Ireland Fling Day 9 – “ Eh, what was that Girly”?

Posted: February 24, 2018 in Travel

I made it! Just hope it was the toilet, it’s a big suite

So the big 60. Good nights sleep despite the obvious excitement of a day packed with being spoilt rotten by CLP and waking up to lovely messages from family and friends. It is indeed a good life . CLP has outlined the day ahead and methinks I am glad I have my trakkies with me. Breakfast served to our room, a massage at 9am, stroll into town for some morning tea, maybe a jaunty cart ride depending on weather , stay in for lunch and then scout a quiet pub for the 6 Nations – yeah right – before home for Champers and Cheese before a lovely dinner in the stunning Castlelough restaurant on site. I may not make 61 folks

The “beast from the east” has not arrived just yet but good to see the weather folk here get over excited about any changes to expected weather too . Looks like a progressively colder week ahead and maybe even snow . Bring it baby . We won’t escape it in Cork or Kilkenny either

The Beast from the East ain’t met the Best from the West yet. Or it could just be that mail order bride I ordered weeks ago. You know what Australia Post is like

Got some lovely presents from CLP of course including some fantastic Bluetooth earphones and some new cuff links . Even my very own Lake Hotel Bath Robe as a momento. Family have also arranged various ways of me spending their money

Breakfast was massive and delicious . The chocolate covered strawberries a treat indeed. Time for my massage and then brave the outdoor hot tub which was surprisingly pleasant. Then time to dress like a tourist and blend in

First up a stroll around the hotel grounds

Usual pleasant walk into town as beast still at bay at present and had a couple of coffees before a rather excellent jaunting cart ride out to Ross Castle. Yeah maybe tourist stuff but was great fun with a very friendly host and a clever horse. Luckily Rusty behaved himself

Then into town for lunch. Our selected restaurant was closed so will head back for dinner tomorrow night. Instead we had some simple fish and chips at Scott’s and a beer just for a change . The crowd was building up for the big game and there was a beer garden set up ready to go. Then I had one of those non Senior moments and remembered I don’t like Rugby. We headed home and had a rather poor Irish Coffee back at Lake Hotel. Stick to proper pubs in future. Still, plenty of imbibing still to come

Back in room and rather appropriately for a religious place like Ireland the Holy Trinity was laid out before us. The Champers cooling in the ice bucket, the cheese maturing before our eyes, and my waistline expanding. The champagne and cheese were excellent of course and must say the Lake Hotel has been brilliant so far. Yes we are in expensive room – but not ridiculous – and CLP has paid for some stunning extras today but they have also chipped in with touches here and there with the most appreciated being a lovely print of the Lake and Ruins which I will certainly frame when I get it home. Hopefully in one piece . The luggage is expanding like afore mentioned waistline .

The Champers and Cheese followed by a sit down meal was probably a bit much but only young once. Entrees nothing special but the main meals were good

It has been an amazing day in a wonderful country and as Lou would say

  1. Carly | says:

    I’m jealous of your breakfast!

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