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Brisvegas Breakout – Day 2

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When we checked in yesterday Orville behind the desk mentioned some “ construction noise between 7 am and 4 pm – would you like some ear plugs”? When I said “eh , what did u say “ the joke was lost on him so we moved on. We are on 3rd floor riverside and assume the construction would be on the Queens Wharf spanning the river and still needing to meet somewhere in the middle. We spent a bit of time in room and have to say didn’t hear anything – sweet . Then we watched the news at night and one of first items was “ asbestos scare shuts down construction on Queens Wharf for a day “ ! Now if I can’t quickly find anymore asbestos this morning we may hear some racket today. Sleep was ok last night given the parameters of dicky knee etc. Its a good room but glad it’s midweek as do hear doors close etc in these heritage buildings.

Our one booking today is lunch at Joeys at Kangaroo Point with some friends . Yes we do have them although to be fair it is an old school friend of CLP and her hubby who kindly let us stay with them in Italy a few years back . Weather looks ok – cloudy with chance of a few showers and maybe some storms tomorrow. Sounds like may be time to hit the ground and find some breakfast .

Sadly the ground hit back at regular intervals but did arrive at Frankie&George before the crowds descend. You know – workers 😀. Breakfast and coffee were fine although both of us not quite 100% so maybe did not do full justice

A quick detour through Mall on way home confirmed nothing was open at 730 am 😏 Back to room then and tick a few items of to do list like joining Star Club for a wad of discounts as long as we plan on drinking and eating a lot next 48 hrs. Well duh. First up then we will refuel at Ryan’s on the Park before heading off to lunch. I was well prepared but feared things could still turn ugly.

Meandered through Mall as still a bit early for our bus to our jumping off point – Joeys at Kangaroo Point. Get it ? We did arrive early so took some pics then started lining up some frothy ones inside the pouch so to speak and the place was jumping .

Our hosts did arrive at the agreed time. Yep, amateurs eh 🤓 Great to catch up over some great food in a relaxed atmosphere . People who have never been must roo that decision ….. here all week, try the Pizza.

Our hosts kindly offered to drive us back across the river after Earle and I shared our history at Wounded Knee. Dropped us off near a chemist and straight in for a few boxes of Panadol Osteo as a few people have recommended it now. Have always thought a bit of waste of time but am willing to try anything at this stage to put off surgery. Dropped into Telstra shop in Mall as looked quite and start enquiries about new iPhone as about 5 revisions behind by last count .As always a greeter asks you your name and wanton desires. “ Yes sir someone can help you but there is a 3 hr wait at present “ WTF – there is no one else waiting ! We got a few items in mall with Xmas approaching and then chill for a few before heading out for a drink and dinner a bit later. After all we have these vouchers to use . Weather has been pretty good so far, certainly better than predicted . For what it’s worth at this stage though late Thursday , early Friday is looking a tad gloomy with Thunderstorms predicted . Am hoping to be on road before 5 am on Friday so will have to wait and see

Time to head out for a drink, feed and punt in that order. First up we dropped into By George to use our first free voucher. 2 Rumbos and a champers layer and no hand in pocket yet

Stumbled next door to Mei Wei for some dumplings. Or not . Some duck and pork will do as long as can wash down with some Kirin. In keeping with Beatles theme started By George we had Yoko sitting at table across from us 🤓

Finally then into the Gambling Den. Used our tried and true roulette trick handed down by Claude and turned $100 into $150 and left . As Kenny Rogers says you have to know when to hold them and know when islands meet in a stream . Winners are Grinners folks

Brisvegas Breakout – Day 1

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With Tasmania Trip well sorted and planned for Feb 2022 in the Year of our Lord it was time to look for a short break closer to home. How about my left knee ? While I was aware a knee replacement loomed in the future after some x rays a couple of months ago I was hoping to last a lot longer and wait for other knee to bugger up and then sweet talk the grind and chip away guy “ Hey , any chance you can run the chisel over that ankle while I am under Pal?” Alas the knee has deteriorated significantly in last two weeks but not to the point yet where we lose beers to Beddows and Smails😀 It is at the point where I have trouble sleeping at night so will see Doc next week to ramp up activity which could of course impact on Tasmania 2022 – The Devil You Know . How about a short mid week break in Brisvegas? Avoid the NRL GF but with some Penrith players still loitering looking for parts of Provan Summons trophy should be sweet for no lockdown

