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No, not especially busy but feeling rather uninspired. You may think I still am after the following drivel

Last weekend was spent visiting the gang of 4 at Toowoomba followed by a night at Crane Winery in Kingaroy. A lot of driving to be sure but a lovely weekend. A late celebration of Will’s 8th birthday and a chance to see him play rugby again. He is no SBW but probably could still get a start for the Wallabies 🙂 Once again had dinner at that extraordinary little gem in Kingaroy – Cassis. A Saturday night and only 4 bookings – the locals do not know what they are missing. Ryan is as gorgeous as ever of course and that Rocky is going to be one big dog!

In world news we had the Urinal stand off for a while until both realised they had enormous dicks – I mean were enormous dicks. Of course with Buffoon Bob you only have to wait one news cycle for some new nonsense. First it was his pathetic response to Charlottesville but the one that summed him up best – and his stupidity combined with denial of all scientific fact – was the Eclipse photo

One can only hope that his followers in Bumfuck, Idaho did the same and will be blinded and not able to vote next time. His rallies continue to amaze if only for their pathetic nature and distortion of truth. Already the secret service budget is blown for the year with 4 more months to go! One does wonder where it will all end and is a pity as is a country I love for many reasons. I check out a lot of things on You Tube and always fascinated by 911 and all of the conspiracy theories that abound. Some skullduggery theories eg bombs in towers have a tinge of merit considering how the towers collapsed but the ones about no planes at all loses me.

In TV land it is all GOT and hacks and whacks. The next episode is either leaked or the most recent one ridiculed for time inconsistencies. As the writers say – why are people so worried about the speed of an unladen raven but easily accept dragons and zombies? Of course only one memory comes to mind in this discussion

I do think the writing has become sloppier as the action scenes have become bigger but it is all acceptable in the scheme of things. The geeks are very defensive of their baby mind you and consider it the best TV ever made. There is always a distinction between best and most watchable that many cant grasp but each to their own. There are always plenty of memes around but this one was the most obvious one that fit in with my sense of humour

In other TV news the second season of Top of the Lake was very poor. The Canadian TV cop show 19-2 is a very good example of the genre

“Between a Hard Rock and a Soft Red” approaches very quickly – Saturday Week – and from here on in will simply be referred to as Red Rock. While we may have been very lucky and a tad ignorant in the past there was a bit of a shock with the car rental insurance costs. In a typical underhanded way the actual rental costs are quite cheap but include nothing really. To insure the car and prevent a $4000 hold being placed on credit card for possible excess (amongst other nasty surprises)you need to pay about $40 a day for cover ( Hertz) . This is more than the actual rental costs of course. Hopefully the bad weather in SA has passed by time we get there and not yet stinking hot at Uluru. “Ireland Fling” (pending – not convinced) is well planned including most of accommodation. Car rental not explored yet – nor the Qatar stay over – but that will be a job for post Red Rock. Of course around time we have our first guinness it will be 12 months out from next solo USA trip and will be looking at flight specials 🙂 The plan is still not solid though, being caught between desire to see some new cities and longing for wintry repeat of Feb 2015 in NYC and Philly. San Diego still appeals and will be time spent in NYC and Boston as well with still maybe one more city. No more 2 week only visits for this LBD

Sadly Suze has indeed gone and is missed more than expected. With that and Sexie Coffee Drive through closing permanently tomorrow am not sure if I can go on

Luckily I shot 76 off the stick yesterday so will probably hang around at least one more week