Brisvegas Breakout – Day 1

Posted: October 12, 2021 in Uncategorized

With Tasmania Trip well sorted and planned for Feb 2022 in the Year of our Lord it was time to look for a short break closer to home. How about my left knee ? While I was aware a knee replacement loomed in the future after some x rays a couple of months ago I was hoping to last a lot longer and wait for other knee to bugger up and then sweet talk the grind and chip away guy “ Hey , any chance you can run the chisel over that ankle while I am under Pal?” Alas the knee has deteriorated significantly in last two weeks but not to the point yet where we lose beers to Beddows and Smails😀 It is at the point where I have trouble sleeping at night so will see Doc next week to ramp up activity which could of course impact on Tasmania 2022 – The Devil You Know . How about a short mid week break in Brisvegas? Avoid the NRL GF but with some Penrith players still loitering looking for parts of Provan Summons trophy should be sweet for no lockdown

With more donuts than the Broncos at Dally M Awards QLD was looking good. Let’s check the 10 am update . When Beaverhausen is eating a sausage at Bunnings for the Press Conference you know all is tickety boo. Our go to lodgings of The Stamford has been taken over as a Quarantine hotel now so we settled on the Treasury Hotel, Casino adjacent . Good deal for mid week stay so set off under leaden skies although the real rain came through last night maybe. Like some double vaxxed tourists it will return soon though. With Aged Care homes open again time to check on my application at Carseldine. As luck would have it Mum was there as well. A quick visit and a cuppa – Mum is on the left 🤓

Then we soldiered on to see Claude for another cuppa . At our age it is helpful to spend some time with really old folk 😏 Then we headed into city and hope our room was ready which it was. Sweet. It’s a pretty shoddy room but will do I guess ….

The rain was still holding off so decided to head into Alchemy for lunch as they had a great special on – Gnocchi and Wine for $25. We threw in a quick Gin first up to coat the tonsils. It was a great start to a great few days methinks but I had had a few by now …. Exhibit A

As luck would have it I also scored a gig for Friday night #Abbarules

Walking/Hobbling around CBD must say mask compliance is pretty good. The usual suspects like the Dolly Birds don’t wear them of course. A few spits of rain started so time to head back to room for some chill time. Pick up some Sushi for a light dinner later in case the predicted rain comes and if not we can always duck out for our traditional Guinness later

Rain – 0 ; Guinness 2. We have a winner.

Rather than returning to usual Gilhooleys we walked across the road to Irish Murphys to sample the wares and not disappointed. Rocked in around 3:50 pm as you do and those in the know would know that Guinness is a slow pour by design. Down for Brown, Back for Black #IrelandFling2018. Even allowing for this the barkeep was a talker. Then he explained “ If I keep blabbering until 4 pm it’s Happy Hour and only $9 a pint” If we weren’t wearing masks I would have reached over and kissed him. Hell, I did anyway

Very pleasant end to a busy day . Ensured my pew in heaven by visiting the oldies and then spent some heaven on earth with the black stuff. Does it get any better?

Well, you better renew your subscription and stay tuned eh…

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