Ireland Fling Day 5 – Can u get Gaoled for Gulping Guinness ?

Posted: February 20, 2018 in Travel

Your more astute avid follower may have noticed no liquid black stuff had passed my lips yet in the land of said fluid. That is because , dear reader, have been saving up for today. The thing that strikes you in Ireland -apart from pissed off Leprechauns – is the overuse of the word “ traditional” . Every pub has “ traditional Irish food “ and “ traditional Irish Music “ . Then of course there are your traditional tourist traps ( TTT) so we thought we would visit one today – The Guinness Storehouse. Of course being 10% of rolling in it we are doing the “ Skip the Great Unwashed Connysewer Tasting Experience “ . But first we have the odd experience of trying to get into Gaol. The Killedwithjammieson Gaol visit would appear to a very popular TTT. They suggest book online but are basically booked a week ahead. Must be no sheep grazing paddocks this side of town 😏 There is a “walk up” option daily with a few tickets so thought in our general carefree nature that defines us would give it a crack . After all only a 20 min walk from The Storehouse and will try for the “ limp in “ angle and play on the pity factor . If that fails have two large potatoes to bribe the guard with

Headed off early on a simply glorious morning and thought time to try out the LUAS tram system as have to use tomorrow and will drop us close enough to Gaol. Works well and fronted to Gaol around 9 am and informed we could in fact join the 10 am tour with the 12 other slack asses who couldn’t book online. Good hour long tour with informative host and stayed at end of field so could grab some shots of an almost empty Gaol. Some sad tales of woe also but then they haven’t heard mine yet #costanza

We then had about a 20 minute walk to the Guinness Storehouse for our Skip the Line connoisseur tasting experience. Certainly treat you special on this one with a superb bar that we had almost to ourselves apart from a recently married couple on their honeymoon. I would suggest she is a keeper Pal. Tried a variety of their products and the range surprised me . Their Quality Control in particular is impressive given they clean out the beer lines every 23 days in all the pubs that serve the stuff. They protect their reputation fiercely it would seem. Learnt how to pour one properly but of course then had to drink it. By now the wobbly boot was firmly attached and we still had a free pint in the Gravity Bar to follow . For some reason felt like Jack sitting in the bar from The Shining but that could also be my all work no play approach to life in general

Seemed it may be wise to have some food next so dropped into 1837 to soak up some of the alcohol and then onto the Gravity Bar . Guinness Stew may not have been smartest choice .Great views of Dublin in the GB but it was crowded not surprisingly . My head was struggling to fight gravity by now so it was time for some souvenirs before falling into a LUAS for trip home. Earlier plans to walk died after 3rd pint

So a great last full day in Dublin with the only negative maybe being spending so much time indoors on such a stunning, if cool, day . I feel a song coming on….

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