With more donuts than the Broncos at Dally M Awards QLD was looking good. Let’s check the 10 am update . When Beaverhausen is eating a sausage at Bunnings for the Press Conference you know all is tickety boo. Our go to lodgings of The Stamford has been taken over as a Quarantine hotel now so we settled on the Treasury Hotel, Casino adjacent . Good deal for mid week stay so set off under leaden skies although the real rain came through last night maybe. Like some double vaxxed tourists it will return soon though. With Aged Care homes open again time to check on my application at Carseldine. As luck would have it Mum was there as well. A quick visit and a cuppa – Mum is on the left 🤓

Then we soldiered on to see Claude for another cuppa . At our age it is helpful to spend some time with really old folk 😏 Then we headed into city and hope our room was ready which it was. Sweet. It’s a pretty shoddy room but will do I guess ….

The rain was still holding off so decided to head into Alchemy for lunch as they had a great special on – Gnocchi and Wine for $25. We threw in a quick Gin first up to coat the tonsils. It was a great start to a great few days methinks but I had had a few by now …. Exhibit A

As luck would have it I also scored a gig for Friday night #Abbarules

Walking/Hobbling around CBD must say mask compliance is pretty good. The usual suspects like the Dolly Birds don’t wear them of course. A few spits of rain started so time to head back to room for some chill time. Pick up some Sushi for a light dinner later in case the predicted rain comes and if not we can always duck out for our traditional Guinness later

Rain – 0 ; Guinness 2. We have a winner.

Rather than returning to usual Gilhooleys we walked across the road to Irish Murphys to sample the wares and not disappointed. Rocked in around 3:50 pm as you do and those in the know would know that Guinness is a slow pour by design. Down for Brown, Back for Black #IrelandFling2018. Even allowing for this the barkeep was a talker. Then he explained “ If I keep blabbering until 4 pm it’s Happy Hour and only $9 a pint” If we weren’t wearing masks I would have reached over and kissed him. Hell, I did anyway

Very pleasant end to a busy day . Ensured my pew in heaven by visiting the oldies and then spent some heaven on earth with the black stuff. Does it get any better?

Well, you better renew your subscription and stay tuned eh…

The Devil You Know

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There is an old saying in Ballroom Dancing – Stick with the Devil you Know or else you may get the ugly chick. Exhibit A

The other saying (Press Conference 10 am daily) is “See Australia first – but stay in your own state ok” . There is a myth that holidaying in Australia is cheap compared to Overseas. This is a crock of shit of course. The only reason OS travel is expensive is because the Aussie $ ranks somewhere between Mexican Peso and Zimbabwean $ in value. Still, with COVID still rather rampant it makes sense to stay this side of the equator for a while. Hello Tasmania, the safe state to visit

We decided if we drove down and took a big boat across wide sea we could take our time and run through our showtunes playlist as well. Hire cars do cost an arm and a leg as well and always a little nervous with them on unknown roads. Before you knew it we had cobbled together a relaxing 5 week trip starting mid February 2022 driving across Tassie. Then we did the math and realised for the same money we could follow The Rolling Stones on Tour this year. Quick decision needed – do we prefer East Tassie or West Tassie given Hobart and Cradle Mountain were a lock. We chose West Tassie as its more unique and rugged, much like myself. Now, where do I want to spend my birthday with Eve ?

In Plan A , we would be around Strahan on said day and there is a rather upmarket Gordon River Cruise where provided you can actually climb the first set of steps you sit in luxury leather chairs on upper deck for 6 hrs drinking free beer and wine and chewing canapes while some clown drones on about wondrous sites. Accommodation is stumbling direction from wharf – sweet.

Time to check our ancestral tree and see if any long lost relatives in Tasmania. Nope

Will spend several days in Hobart as seems a good base for some day trips to Port Arthur and Bruny Island. As the planning progresses as luck, or skill, would have it our chosen accommodation is always stumbling distance to sites of interest and Taverns of Tomfoolery. After that, and 3 weeks in Tassie, it is time to split the Apple and head straight up to Devonport via Launceston for return trip on big boat. Of course when in Tasmania

After disembarking in Melboring, we will pass through decontamination car wash and then will slowly wind our way back up to Flashman Inc, Maplehead after hopefully spending/freeloading a few days with JL in Harcourt. No doubt the trip down and back will involve some big driving days but the three weeks in Tassie will pass in a blur. Here is one I prepared earlier. Later Double Vaxxers