 am this morning . He rang last night and cancelled . So started the walk in the snow at 5:30 am. It was -8 degrees, real feel -19. Surprisingly no one else was on the streets. Not sure wheels on luggage will have survived. Anyhoo we made it in time, had a hot chocolate and boarded the train

So at least we will make it to Dublin which is something . At present they say our 10:15 train out of Dublin Heuston to Waterford is last one running today so fingers crossed still is . If we get to Kilkenny we will look back on this and laugh one day . If we don’t then reflection may be more harsh. Walking the streets early in the morning in rather harsh conditions made me feel like the 5th Yorkshireman . Someone had licked road clean and definitely was a paper bag in the road

Ok so we didn’t make it to Dublin. Stop start trip had us at least an hour behind schedule and we would miss connection to Waterford. Or so we thought. So helpful conductor suggested we get off at Kildare some distance south of Dublin and catch our next train as it passed through at 10:41. Getting off train just after 10 am this seemed a good idea and it was . Just not the day for trains running on time. The train to Waterford left Dublin over an hour late – ironically we could have stayed on train and relaxed in much more comfortable Heuston station then the outpost Kildare is

Train finally arrived about 70 mins late and it was crowded. Still at last Kilkenny was in sight . We will now be closer to the dreaded 4pm whiteout get off the street curfew blizzard blowout and still need to get to our lodgings with no taxis operating and at least a good 20 minute walk . And find something to eat and maybe a few supplies for the next 24 hr lock down

There actually were taxis operating so could afford to have lunch in town, very passable Chinese. Most shops closed . Arrived at Rosquil and looks a lovely place indeed. Our room is spacious and at the back. And there is a bath !

Given Armageddon was not happening anytime soon thought may as well have a look and a walk around neighbourhood in case tomorrow is a wipeout. Plenty of churches and some quirk including an Elvis fan house

So what could have been a disasterous day turned out ok with some proactive actions. Once buses in doubt didn’t hang around, went straight to train. No taxis, no sweat . When we were obviously running late on first train asked about our connection and he organised the stop at Kildare . Realising we may struggle to get out tonight for dinner asked our B&B host about options and she came back and said she would cook something up for us

Apparently my charm even works over the phone 😏

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