Ireland Fling Day 7 – The Quiet Man goes Ape Shit

Posted: February 22, 2018 in Travel

The thing about early indications is they are usually spot on. Like a herd of stomping and rutting elephants up to about 11 pm last night and then try to sleep in the Leprechaun designed single bed with 6 blankets on it but internal heating . Sadly we have a few more B&Bs in our immediate future . Have not even tried the shower yet – I think it is in the desk drawer in the corner . You can tell a lot about a B&B from that first food experience – usually a cup of tea and fresh baking. We were told that on that plate in our room under the alfoil were some biscuits for our tea. Darool Darool

Wow I think that is the deluxe Arnott’s family assortment 😏. Mind you the hostess did drive us into town which helped with time and they are truly lovely people . Strangely at breakfast we found there were no other guests so that was just the host family making the racket !

Today we do a circuit of Connemara including a visit to Cong where the movie The Quiet Man was shot . There may be some more shooting there today if Euro trash turn up . In keeping with how Galway has gone so far we booked today’s tour yesterday as hosts assured us that today would be similar and great day to see Connemara . Rain is predicted by 7 am 😏 Oh well, to be honest not a lot else to do in Galway all day and did have a lovely afternoon yesterday . These things happen on holidays and we really had a knob kiss with weather in Dublin. It is Ireland in February after all

So another dull and poorly organised tour. Our promised pick up at 0930 was cancelled at 09:25 so had to make own way to town for 10 am tour. Only 4 of us on the tour so had to wait extra 10 mins while they sourced a mini bus – no issue and small group a bonus. Of the 4 tours available we chose Healy’s as they took the coastal route. The bus driver seemed to think it amusing he had been called in at last minute and knew nothing about the sights or indeed the actual route. After first dull village simply cut across country to go to our second last scheduled stop and no coastal drive. Why? So we could sit in bus for 30 mins waiting for the 7 suckers who took the 11:30 inland route . They then crammed into our mini bus! All this with no word of explanation from driver . Onto Kylemore Abbey which of course is impressive but of course also at present has 50% covered by scaffolding. The gothic cathedral was impressive but the gardens dull and we had 2 hrs here . Then onto my highlight of tour , a visit to Cong where The Quiet Man was filmed . We drove around town once and showed us statue and then the closed QM Museum and gift shop. Then parked at opposite side of town and said you have 20 mins here . This was at last the quaint village we had been looking for but no time to explore . Then back in bus and drive home to Galway an hour earlier then scheduled. Worst run tour ever been on

Day almost saved by the beers we had in Taaffes with excellent Irish music also . Then a very good Italian meal before the long trek home to ascend the stairs to the furnace

Look, we are having a great time and love the country and people but am struggling to name that memorable natural attraction at present . Both day tours have been dull with long periods on a bus before hurried time spent at an unexceptional “ must see “ sight

Off to Killarney tomorrow for 4 nights in hopefully rather luxurious hotel and a more relaxed pace . After all by Saturday won’t be able to use my catchcry anymore


And for the fans. Get a world clock so you don’t jump the gun early ok 😏🕺🏼👴🏻

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