Ireland Fling Day 10 – What’s an Old Man to do ?

Posted: February 25, 2018 in Travel

The Beast from The East is still on track so could be last day before temperatures plummet a bit further. Now this is old news/whine for regular viewers but give the central heating a rest folks. Went to dinner last night and it was unpleasant in a short sleeve cotton shirt! You walk in from a blizzard to a furnace . Let people dress to conditions and if they can’t work that out then it is Darwin’s theory in practice. This out the herd, oxygen wasters the lot of them .

Good nights sleep actually because set the AC to 17 degrees! It seemed to balance the central heating of 40 degrees so we ended up around the a level of about 24 👍. Officially a bit full as a goog after a good week in the paddock so looking for a quieter day eating and drinking today . The tempataions of full buffet breakfast shall be first test . Likely

Being Sunday I took my readings from the scriptures and resisted all temptation. The spread looks impressive but still two days to go. For now my new mantra is #prunesrule

Then plan is to walk out front gate and turn right not left. This should put us into the Park and onto Muckross House. Some exercise and fresh air to start the day . Primary goal today is to apply my first Seniors discount . First stop was the Abbey before continuing onto house. There was a Seniors discount but you had to go on an hour long guided tour through 306 rooms. With old farts . Pass. Instead just did the Seniors Maze outside and only took 58 minutes

It was a good walk but the prospect of retracing steps again over 2.5 k did not appeal. Instead we got a taxi into town for any last souvenirs and lunch . Sadly nothing opens until 12:30 for lunch so checked out St Mary’s impressive cathedral before trying our luck with another Irish coffee. Using Brazen Head as a 10 and Lake Hotel as a 1 this was a 4 . Think they throw in too much whiskey, too little coffee and not the right cream

Our very helpful taxi driver had recommended The Ross hotel for lunch so rocked in. Sadly the fancy restaurant was closed but we had some heart attack pub grub and a cold beer. As luck would have it though this was the location of the famous Gin Pink Lounge so we hooked in with Humphrey and Coco. Had the place to ourselves and it was great

It would seem I am sickening as often happens on holidays . Have the hacking dry throat . Suggest it is because of the fucking temperature nazis and mixing with great unwashed which luckily don’t do often. Walked home and hopped in the outdoor hot tub again and then a restful afternoon. Will be room service dinner for this Little Black Duck. Have the Ring of Kerry bus tour tomorrow so no doubt spread some good cheer along with germs. Now it is an old joke but I do like it . The brochure for Ring of Kerry looks promising

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