Ireland Fling Day 12 – Put a Cork in it

Posted: February 27, 2018 in Travel

Will be sad to leave the luxury of The Lake Hotel and indeed Killarney itself as feel we are finally in real Ireland . Of course am sure Cork and Kilkenny will be equally engaging, weather dependent. The Beast is still tracking but we should get today’s bus trip out of way before it does and then worry about Thursdays on Thursday . It’s a new approach to life I am trying but hasn’t really taken yet 😏 Coughing up a lung all morning doesn’t help. One last healthy breakfast it is then.

Bus left on time but was crowded and was a slow but shortish trip. Cork is a much bigger town then I realised . Luckily had notified hosts we would arrive early so was able to get to our room before midday and then have some tea and scones. Looks a nice room

Headed out the front door under nice sun – and a light shower of snow. Amazing, gone in a minute but lovely. Then we walked into town center stopping by St Finnbars on way and then into English Market for some lunch at Farmgate Cafe. A beer could not be far away and sure enough just down Mutton Lane there was an Inn.

Cork is divided by a river and thus plenty of bridges to see and cross. Went across other side to see if Butter Museum was open as word of its appeal had spread far and wide. It was closed so went to the Franciscan Well Brewpub instead

Time to head home then for a rest and a quick look at the University of Cork just across the road. Impressive place. Will duck out later for a quick dinner but nothing really appeals at present . Another light snow flurry at 4:30 pm. Thinking maybe day trip to Blarney or Cobh tomorrow

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