Ireland Fling Day 15 – Oh No they Kil Kenny

Posted: March 2, 2018 in Travel

I checked. Not one time was The Beast from The East implicated or even questioned. No surprise really because so far it’s been a bit of a pussy . Now those words may come back to bite me when sitting on a tarmac on Sunday afternoon with a shovel in my hand but as with many of these “events “ there has been overkill. By all means close down transport, schools etc for public safety but stop trying to justify it with 24/7 reporting of some idiot standing in the snow with a microphone. Let you in on a little secret. We were walking the streets of Ghost Town after 4 pm curfew yesterday and if an ice cream shop was open I would have gone in . There has been snow overnight here and will likely continue today . The problem for us hearty visitors is because of the red alert in place businesses just shut down for two days so doesn’t matter if I went nude cycling into town later , no shops are open. Maybe a pub though? At least the news would have something to report “ That’s not a bike pump. This is a bike pump” #crocdundee4

So plans for the day are casual to say the least . First up though will be breakfast at 0800. Still rather sick sadly and no surprises as still sweat during the night and then wake up with damp PJs and not just in the nether regions.

Time to venture out into the neighbourhood or at least 100m up the road to Newpark Hotel for a coffee. Very swank looking place with a great bar for future reference . And the cricket is on!

Then back home for a Brains Trust meeting. Sadly it was poorly attended. We booked a train to Dublin on Sunday as well as Bus is a bit hit and miss. Mind you if we have to use train making the flight will be tight and we will be trying to change to a later one same day . Irish Rail is good with cancellations so let’s hope Plan A goes ahead on Sunday – 0725 bus to Dublin Airport and catch 1 pm flight to Heathrow. Now time for some lunch kindly provided again by hosts – split pea soup . Perfect

Back out in the light snow in afternoon for a walk into town and search for that elusive second great Irish Coffee. Failed miserably but did see some great sights including Kilkenny Castle but of course everything is closed

There were quite a few people around and cars on street although conditions were a bit tricky . We finally dropped into Matt the Millers bar on the river which was a great looking bar but very ordinary Irish coffee

Then it was time to head home and get out of the weather as now seems CLP has caught the dreaded lurgy . Have no idea how . Maybe when I sent her out to do the washing last night ?

Tomorrow we may do day trip to Waterford depending on weather and trains . Hard to fill in another day in Kilkenny methinks

After all we have already made an impression here

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