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It was shaping up as a big 36 hrs but first the usual Friday morning bunker run. Or walk it seems as the Bunker Bike is broken and the only way to get parts for it is to find Noah who built it at same time as the Ark! So time to hand rake a few. Then the long drive to Brisvegas for Richards Bucks Night at The Footy. First though time to drop in to the Medium Security wing at The Twilight Home to catch up with Ferguson Matriach and she even had her hair done special for the day release. CLP thinks my hair looks the same – yeah if only.

Then onto Pullman at King George Square and of course room not ready at 1 pm but “we will upgrade you to a balcony room Sir. Come back at 2pm” Ok, no big deal drop off car and bags and limp the 100m to mall. What can one do though to fill in time before a big night out. Well, just the one……

Back at 2:15 pm to reception. “Ah no Sir room not ready so have put you back to original room” It was that sort of day. The room was perfectly fine on 12th floor but despite double windows can still hear some traffic. So, chilled for a couple of hours before CLP arrived from work (he he) and then around 5pm headed off to Caxton Street pub for a pre game meal. Its a long walk actually and already very crowded with a surprising number of Rabbitoh supporters. Luckily they only eat lettuce. Booteeful evening though

Yeah I was a bit early but got choice of seats:) The man of the hour turned up duly and we settled in with a good group of guys and a few Sherberts before hooking into a couple of slow moving cows as you do

The place was jumping by now and took a while to actually get meal but that was fine. Organising bill and paying same took a bit longer mind you but eventually headed off with the throng to the big lit place. In the distance I could faintly hear the pre game entertainment 😉 Mind you as we were approaching gates about 10 mins before kick off there was still a mass of people rocking up – must be the Brisvegas thang. Good seats and really is a great stadium. Of course if down one end you do miss some of the action at other end and tend to watch on big screen. Its almost as good as being at home in front of TV……

It was not a great game per se but was a great experience and really exciting last 10 mins. I left the younguns to it after the game and hobbled with the masses back to hotel. It was crowded but as always the Police do a great job with crowd control. Ankle was officially broken and this led to a rough nights sleep but at least not full as a state school hat rack. With age comes wisdom.

Had an excellent breakfast next morning with full buffet on offer for only $1 – special internet deal. We had booked to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in Gold Class for 10 am so duly arrived in plenty of time and parked and ordered our refreshments as you do. Its a long movie at almost 3 hrs so we organised very clearly to get a coffee at 1030 am, some sliders and chips at 1130 am and finally the big dessert just after midday. Spread it out nicely as we had had a hearty breakfast. Made myself comfortable in a surprisingly empty ( about 8) cinema. Here is one I prepared earlier

So coffee turned up at 10:10 quickly followed by meal at 10:30. When the dessert turned up – in a wheelbarrow- at 10:45 told them to take it back and buy themselves a clock! Seriuosly what is the point of pretending to take down all the info at the counter? The food was fine and the dessert enormous but really dont want everything served so quickly #firstworldproblems

And so to the movie. It was a disappointment. Great period feel but way too much time spent on DiCaprio acting in movies within movie. Pitt was great whenever on screen and the small part of Lewis as McQueen was rather mesmerising. The Bruce Lee bit just jarred. No issue with ending as it was a fairytale after all. QT is always a bit different but really think he missed the mark here.

A slow drive back to Maplehead then with the rather baffling nature of traffic on full display. There were no accidents but you would just come to a standstill for a few minutes and then speed up and then another standstill. Defies logic really but a rather common phenomenon at certain times of day on highway. Can only assume too many female drivers out there ? Made sure left early next morning to avoid the traffic and just enjoy the fog

What happens in Vegas…..

Posted: August 21, 2019 in Travel

Should make for fascinating reading for you folk.

So, the new non stop Qantas flights from BrisVegas (spooky) to Chicago and San Fran after April 2020 were tantalising as Chicago in particular is a personal fave. Call Me Bwana is only a 2 week soujourn in March next year and thats not nearly enough OS Shenanagising for this little black duck in any one calendar year. The idea formed, due to direct flights, of two short US holidays (pre Election and Post US Election !) for October 2020 and February 2021 – as still love the winter over there. Spread the love and spend the inheritance so to speak. A lot of research has gone into this and the holiday is planned and even the odd fully refundable deposit out laid after allowing for pending World Recession and the Aussie $ dipping to 50 c US 🙂

I am going to Vegas in October and NYC in February.


Yep I dont get it either so dont fret. There are a few pertinent facts to digest. One could almost be swayed to call them excuses. Short Term rentals are becoming a nightmare in many US cities including Chicago. Chicago has a lot of lodging taxes as well so basically it is expensive to stay in and pretty well limited to Hotels. Similar story in San Fran and it fair to say that as great as San Fran is it is a deteriorating city by all accounts and I was there in 2013 and ticked all the boxes and Made my Day #Clunk. Chicago would be cheaper in Feb 2021 but that is a dangerous place (transport wise) and rather freezing at that time of year

Not convinced I am a Vegas kinda guy but there is no denying some great attractions nearby like Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. It also has some great iconic sites movie wise and did find a good rental at MGM Signature – just off the strip, no casino. No doubt would catch a show and play some Two Up but think there will be plenty to keep me busy outside of gambling and ogling Showgirls. Not that there is anything wrong with that…… The other bit to the puzzle is I loved my short visit to Santa Monica for the afternoon back in February and would have loved to have stayed well into the night on the Pier but had to get back to LAX for my cancelled flight early next morning VIA 2 Ubers and a long walk! Once again have been able to find a reasonable and legal rental within walking distance to Pier and Venice Beach so looking at a few nights there before flying home. All up , just under 2 weeks

Now devoted followers would know I have often said I would never go back to NYC. I lied. Apparently. Sometimes when there I dont take advantage of what is available but when I look back on it well there were magic times going to a concert at Madison Square Garden and also free entry to two Tonight shows yada yada yada. More importantly though I loved the Hotel Beacon and if you book well in advance the rates are quite reasonable – depending on exchange rate of course. the second city would be Philly as have not been there for 5 years and once again VRBO rentals are mostly legal there and there are some gooduns. Again a two week holiday in and out like a well trained Seal Team

Two short holidays , rather than one long one, does increase amount of time flying but also chance to snag that elusive Gold FF badge in the one year. Mind you I suspect after all the planning it could be that it just aint that bigger deal when you fly as often as I do. Still , be nice on that Headstone to have “At least he was a Gold Frequent Flyer”. Especially if that headstone was a result of that last qualifying flight.

Some variables are beyond my control of course especially with Pumpkin Head in the Oval Office. I suspect he will try and prevent a recession before Nov 2020 and so while the Aussie $ may not do well my Super should not be obliterated – my only source of aforementioned Aussie $.

If I was a gambling man I would think though that he will stuff it up so may as well head to Vegas with the other losers eh.