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Whats Another Year Between Friends ?

Posted: September 5, 2021 in Travel

Spring has sprung and seemed a suitable time to look ahead for future plans and I better get in quick as Summer will be here in Maryhole next week 😦 Of course, at present should have the Bermuda shorts and thongs on and be sitting in a Norway Hotel in Bergen waiting to board our Vikings Homeland 15 days Ocean cruise. I had been in training all winter to get the sluggos out as well

Alas, that too has gone the way of the DoDo bird. We have had more trips planned than a Cameron Munster training run and as each season passes another one is cancelled. #firstworldproblemsstillmatterright? Lets try and update the current situation

Our Ocean Cruise was pretty easy to “cancel” and keep our $1000 deposit from another cruise to be booked by September 2023. Too easy.

NYC Feb 2021 was kinda optimistic maybe but who wasnt optimistic back in January 2020. Hell, the Broncos were still a Top 4 pick then…. Contacted Hotel Beacon (having paid 2 grand upfront for a good , if not refundable, deal) and they graciously agreed to carry it over to Feb 2022 maybe because at that time they had less bookings then The Overlook Hotel. Sweet. Some ice and snow before African sweat and flies. Looking at USA at present they seem to have a relaxed approach to people gathering and thus bookings no longer a problem going by the opening game of college football this weekend! I shall contact the Hotel but dont like my chances and does raise the real problem developing. As one postpones one trip, the new dates clash with another trip planned 18 months previously

Call Me Bwana” 2020 quickly became “Call Me Bwana” 2021. T Shirts were adjusted of course along with mood natch.

March 2022 looked a safe bet right even if “its not a race”! Qantass will maybe start some international flights in a staged process from December. Doesnt look like its alphabetical though with UK and US in December – yeah right, eh ScoMo – but Johannesburg in April 2022. Last time I checked , April comes after March even if by a bee’s dick. Factor in that South Africa has more variants of COVID 19 than a pack of M&Ms and you just know Africa 2022 was never going to happen. Lets push it back one more time to March 2023 given that as we were one day from actually flying out in 2020 we had paid a shitload of money already and despite travel insurance no refunds were coming. Credits are good though and just adjust for price increases each year. What could go wrong?

Ah yes, back in early 2021 we booked a river cruise for my 65th birthday in Feb 2023 to sail down the Mississippi from Memphis to New Orleans in what was officially referred to (but no T Shirts printed – fool me once…..)as “Old Man on Da River” Clever eh. Not so clever, another $1000 deposit paid. Another postponement is called for but running out of room this decade to squeeze in another trip and more importantly actually save up for it.

So, at present we may head to Tasmania for a month next February. I may try and get to USA around October 2022 but probably not NYC. Africa is locked in – that is called humour folks – for March 2023 and we may see if Viking Cruises do a Nile River cruise in an Ocean liner just to use up both of our deposits and tack it on the end.

A lot depends on vaccination rates in Australia I guess and what our leaders have promised us apart from misery and suffering to continue. Not sure even 80% will ensure smooth travels though….