Ireland Fling Day 6 – Taking My Gal away to Galway

Posted: February 21, 2018 in Travel

Good old internal heating in Europe. Go to bed rugged up like Nanook of the North only to wake up sweating a few hrs later when the husband comes home. Oops, that was only a dream sorry. The heating is automatic of course so like a cyclist on a cobblestone street there is no way to control it. And they can be noisy . Especially when they fall off and hit those pesky cobbles. But man is it funny . Cyclists are right up there in my top 3 hates in the world. The other two are Lycra and helmets .

We leave Dublin today and catch a train to Galway for two nights and into a true B&B . There was a fear I may be fading away so thought it was time to add in some “traditional” full Irish breakfasts to assist the usual pint quaffing during the day . Has been a great few days but hard to pin down exactly what makes Dublin ….. well Dublin. It’s a gritty city in parts but also has many large green areas. Plenty of pubs of course and friendly locals but no real distinguishing architecture. Lots of bridges on a very pleasant river . Good public transport and an easy walking city . Loved our time here but hard to think of a particular thing that would draw you back again. Has a homeless problem like all major cities . Food is great, beer plentiful and varied and coffee passable. As in , pass that shit down the table and give us another beer ok.

There is another sheep graziers alert for next few days as cold weather comes in from Siberia but not convinced whether that warning is for humans or a more general standing one for sheep ? Ya with me.

But first a last stroll around Dublin on a brisk morning looking for breakfast, a good coffee and the “ Tart with a Cart” . Tick Tick Tick. Found a place that served Cortado which has rarely let me down. We also found the 4 Swans memorial which I assumed was from their AFL Premiership a few years back but was clearly wrong. I suppose the best thing about Dublin is everything is within easy spitting distance


Train left on time which is always a good sign . As is the one with your names above your prebooked seats and no ignorant clown is sitting there already . Trust me it happens. Clever how they knew CLP preferred to be on top 🤓 Should I be concerned that the new bride from yesterday is on same train ?

Still a glorious day when arrived and after a quick check in time to check out the city. This won’t take long it seems . As weather so good and clearly not heaps to do just in the city we booked a bus tour tomorrow to Connemara.

Galway Cathedral was impressive across a raging river. We had a couple of beers in different pubs with the Kennedy themed one the best . Then had a very ordinary fish type dinner before the 15 minute walk home which is actually 40 mins! Beautiful night though

The B&B is quaint I guess but glad only two nights . Small and of course can hear everyone around you . Nowhere to sit and relax in room . It has been a full day indeed so let’s hope can get some sleep tonight . Early indications are not good

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