Ireland Fling Day 11 – Kerry Rung, Beast from East still pissed off

Posted: February 27, 2018 in Travel

Surprisingly slept ok despite the asshole next door with TV on loud late into night and then snoring . Not often you hear snoring from next door. Then our doorbell went off at 4:45 am. Prank? Fault ? Who knows. Of course once up then the coughing and headaches start again. Not sure what it is but clearly not well as sitting here sweating in short shirt and CLP under blankets with dressing gown on 😏 Going to be a long day on a bus

Breakfast at 8 and then pick up from lobby around 09:45 returning to town around 5 pm. That is plan anyway but who knows with our recent record with trips. Simply glorious start to the day and another healthy breakfast. When u feel crap easier to eat less

Have to say CLP really showed me this morning why I let her tag along. The way she got 5 days of washing into one laundary bag was amazing. No self laundry facilities for guests so have to pay for them to do it. Guess it gives some Sheila a reason to get up in the morning eh 🤓 It it doesn’t come back clean tonight we could be a spot of bother .The tour is reasonably priced – maybe a warning sign so in keeping with our carefree approach to the green stuff in the green isle we paid an extra 10 Euro each for premium seats. Time will tell.

They say the third is the charm and they were right. Perfect trip, good driver small group, great weather , no crowds. First stop was Red Fox Inn which is a tourist trap with production line Irish Coffee. Rating 4. There was also a Bog Village which CLP visited and said was life altering . I like my life so went back to the pub

Back on bus for drive along some stunning coastline and through quaint villages on way to lunch stop at Waterville which was a fave holiday place for Charlie Chaplin it seems. Had a very good lunch at Dooley overlooking the water – Guinness beef pie.

Continuing along ROK started to climb into mountains for some more stunning views camera cannot do justice too and then back down into Steem for a break

We did see Skellig Island of Star Wars fame way off in distance but you may just have to take my word for it

Continued on to Ladies View before final stop at Torc Waterfall. Cloud was coming in now but had been a Magic day

We bid our driver and group good bye and headed into town for early dinner at The Porterhouse – we had been trying for 3 days! Massive meal and some alcohol of course meant it smart move to walk home

A great tour on a great day and my cold had stayed away

It hit again big time 4 am this morning. On bus to Cork Today to meet Beast from East front on. There can be only one winner

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