Ireland Fling Day 8 – Ah to be Young again

Posted: February 23, 2018 in Travel

Last day on earth as a youngun I guess . When I wake up again I will be a Senior with all manner of discounts now available to me like free bread with my soup . That is of course unless I fall asleep on one of two bus trips today. That is very unlikely as a surprisingly good nights sleep last night

First up another solid breakfast no doubt and bid goodbye to our lovely hosts. Galway is a strange city although to be fair only here two days so can’t really form a valid opinion. There is a condensed tourist area which is car free and great and the pubs all welcoming. Lots of buskers add to a good vibe. Our B&B was great but not an easy walk into town and no pub just around the corner – strictly residential area. There appears no need to return to find hidden Galway as likely a reason it is hidden

First bus to Limerick and then hop off and stretch legs before another soon after for Killarney . Bus left on time and relatively empty but that didn’t stop the two certainties on any long bus trip. Despite 50 empty seats the last one on board will sit in front of you and the guy with Tuberculosis just behind. And of course a fixed 30 degrees C on board ! The free wifi does work a treat though as do the charging ports . Now where is that Guinness tap ?

As hoped for off one bus and on the next had us in Killarney before 1 pm. Have to say decision to use trains and buses rather than rent a car seems good idea at present – all worked smoothly . Hard to find a taxi at bus station but eventually made it to Lake Hotel and easy check in to a rather salubrious room if I say so myself

On top floor with great views of lake. Dropped in to one of 3 restaurants on site and had very nice lunch and 2x 10 Euro G&Ts! Lesson for younguns there . Decided to walk into town then as a good solid 30 minute walk on a cool day and I am only 59 after all. Now this is more like the towns I was expecting in Ireland. Lovely. Did designated tourist drop in at The Shire for some Precious memories

After a couple of hours pleasant stroll around town dropped in to Cronins for a fantastic meal before catching a taxi back home. They knew how to fill up a wine glass too. Time for relaxing bath at last , a cuppa and a good lie down. When and if I wake up tomorrow it’s a whole new ball game folks . So for one last time 😰

#almost60alreadyfamous. 🕺🏼

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