The Devil You Know

Posted: October 1, 2021 in Uncategorized

There is an old saying in Ballroom Dancing – Stick with the Devil you Know or else you may get the ugly chick. Exhibit A

The other saying (Press Conference 10 am daily) is “See Australia first – but stay in your own state ok” . There is a myth that holidaying in Australia is cheap compared to Overseas. This is a crock of shit of course. The only reason OS travel is expensive is because the Aussie $ ranks somewhere between Mexican Peso and Zimbabwean $ in value. Still, with COVID still rather rampant it makes sense to stay this side of the equator for a while. Hello Tasmania, the safe state to visit

We decided if we drove down and took a big boat across wide sea we could take our time and run through our showtunes playlist as well. Hire cars do cost an arm and a leg as well and always a little nervous with them on unknown roads. Before you knew it we had cobbled together a relaxing 5 week trip starting mid February 2022 driving across Tassie. Then we did the math and realised for the same money we could follow The Rolling Stones on Tour this year. Quick decision needed – do we prefer East Tassie or West Tassie given Hobart and Cradle Mountain were a lock. We chose West Tassie as its more unique and rugged, much like myself. Now, where do I want to spend my birthday with Eve ?

In Plan A , we would be around Strahan on said day and there is a rather upmarket Gordon River Cruise where provided you can actually climb the first set of steps you sit in luxury leather chairs on upper deck for 6 hrs drinking free beer and wine and chewing canapes while some clown drones on about wondrous sites. Accommodation is stumbling direction from wharf – sweet.

Time to check our ancestral tree and see if any long lost relatives in Tasmania. Nope

Will spend several days in Hobart as seems a good base for some day trips to Port Arthur and Bruny Island. As the planning progresses as luck, or skill, would have it our chosen accommodation is always stumbling distance to sites of interest and Taverns of Tomfoolery. After that, and 3 weeks in Tassie, it is time to split the Apple and head straight up to Devonport via Launceston for return trip on big boat. Of course when in Tasmania

After disembarking in Melboring, we will pass through decontamination car wash and then will slowly wind our way back up to Flashman Inc, Maplehead after hopefully spending/freeloading a few days with JL in Harcourt. No doubt the trip down and back will involve some big driving days but the three weeks in Tassie will pass in a blur. Here is one I prepared earlier. Later Double Vaxxers

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